Packers DT Montravius Adams Arrested

Packers defensive tackle Montravius Adams was arrested in his home state of Georgia on Tuesday, per Tom Green of Unlike the NFL players that have been booked over the past week or so, however, Adams is facing fairly minor charges.

According to the Associated Press, Adams was pulled over on suspicion of driving with a suspended registration and no insurance. Upon approaching the car, the officer smelled marijuana, and Adams was ultimately charged with three misdemeanors: possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, driving with a suspended registration, and driving without insurance.

The new collective bargaining agreement says players cannot be suspended for marijuana-related offenses, so Adams will presumably avoid league discipline and is unlikely to face any notable legal consequences. He was released on less than $3K bond.

However, the Auburn product is entering a contract year and may not see a second deal with Green Bay (or any other team, for that matter). A third-round pick in the 2017 draft, Adams has started just three of the 37 games in which he has appeared, and he has yet to play more than 20% of the Packers’ defensive snaps in a season. Advanced metrics have not been particularly fond of his play either. In 2019, Pro Football Focus gave him below-average marks for his work against both the pass and the run.

Adams has 33 tackles and 1.5 sacks in his career.

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32 comments on “Packers DT Montravius Adams Arrested

    • This shouldn’t be an article, probably 100,000 people a day get pulled over with no insurance and to anyone who thinks weed should still be illegal……ok boomer

      • DarkSide830

        crime is a crime. throw out the marajuana here and he still did something illegal.

      • rgreen

        Most people driving without insurance haven’t made 2.5mil over the last 3 years.The suspended registration is probably from not haven’t insurance,which is just a phone call away.

      • Polish Hammer

        What should be illegal is idiots that use the word boomer in a derogatory manner…

      • seattlesuperfan

        If he was a third round pick he only got little over 500k for the season probably spent it on a house clothes and the car he didn’t have insurance for

        • rgreen

          He’s 3 years in,and has made 2.5m…even if you take away half for taxes,that’s still an average of over 400k per year.You can get basic coverage for like 1200 a year.There’s no logical reason for him not to have any.

  1. deal1122

    Now here’s a question… I get that maybe your license gets suspended for some reason, but you’re making how much to play football, and you can’t pay for car insurance??????

    • bdpecore

      My guess is he’s not good at managing his finances and simply let the insurance policy expire. There’s probably an old invoice sitting in a junk drawer from 4 months ago along with the suspension of registration notice from the DMV. Just an relative or friend who is responsible to be your personal assistant.

  2. trenchant

    No gray area! The cops busted this guy in the act. The others earlier in the week is based on hearsay. If found not guilty, why should there be punishment from the league?

    • crosseyedlemon

      Well, there has to be punishment so Goodell can do his comic schtick about being the great protector of league integrity.

      • cant_teach_speed

        The problem with the due process thing is it doesn’t spare the league the hit to the reputation that the punishment is all about to begin with. We all know a lot of these cases go away when victims get their money. As a result the guy is not guilty. That could easily happen with this card game incident. But the media is already covering NFL players robbing people after a high stakes card game. So regardless of the verdict, NFL discipline is to keep players from hurting the image to begin with. Not defending it, but due process is really part of it

        • crosseyedlemon

          I don’t think anyone with more than 2 brain cells is being fooled by Goodell’s “due process pledges”. When he isn’t comically trying to polish the NFL image he’s allowing Josh Gordon a 6th or 7th try at redemption. Goodell is a clown.

  3. ahale224

    Money doesn’t buy maturity. He’s a guy in his mid 20s who did something boneheaded(the insurance and registration not the weed). Learn a lesson hopefully, shouldn’t impact his career and doesn’t sound like it will.

    • rgreen

      Sorry,but the weed is boneheaded as well.Even if it gets legalized,businesses will still have an option to test ya for it,and reject your request for employment because of it….And if you have a choice between poking the smot and making 10 a hr,or not smoking and making 50 a hr,if you choose 10 and pot,you’re definitely boneheaded.

      • rgreen

        Just look at Josh Gordon.A couple more seasons like he had in 2013,and he’s probably making 8 figures a year,or close to it.Now he’s unsigned and has bounced around.Whether you support it or not,that’s the effect it has.

          • rgreen

            You’re joking right? So his old pregame ritual of bong rips and shots of whiskey got him suspended because of the whiskey?

  4. crosseyedlemon

    I’m waiting for his lawyer to state that this was a “Montravious miscarriage of justice”.

  5. jessaumodesto

    If we don’t get the season started fast all the players will be in jail

  6. case7187

    It’s amazing how stupid these players are it’s also amazing they every car cops pull over “they smell weed”

  7. richmond20657

    Football better start soon or there won’t be enough players left to play.

  8. HailRodgers12$

    I’m floored by anyone defending a guy that makes upwards of $100k a year (and I’m pretty sure Adams makes WAY more than that) by saying ‘well, he’s probably just bad at managing finances.’

    First off, almost everyone has at least 1 parent who should be able to help them figure out how to pay for basic stuff like rent, car payment, insurance, vehicle registration, cell phone, utilities, etc. If you don’t have (or trust) a parent or other family member, maybe a teacher or professor (if you ever went to class..). Or a friend. Or agent.

    Seriously, if you can figure out how and where to acquire drugs without getting pinched, you should be smart enough to pay your bills on time.
    And then to get caught with drugs only because you failed to do something so basic actually makes me laugh. These guys deserve to get caught for marijuana possession, whether its legal where they live or not, or their employer has a policy against it.

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