Jaguars’ Head Coach: Haven’t Heard From Yannick Ngakoue

The Jaguars had nearly perfect attendance for the start of training camp. Of course, there was one conspicuous absence – Yannick Ngakoue. Addressing reporters on Thursday afternoon, head coach Doug Marrone confessed that he has not spoken with the star defensive end. 

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“But, like I’ve said before: He’s one player that I know is always ready,” said Marrone (via the team website).

Ngakoue has not signed his franchise tender, so he is not running afoul of any contractual obligations. Per the terms of the tag, Ngakoue can sign anytime before Week 10 and still suit up in 2020. If he waits any longer, he’ll have to sit out. Furthermore, he’ll lose an accrued season towards free agency. There are a lot of hard feelings between the 25-year-old and his team, but there are also a lot of dollars at stake. Between his $17.788MM salary and the riches that could await him next March, it’s possible that Ngakoue could reverse course and cave on his demand.

Of course, if you ask Ngakoue, he’ll tell you that the ship has sailed on reconciliation. Before the deadline, he was willing to table extension talks for any team that’s able to pull off a trade, but the Jaguars’ sky-high asking price has warded everyone off. At one point, Ngakoue wanted his big payday to come in Jacksonville. Now, he says that he doesn’t want to play for the Jaguars under any circumstances.

Now that the deadline has passed, both sides are formally barred from hammering out an extension until next year. That, in theory, could make it easier for them to mend fences. Still, the Jaguars have the ability to trade Ngakoue, and he can continue to play a game of chicken with Marrone & Co.

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8 comments on “Jaguars’ Head Coach: Haven’t Heard From Yannick Ngakoue

  1. Wyoming Bison Expansion Team

    Best they can hope for is a 3rd. He holds out, reports minimum games to be granted free agency, and if they tag him again it’s 21 mill or so.

    Jaguars are holding out hope an injury happens and they can squeeze a 1st or 2nd out of a team desperate enough to pull the trigger.

    Even then, guys who hold out into the season always find ways of getting injured themselves not too long after they resume playing.

    If you’re the Browns I’d trade Vernon, 3rd, and a 5th for him and a 4th to pair with Garrett for 4 or 5 seasons. They’ve got the cap space (35 mill plus next two seasons) and he’d be a better investment than Clowney.

  2. Super T

    This is the Raiders missing piece to me. Raiders should offer a 2021 1st Round pick & Lamarcus Joyner (to free up salary) to the Jags for Yannick Ngakoue and a 2021 2nd round draft pick. Then print the playoff tickets.

  3. raderade70

    He’s a better player at a more valuable position than Jamal Adams who was just traded for 2 firsts, a third, and a player. If he sits out he loses service time, doesn’t get paid, and the jags still have him under team control. Unless the jags are as dumb as Bill O’Brien (possible), they won’t accept anything aside from a first rounder +

    • Wyoming Bison Expansion Team

      Jamaal Adams has 2 years on his deal- this year at 3.5 million and next year at 9.9 millions PLUS the option to franchise tag him at around 10 million, was 9.5 in 2019, giving the seahawks 3 years of control a less than 30 million.

      Ngakoue is on the franchise tag already at 17.8 million and if used again it goes up 120% to 21.6 mill.

      Also, no that’s not how that works. A player can hold out 10 games, come back for 6, and be eligible for free agency.

      He doesn’t get paid but long as he makes himself available to play for at least 6 games he will be eligible for free agency.

    • wagner13

      Better player? How so? Adams is arguably the best at his position, can play in the box, blitz effectively, and shut down the middle of the field. Ngakoue’s sack figures are solid, but certainly not better than his elite peers. His numbers don’t align with his pressure rate and he’s not the most consistent against the run either

  4. raderade70

    You’re injury thing is not true either. Aaron Donald held out and went on to be defensive player of the year.

    • Wyoming Bison Expansion Team

      Wrong, again.

      A generational talent in Donaldson doesn’t prove anything.

      2007- Larry Johnson holds out training camp and couple pre season games and only plays 8 games.

      2010- Darrelle Revis holds out of training camp, pre season, gets a new deal, misses 3 games cause of injury. Completely healthy previous 3 seasons and the season after played all 16 games. Hamstring injury….probably because he held out and tried to play after holding out.

      Even Khalil Mack missed a few games during his holdout year in 2018.

      Clowney missed a lot of time after holding out and being traded to the Seahawks at end of August this past year. About 4 games cause of injury.

      Earl Thomas in 2018 held out for months not reporting. Missed all of training camp and pre season, comes back, and breaks his leg.

      Guys that hold out into the season have a history of getting injured however slightly it may be. More so they actually do manage to stay healthy they usually aren’t up to game speed.

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