Titans, Seahawks Still Interested In Jadeveon Clowney

The Titans and Seahawks are still interested in edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney, Dianna Russini of ESPN.com tweets. Clowney’s asking price and sense of urgency haven’t changed either. Despite multiple offers from both clubs, Clowney isn’t close with either team and he isn’t in a rush to put pen to paper. 

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For now, Clowney’s plan is to wait until the pandemic eases up so that he can take a physical with interested teams, Jordan Raanan of ESPN.com tweets. A passed (and thorough) physical with team doctors would give Clowney the best payday, he believes, though he could also lose out on available spots and dollars by waiting.

Recently, Seahawks GM John Schneider said he’d still consider the former No. 1 overall pick, though that was before the draft. Then, earlier this week, Jarran Reed caused a bit of a stir when he announced his new jersey number for the 2020 season – No. 90 – Clowney’s number with Seattle last year. For his part, Schneider says that he has not approved any sort of number change, so we can’t really read into Reed’s uni.

I think you’re buying into it, because I don’t remember approving that yet, so I don’t know,” the GM said (via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times). “I don’t know where that came from, but yesterday morning it was definitely, something was going on.”

The Titans had roughly $21MM in cap space before the draft, but their frosh will chip away at that figure. Clowney could help bolster their edge rush, though they have already beefed up in that area by signing Vic Beasley.

Clowney, 27, has 32 career sacks to his credit, though he logged just three sacks in 13 games last year.

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19 comments on “Titans, Seahawks Still Interested In Jadeveon Clowney

  1. erikec

    Why wouldn’t you bet on yourself and sign a one year deal, especially coming off a 3 sack season? Makes me suspicious.

  2. Dwindy1

    After all this time I sure hope some team other than the Seahawks signs this guy. I absolutely believe he isn’t worth what he wants. We’ll see who bites…

  3. Rondon

    The Titans would be crazy to spend big on this guy. If he was so damn good, the Seahawks would’ve already made their move to keep him.

    • JJB0811

      And the Texans wouldn’t have traded him for 2 BU’s and 3rd(?). Something like that.

    • ayrbhoy

      It’s not Seattle’s assessment of Clowney’s talent that’s preventing them from signing him- it’s their financial strategy.

  4. fungie22

    He’s afraid to bet on himself. As his injury history and production. He should have lowered his asking price earlier.

  5. Every team in football would be interested in Clowney if the price was right. Unfortunately, it’s not, and he’s just asking for too much.

  6. TradeBait

    Just say no to Clowney. Titans got more sacks out of part-timer Correa than Clowney had last season for Seattle at a fraction of the cost.

    • compassrose

      How many Seattle games did you watch last year. The team as a whole was behind on sacks. Clowney was one of the most disruptive players last year. He was in the backfield being double and triple teamed most of the time.

      Sacks is the same as wins for a pitcher on baseball. The Mariners had one of the best pitchers at his time. King Felix had a poor win loss record many years but still won a Cy Young award. Probably should of had one or two more. Because he would lose 1-0 or 2-1 over and over. Is it his fault the O couldn’t score a run for him? Three sacks are such a small side of the story. I would like him back but deff for the right price.

      • ayrbhoy

        Ya know, that is a perfect analogy, it fits perfectly. Felix should’ve had 2 Cy Young’s- he was robbed by Kluber. Felix finished that season w a crazy low 2.14 ERA!! Lower ERA than Kluber and Sale. Had some crazy number of quality starts that year- something like 25? 27 quality starts.

        If I remember correctly Felix had one bad outing vs the Jays late in Sept. that year. That one outing cost him his 2nd Cy Young. It was a big game, win and Seattle keeps their WC hopes alive. Late in the game the Jays rung up 5 or 6 Runs on him. It was his worst game all year, an aberration, but the writers didn’t forget it. That’s how Kluber snatched his 1st Cy Young. I remember it like it was yesterday.

  7. crosseyedlemon

    I’m pretty certain players gets no support from the NFLPA on jersey numbers unless they have league seniority. An owner ultimately has the final say but they generally have an unspoken agreement with the union on that point. Clowney has seniority over Reed so he’d be getting #90.

    • compassrose

      You are wrong again. The player who is assigned that number owns the rights to it. That is why you see guys come to a new team and buy the guy a car watch or something else.

      They also might have to pay the printers and sellers of the jersey because of the cost of reprinting or sewing a new name on the back of the jersey. I might not remember this right but I think ocho cinco wanted to go to ocho ocho but the cost was too high. There was another one between that. The vet would pay that cost also.

      Reed gave the number to Clowney last year I forgot what he gave him. A player coming into a new team has his choice of any available number that he can wear at his position.

      The vet especially a star player will more than likely end up with the number sometimes the younger player won’t give in but it is rare.

      • crosseyedlemon

        You are wrong. The owner owns jersey rights just as he owns the rights to the team name, logos etc. As you mentioned, players can make deals with a teammate to get a number but only with owner approval. Same applies to names on jerseys. Everything has to be cleared through Goodell and the league office. The league is very serious about their image and even fined Frank Gore ten grand once for wearing his socks too low.

        • compassrose

          You are right the owner owns the jersey and the rights to it. The player gets a kickback for his name on the jersey. Once it is assigned a player he has the rights to that Jersey. If a vet comes to a team and wants to wear an owned jersey he has to come to an agreement with the player wearing it. The union has no say over that. The owner maybe can maker the player take a different number but never heard of that happening. Didn’t Favre not get 4 in Minnesota or NY? I think there was a fight at one place. Not sure. So you can think the union can make a player change numbers and the vet has the rights to his number of choice but you will be wrong. Which I could care less you are wrong a lot so you must be used to it by now.

          • @compassrose: Perhaps you’re thinking of the NBA? I think things might be a little different in the NBA. It’s a ways back, so maybe I’m remembering it wrong, but when Jordan un-retired, he had to wear 45. He couldn’t wear 23 unless he got either Bulls or NBA permission (or both) since it was retired.

            Or maybe it just was a ploy to sell #45 Jordan jerseys. Oh well.

        • They also fined Peyton Manning for wearing black shoes to honor Johnny Unitas, iirc

  8. mlbnyyfan

    He’s exactly like Dak not worth big money. The difference is Jerry Jones will eventually pay Dak out of desperation.

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