Jadeveon Clowney Turns Down Browns

Still a free agent after nearly 2 1/2 months, Jadeveon Clowney may have scratched one destination off his list. The high-profile pass rusher turned down an offer from the Browns, ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter said during a radio interview with ESPN Cleveland (Twitter link).

The Browns have offered Clowney the most money thus far, Schefter adds. While the Clowney-to-Cleveland door may not be fully closed, it does appear the former No. 1 overall pick has doubts about such a scenario.

As this lengthy process has unfolded, Clowney has received interest from the Browns, Titans and Seahawks. Earlier on, however, Clowney reportedly expressed interest in joining the Giants or Jets. Neither New York team, despite apparent edge defender needs, has strongly reciprocated such interest.

Details about Cleveland’s proposal are not known, but Clowney has set his price high. He lowered it earlier in free agency, but his target — even on a one-year deal — likely remains substantial.

Cleveland still houses Olivier Vernon opposite Myles Garrett. Vernon is attached to a $15.25MM salary in the final year of his Giants-constructed contract. The Browns shopped Vernon earlier this offseason, but the way it’s looking now, the former Dolphins and Giants defensive end will have a good chance of finishing out his five-year deal this season.

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27 comments on “Jadeveon Clowney Turns Down Browns

  1. PapiElf

    He’s just rejecting everyone’s offer. Who else is there that he hasn’t rejected??!!

    • Bill Smith

      He wants to play for the “defensive genius” Matty Patty. If you’re a regular here, you’ll notice most of the resident experts all know better that the results MP has delivered so far aren’t what he really is.

    • I don’t like the 9ers but they don’t need to waste money on clowney 3.5 sacks last year and wants 20 million a year at the open of free agency? Idiotic, there are rotational players on many teams who had a lot more then 3.5 measly sacks

  2. As a browns fan, I’m glad he turned whatever offer down. He’s over rated, questionable motor and injury history.

    • Misterants

      “Ok ok ok, I’ll lower my price to $2.5mil but that’s as low as I’m going!”

  3. Michael Chaney

    His loss. If that’s really true, then he’s turning down big money and a chance to put up big numbers when defenses double team Garrett (which could set him up for a big payday if he signed a short-term deal).

    I can’t imagine that his holdup is just because he wouldn’t want to play for the Browns, because he seems to be pretty bad at valuing himself and probably still thinks he can get more. But the longer he waits, the more his asking price will have to come down.

    • mdunkel

      He didn’t put up big numbers playing next to a HOF’er in JJ Watt. Myles Garrett isn’t close to JJ. Clowney is a clown

      • Ak185

        That’s because he and Watt never played together for any substantial amount of time. One or the other was always hurt.

  4. playicy

    I see Clowney turning down the browns, because is team is just dreadful when you think this team will turn around the team takes a turn for the worse. I mean if the browns would have winning seasons like the patriots and these other historical franchises this team would be abled to sign great free agents, but the mistake at the lake just can’t do what the fans want and that is a super bowl

      • playicy

        Not saying they are any good either, but they know how to get good players! The browns don’t know how to do anything draft, win, sign elite young free agents and the list goes on

  5. DTD_ATL

    I hope everyone pulls their offers and he doesn’t get to play this yr. He’s an overrated, underperforming prima dona.

  6. wagner13

    So he won’t sign with Cleveland, who isn’t blowing anyone away but at least has a shot at the postseason, but expressed a willingness to sign with the New York teams?? I don’t understand this man. How badly can you squander a single offseason?

    • andremets

      Browns are in the same range as the Jets. Jets even won more games last year.

      • wagner13

        That’s probably true. However, if both teams are equally-talented and one offers more money, wouldn’t one be more inclined to choose the more lucrative contract? He’ll have an easier time racking up sacks when defenses are forced to attend to the dominance of Myles Garrett

      • Browns have beaten the Jets the last two years. I think the Browns roster is better. But yea, I don’t disagree about being within the same range.

  7. Julio Franco's Birth Certificate

    June 17th: Clowney has signed a 1-year contract with the Dolphins. Terms were not disclosed.

  8. votto4president

    He’s on record saying he wants to play for a contender and win a ring so it makes sense to turn down an offer from the most dysfunctional franchise in the game.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      At some point he’s going to need to come to grips with the reality though he can either play for a winner OR get paid, but likely not both. If I’m a GM of a contender, however, I wouldn’t bother with the guy unless he wants to come cheap. He’s more name than substance.

      • votto4president

        I agree with you, the talent is off the charts but he’s inconsistent and has yet to play a full season. He’ll single handedly wreck your game plan and take the next game off. No contender is going to give him 18+ a year.

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