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The Cowboys and Dak Prescott might not be as far apart as previously believed. For months, we’ve been hearing that Prescott is aiming for a two or three-year deal while the Cowboys wanted something more traditional – likely five or six years. Instead, the quarterback is seeking a four-year deal while the Cowboys are pitching five years, according to one source who spoke with Calvin Watkins of The Dallas Morning News (on Twitter).

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That doesn’t necessarily mean that the previous talk of Prescott wanting a two or three year deal was inaccurate. It’s possible that the current climate has changed Prescott’s views on potential open market upside versus long-term security. With a longer contract, Prescott can secure more in effective guarantees as well as guaranteed dollars at signing. Either way, it now seems like the Cowboys and their franchise QB are inching closer to a deal as the July 15th deadline approaches. They might not be on the same page, but they’re at least on the same chapter.

Prescott reportedly (and, naturally) wants to top Russell Wilson‘s league-leading $35MM average annual value. The Cowboys are hoping to hold the line and retain him at a lower rate, but any multi-year deal will have to wind up in that ballpark. If they can’t come to terms before the mid-June deadline, Prescott will earn $31.4MM in 2020 while remaining on course for free agency in ’21.

The Cowboys could franchise tag Prescott all over again next year, but that would leave them perilously thin everywhere else. Next year’s tag would call for a 20% raise over this year’s tag, which comes out to about $37.7MM. A third tag? That’d be a 44% jump – more than $54MM.

If the Cowboys want to stay in business with Prescott for the long haul, they’ll have to get something done sooner rather than later. And, if they can’t come to terms in the next few weeks, they’ll risk Prescott’s price jumping astronomically.

The latest news indicates that the Cowboys will hash things out by 6/15. History also suggests that a deal will get done. As Ed Werder of notes (on Twitter), seven of the league’s last ten franchise-tagged quarterbacks have agreed to multi-year deals before the deadline.

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35 comments on “Latest On Cowboys, Dak Prescott

  1. Brandon Sans

    Let me clarify things so I understand what’s happening:

    -Dak wants a shorter deal so he can come back in a couple years and get some of that new TV money when the cap is set to spike.

    -The Cowboys want to lock him in because his AAV will be below market rate in a couple years, thus having more cap space for other guys.

    -Dak could go the Kirk Cousins route of signing the tag and make 31.4 million next year, inevitably get tagged again which would mean he’d make about $69 million over the next two years assuming health

    -The Cowboys don’t want this because, Dak would eat a lot of money and still not be under control. A third tag is impossible, so he’d either be allowed to walk in free agency or you’ll still have to give him a big contract, except now he’s been eating over 30 million in cap for the past two years. Essentially, they’re paying him to delay having to hand him an extension.

    • Well it’s debatable if Dak is even worth $31MM for one season. So it’s costing the Cowboys a lot of money paying a middle of the road QB top dollar. i would rather have Cam Newton for a third of the cost in 2021.

      • The thought of Dak Prescott being the highest paid QB in the league just seems like insanity to me. The level of insecurity in some of these athletes continues to amaze me…it seems like they NEED the ego boost of being the highest paid, and one dollar less will not suffice

        • Wally-the-green-monster

          Perhaps he’s leaving the negotiations to his agent who stands to have his earnings increase if he can get the best deal…attracting more clients, etc.

        • compassrose

          Not a Dak fan there are better QBs that get little press and he gets hyped up by the media because of Dallas. I hope you didn’t write the Cam part with a straight face. Cam is not better and brings drama. When the media covers the clothes and hat he is wearing over the game what a joke.

          JJ would be smart to do the 4 year deal and plan on a new QB after that. He will know if Dak is going to be mid road above that but below the top tier or all the shiny has worn off. JJ isn’t that smart though he falls in love with players and coaches then keeps them too long. As a admitted Cowboy hater I would love to see Cam in Dallas but a true football fan I think it would be a mistake.

    • Carson

      Can they just overpay him already so the rest of the league can laugh at the Cowboys more than we already do.

  2. Breezy

    The latest news on Prescott is infact old news that’s already been reported multiple times on here. Talk about how Eli Manning made a Twitter today, and then go on to include his stats and accolades.

  3. jessaumodesto

    Top 5 worst show deals of all time:

    5. Vernon Maxwell signs with Strideright
    4. Hakeem Okokuwon: Spalding
    3. Bryant Reeves: LA Gear
    2. Randy Duck: Jordache
    1. Mark Madsen: Elesse/Adibas (Turkey’s version of Addidas)

    • rgreen

      If you actually look at the numbers at similar points in their careers,they’re actually pretty similar.You might point to Wilson winning a super bowl and reaching another,but an argument could also be made that Prescott hasn’t had a defense like Seattle had a few years ago.And than there’s also Pete Carroll vs Jason Garrett.

      • jjleavelle

        He had Pete Carroll’s DB Coach. He’s definitely had a better O-Line. And as much flack as Garrett gets as an HC during games, he has developed a lot of players in his tenure. Perhaps Dak wouldn’t be as developed as he is now without Garrett.

        • rgreen

          Oh wow,he had Seattle’s db coach.Eagles had Wade Phillips db coach from Denver the last few years.Didn’t exactly make Philly’s defense a Denver/Phillips caliber defense.He’s had the better online,ill give ya that.But Seattle’s online wasn’t bad before the Unger-Graham trade.And who exactly did Garrett develop? Jeff Heath,Cole Beasley and Blake Jarwin.Cant put him on the same level as Carroll….Again,if you compare Wilson and Daks numbers at similar points in their careers,they’re comparable.And the numbers are usually what negotiations are based off of.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    “They might not be on the same page, but they’re at least on the same chapter”.

    Book Title is: One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

  5. trenchant

    Funny Dak wants to make more than Wilson when he has no where near the accomplishments.

  6. Let’s do the math! Dak unimpressedscott wants a 4 year contract? So that equals to 32 wins! Geeez.

  7. Dtownwarrior78

    There is no way in God’s green earth I would give him anywhere NEAR that amount of cash! What has he done? He has accomplished NOTHING and he wants a payday that big? I’ll tell you what. Jerry Jones could actually prove something by not giving in and making this kid the highest paid. For once in your career as the Cowboys GM, just once MAKE EM EARN IT FIRST JJ! Mark my words, you give this kid that mega contract he thinks he deserves and he’ll start stinking it up immediately. Just my opinion but thats what I see from a player like Dak. He’ll get his and then all that work and determination goes bu-bye

  8. Simmons>Russ

    Cmon Jerry just give up on him now.

    The bidding started at 30mil and Dak wanted more, then it went to 33mil and Dak wanted more. Now you’ve gone to 35mil for 5 years and he still is refusing.

    You’ve got yourself a back up QB in Andy Dalton who gives you 80% of what Dak does and costs next to nothing. He’s also older and more experienced, he’s from the state meaning he probably has more drive to win at home than Dak does. Plus resigning him will definitely be cheaper.

    I’d tell Dak get stuffed, out him on the trade market and see what you can get and move Dalton into starter and start to discuss an extension for him. Something at 5 years 28mil with bonuses

    • bradthebluefish

      Well said! It’s never enough for Dak. Threaten to rescind the franchise tag and see what happens. No one has the cap space to sign Dak. He’d be screwed.

    • Simmons>Russ

      See what they can get if they trade him.
      Colts Steelers Bears Lions Raiders Redskins might all be interested.

      I’d swap Phillip Rivers and a second rounder pick for Dak.

      Colts get their future QB organised, Cowboys get a good pick and clear some cap space.
      Dak ends up in a good situation behind another good o line with good attacking weapons. Rivers gets a good team for 1 last season before he probably retires.

    • The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

      As someone who hates the Cowboys, please do this!!! Why win 8 games and make the playoffs with Dak when you can win 2 with Dalton?

      • Simmons>Russ

        You think they only win 2 games with Dalton hahaha

        Dalton gives you 80% of what Dak gives you.

        Dak wants to be the highest paid QB at over 35mil and doesn’t deserve it, Dalton is probably happy with 23-28mil

  9. fivetwos

    Just give him a three year deal and be done Jerry.

    Bennie Dee Nooch will be ready by then.

    Let someone else pay 45m a year for a QB who has won zero and winds up and aims at a wide open receiver on 3rd and 5.

  10. mlbnyyfan

    Jerry not giving up on Dak or he would have already. Plain and simple they had there chances. They should of traded him before the draft and possibly got multiple picks from Miami or someone else.

  11. crosseyedlemon

    Some of the Dak haters act like his salary increase will be coming directly out of their personal cannabis fund.

  12. bigeasye

    How will dallas field a competitive team in two years with a 20 mill receiver, 16 mill RB, 35 Mill QB and a cap that will dip significantly? Jerry for exec of the year If he wins like that. Ps Dak is solid, but no Russell

  13. phillyballers

    1. Jerry loves being the main news topic in the sport esp with everything shutdown. He will drag this out as long as possible.

    2. Dak isn’t worth more than Wentz or Goff. Wentz and Goff aren’t even worth what they are getting.

    3. They will tag him and move on if they don’t get a deal done. There are more QBs available than starting gigs. And that will be the case moreso when next years draft rolls around. They will end up with a lower priced game manager and build around that QB. They tried with Dak, best OL and RB in the game and a Top-10 defense. Didn’t work. If they had drafted Jalen Hurts, would have been very telling for their plans. But the Eagles were drinking the sauce.

  14. Bill Parcells would probably describe Dak Prescott as someone to drive the bus until he gets a better quarterback.

  15. Send Dak to the New York Jets for Jamal Adams or send him to Denver for their number one pick next year. Be done with his outrageous demands. He wants to be paid like a Ferrari when he’s just a Ford.

  16. sportsfreak52

    Check the offensive ratings before Dak took over and after he too over, a significant increase.
    Then, cover the last 5 years look at the defensive numbers and where they’ve ranked over the last 5 years, every analyst agrees that Dak has kept the Cowboys in games and most of the losses are to do with the defensive side of the ball. (secondary and pass rush) With the defense improved thru free agency and the draft, Dallas is in for AT LEAST a 10-6 year in a WEAK division!
    Know your facts before you hurt yourself trying to make stuff up you obviously know NOTHING about.
    Even Russell Wilson has said Dak was a top 5 NFL QB!

    • crb15

      Yea because that was all Dak. It has nothing to do with them getting Zeke that same year (easily a top 5 RB)…smh. If you are comparing how they did the year before he was drafted, then yes they did increase drastically. They also had Romo miss 75% of the games and Dez miss 50%, so they weren’t exactly lighting the world on fire with that offensive lineup. They will never have a top defense if they are using $70 million on 3 offensive players. Who cares what Russell thinks, Dak is not a top 5 QB end of story.

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