Jets Interested In Andy Dalton

An unexpected Andy Dalton suitor has surfaced. The Jets are exploring the recently released quarterback, Rich Cimini and Ben Baby of note.

This would likely be as a backup for Sam Darnold, and Cimini adds that the Jets are at the “due diligence” stage of this process. The Jets re-signed 2019 backup David Fales and drafted Florida International’s James Morgan in the fourth round.

A Dalton addition would prove interesting, with the nine-year Bengals starter obviously having accomplished far more than Darnold at this point. Darnold has ranked 25th and 28th in QBR in his two NFL seasons. Adam Gase and GM Joe Douglas were not with the Jets when Darnold was drafted in 2018. Dalton, then, would be the team’s first big quarterback investment since Gase and Douglas entered the picture.

A Darnold-Dalton depth chart would understandably insert competition into the equation, with the latter having three Pro Bowls on his resume. Each invite came as an alternate, but Dalton certainly is a much bigger name than any of Darnold’s backups thus far.

Thus far, the Jaguars have been the team most connected to Dalton. New Jacksonville OC Jay Gruden worked with the veteran passer in Cincinnati. The Bears were close to a Dalton deal in March.

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53 comments on “Jets Interested In Andy Dalton

    • hOsEbEeLiOn

      Not really.

      If Jets sign Dalton it will be 1 year max. Morgan learns behind both Dalton and Darnold and serves as back up in 2021.

      • SheltonMatthews

        Most NFL teams don’t keep 3 QBs on the 53 man roster, let alone 4. They already have Darnold and Fales and then the wasted 4th rounder.

  1. crosseyedlemon

    Well of course the Jets would want to bring in a veteran QB to undermine the confidence of Darnold. For the Jets the next QB savior is always the next draft away.

    • If Darnold folds up because he has camp competition, then he’s likely not the QB answer.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Your practically guaranteeing a young QB will fold if you don’t show any faith in him. Of course the Jets aren’t bright enough to understand that.

    • jonnyzuck

      Dalton wouldn’t be there to compete, he would be there so they don’t become pathetic if Darnold misses time like last year

      • phenomenalajs

        True. I still don’t understand why Dalton would ask for his release if his $17.7M wasn’t guaranteed, especially after Winston signed for a little over $1M to back up Brees. I’d love to see Dalton sign with the Jets for that if there’s a way they could also bring in Ryan and/or Clowney and make cuts to stay under the cap.

        • Appalachian_Outlaw

          It’s hard to directly compare Winston and Dalton’s situations. Winston is still pretty young, and taking a cheap one year deal to back-up Brees in NO makes sense when you consider what he could also learn under Brees and Payton.

          Dalton isn’t old by any stretch, but there’s nothing to be gained by sitting behind Burrow in Cincy. If he believes in himself, which he clearly does, he’s banking he can do better elsewhere in the long-term both on the field as well as financially. He’ll probably take a salary hit this year, but that might make more sense than fading into obscurity on a bad team.

          • phenomenalajs

            It turned out he wanted to stay home given what is going on and he lives in Dallas…

    • Chaznyc

      You are “cross-eyed”. How can you think, after last year’s embarassment, that a vet QB isn’t essential? Sam went down each year, and Luke Falk & David Fales were a JOKE!, Jets lost those three games Sam was out before they even stepped on the field. A professional team cannot have that. Every kid has a vet behind him, Sam had Josh didn’t he? C’mon, if Andy Dalton scares Sam, then “Suck for Sam” had the words inverted. Sam won’t are.

      • rocky7

        Not a Jets fan….but we’ll said Chaznyc….that crosseyed guy is always trying to make us believe he’s the wisest in the room.
        Teams simply can’t take the chance that the season goes down the drain when/if their top QB goes down for either a few games or the season….Dalton needs a change of scenery and lets face it Darnaud finishing 28th and 25 in the league the last 2 years doesn’t exactly scream HOF QB for the NY Jets!

        • cubsnomore

          Being the wisest in the room sucks because it means you are surrounded by idiots.

      • The question is why would Dalton want to sign there? I would think he would go where there are QB questions and he has a better chance of starting…I would hope since the Jets chose Darnold with the 6th pick of the draft, they would invest in him and give him some time to succeed. Much better chance to do that if he signed with Jags or NE.

        • Chaznyc

          I agree, but would like to keep Dalton outta NE too, maybe pay a bit more than going rate; it is NY so for more money and still a chance to play in Big Market (Sam hasn’t done a 16 game season yet) he might take a 1 year flyer on us. Had we kept Teddy B last year, we maybe squeak into the playoffs (on a soft schedule). We got Chuma Edoga with that pic; jury still out. I wuda preferred not watching three miserable, embarrassing games instead of making that trade.
          link to

  2. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    It’s obvious Dalton won’t replicate the money he was making in Cincy; what is everyone’s opinion on what a 1-year or 2-year contract will look like for him?

    • crosseyedlemon

      Depends a lot on how much cap space a team has to work with but your right about him getting a good shave no matter where he goes.

        • crosseyedlemon

          I enjoy colorful euphemisms too. Can’t claim credit for that one though…it’s been around for ages.

    • ron swanson

      Hard to say with Winston signing for what, a million? Dalton may get anywhere from $3m to $7m would be my guess.

  3. Yep it is

    Adam Gase and the Jets just aren’t bright to begin with. Why would Dalton want to go there. Gase will be done this year. It is a revolving door of coaches and players and the next big idea.

    • jonnyzuck

      he’s probably going to take a backup role somewhere so why not in NY if the money is right ?

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      He may not even really want to go there. It’s a decent leverage play to try and squeeze out some extra coin if he’s looking at NE though, being they surely don’t want to have the worst QB group in the division, right?

  4. Chaznyc

    Jets need a vet back-up, guy knows the AFC, he isn’t horrible and David Fales IS a disaster(can’t believe his name is still on any roster after last year). Plus, this pushes Sam, is insurance if Sam is out (which he has been for a few games each year) and another big key, keeps Dalton off the NE Roster. No Brainer.

  5. playicy

    I would take him as our NY jets starter over turnover machine darnold, because he stinks darnold I’m talking about

    • dynamite drop in monty

      Ugh that entire textual vomit actually caused my brain to ache

      • playicy

        All I know is I’m right with darnold being trash! Don’t make fun of how I write

        • phenomenalajs

          I think he meant the content over the grammar, though it’s possible the combination didn’t sit well with his stomach or with his brain.

  6. 7kjmiller

    Honestly, I think this makes sense for the Jets. He’s not at his peak anymore but he’s better than their backups last year, and having a vet behind Darnold could really help him.

      • Simmons>Russ

        I’d trade him, when your offence already has Zeke Cooper lamb Gallup and one of the best o lines there’s not a huge difference between Dak and Dalton.
        Dak wants 35mil, Dalton we can probably re sign for 25mil.
        That’s 10 mil plus what we get back from trading Dak to upgrade the defence. Maybe bring in Logan Ryan at CB

  7. mlbnyyfan

    Dak better sign now his price getting lower by the day. I’m surprised by the signing but must admit was a great move by Dallas. I’d trade Dak now. Show him the door this is what he gets for demanding top dollar. He doesn’t deserve to highest paid QB

    • Simmons>Russ

      Dak deserves to be paid but the dude kept asking and kept asking for more.
      He was worth about 30 and started wanting 32, then 33, now 35.
      Dalton who will probably play as good if not better can be resigned for probably like 25mil

  8. bhd360

    Thank you Cowboys! Thought he was gonna end up on my Pats, had me worried. I’d rather they stick with what they have and either play good football or be bad enough to get a good QB next year.

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