Trent Williams: I Was “Really” Ready To Play For Redskins Last Year

After years of bitter conflict with Redskins management, Trent Williams got his wish – a one-way ticket out of D.C. But, before the offseason trade that shipped him to the 49ers, Williams says he legitimately wanted to retake the field. 

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Williams held out for the the first two months of the 2019 season, but reported to the Redskins after the late October trade deadline. However, he cited immense pain when trying to put on his helmet and flunked his physical. Even after that, Williams said that he wanted to play and find a suitable post-surgery helmet, but the Redskins parked him on the NFI list instead, ending his season and stopping his paychecks.

The competitive juices started to flow, so I was really prepared to make my return last year,” Williams said. “I know all of the things that had went on and just being in that facility, being around teammates, being around the guys you fought with and bled with for some many years. It was almost impossible for me to fight the urge not to just want to get back on the field.”

I was literally waiting on my new helmet to come in. I was getting ready to kind of gear up and it was going to be somewhat of a surprise to some, but I think for the people who know me best they know how competitive I am…I was put on NFI right before I could even get the helmet to get back out there. It was a bummer but figured it was just how it was supposed to work out.”

Ultimately, things worked out alright for Williams. Towards the end of draft weekend, the Redskins shipped him out west to the 49ers, where he’ll take over for Joe Staley at left tackle. And, while he doesn’t have an extension just yet, the Niners did guarantee a portion of his 2020 salary.

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11 comments on “Trent Williams: I Was “Really” Ready To Play For Redskins Last Year

  1. Brandon Sans

    I wouldn’t read too much into a departed player making himself look good in a situation. Had he wanted to play that bad, he’d have played.

    Common sense says the Redskins wouldn’t have ordered a helmet for Williams and then ended his season. There’s bad management, but that’s just idiotic. And he still chose to leave this offseason.

    In the grand scheme of things, it’s irrelevant, but still sad because Trent was beloved by Redskins fans while here.

    • Ak185

      True (I agree wholeheartedly on the “departed player” aspect) but the regime change had something to do with that, in addition to what you pointed out. Allen probably figured he’d have Williams back this year and they were out of contention by that point. I don’t think he counted on getting fired, and his refusal to get any value for Williams via trade meant he either had plans for him or hated his guts. Probably both, but you get my point.

      Regardless, Williams’ problems were with Bruce Allen apparently (and he’s not the first), so if he caught wind of Allen’s being fired, or just decided to wait it out, who knows. I do know that the only reason he got his trade is because the new GM and Rivera were hired.

  2. rocky7

    Marketing spin by a player, or from whomever he hired to help him shed his “bad attitude” label from his former club geared towards securing a new and high priced contract from his new club.
    If he wanted to play, the Redskins would have certainly played him… was he “beloved” by Redskins fans anyway?

  3. CobiEven

    Washington your ownership is inept. You blame the players because they come and go but you are stuck with Dan. Rivera is a good hire but you will always have Dan the Man.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Did those competitive juices start flowing before or after he stated he should be made the highest paid offensive lineman in the league?

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