Yannick Ngakoue Prepared To Sit Out 2020 Season?

As you probably know by now, Jaguars defensive end Yannick Ngakoue wants out of Jacksonville. He is not inclined to sign his $17.788MM franchise tender, and while he wants a new contract with an average annual value in excess of $20MM, he does not want to sign such a contract with the Jags.

We heard yesterday that the 25-year-old is still pushing for a trade, but given the amount of draft capital Jacksonville has asked for in the past — in addition to the fact that an acquiring team would have to pony up a $100MM+ payday, a tough sell in this COVID-19 climate — a trade does not seem especially likely at this point. However, a burying of the hatchet between player and team seems equally unlikely, and Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network is hearing that Ngakoue could sit out the entire 2020 season (video link).

A key point here is that Ngakoue just finished his rookie contract and has yet to sign a second professional deal. Although the new CBA is harsher than its predecessor with respect to holdouts, those stricter provisions only apply to players who hold out after having signed a contract as a veteran. So while a full-year absence would toll Ngakoue’s service time, it seems he can hold out through training camp and a chunk of the regular season without worrying about mandatory fines and losing an accrued season.

A young pass rusher like Ngakoue is a hot commodity in today’s NFL, but as it stands right now, if he wants to play this season and earn a paycheck, he will have to do so with the Jags. Of course, an injury and/or more clarity with respect to the 2021 salary cap could make a rival club more inclined to discuss a trade, and it sounds like Ngakoue is willing to wait.

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13 comments on “Yannick Ngakoue Prepared To Sit Out 2020 Season?

  1. JJB0811

    If he were to hold out all season, can the Jags tag him again?

    Between Tom C fining every player for anything, Ramsey’s hurt back & subsequent trade, and Yannick; I understand why Shad decided to hold onto this masterful piece of management.

    Pitiful franchise.

    • i believe so but i think it is no longer based on the top 5 but has a percent increase over the prior year .. i think like 15 – 20%. You would have to look up leveon’s hold out for more details

    • mrpadre19

      You’re blaming the Jaguars for Yannicks situation?
      They offered him a more than fair long term deal….he declined.Look at Clowneys situation.Proves the Jags were in line with their offer and then some.
      Just because they won’t be held hostage by a 3rd round pick(or Ramsey for that matter) doesn’t mean they are in the wrong.
      2 first rounders for the malcontent Ramsey was good business.
      So Is this.

    • washington_bonercats

      I’m willing to bet you don’t know anyone smart enough to make 20 million for multiple years…

    • Afk711

      Someone who is smart enough to know their worth at the current time is much more than 17.8 million.

        • Afk711

          Yes. On the free agent market he would get 80 million at least. Spare me your “17 million is plenty” takes

          • mrpadre19

            Afk711 but he “isn’t” a free agent!
            The Franchise tag exists for a reason….and the players assoc. agreed to it…..don’t blame the Jags for using it.
            This team drafted Yannick when every other passed in him multiple times.For all we know he may have went in the 5th or 6th if they hadn’t.They also offered him a fair deal.He should be happy and take the money.Sign it….play his ass off…cash the check….prove himself right.He’s passing in his biggest payday yet.
            Still say it won’t happen.
            He can’t be that dumb.

    • sb48champs

      Cap. did, that’s how we have gotten to where we are today. He opted out of guaranteed 18+ mil thinking he could get more.

  2. markdavisbarber

    Holding out the year has a history of working out very well for the owners.

    Le’Veon Bell went from a fan favorite to a forgotten that lost a years worth of pay and signed a lesser contract.

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