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Predictably, Deshaun Watson‘s desire to stay with the Texans has not wavered. However, there’s nothing imminent in extension talks between the team and the star quarterback. 

I’m here,” Watson said. “I love the organization. I love the McNairs. I love the city. I love the fan base. I’m a Houston Texan. I’m locked in on being a Texan.”

The fourth-year pro is said to be seeking a short-term deal, one that would allow him to cash in again while he’s still in his prime. The Texans, meanwhile, would like him to be “locked in” for a longer period. Obviously, it’s much more complicated than that. Between the economic climate and the $503MM contract recently inked by Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes, there’s a bit of a bridge to gap.

Watson’s camp won’t seek to top Mahomes’ deal, but the ceiling has been raised, and that should bode well for Watson. For now, Watson is set to make just $1.177MM in base salary for 2020. Ultimately, the 24-year-old (25 in September) should top Russell Wilson‘s $35MM AAV – the league-leader before Mahomes inked his mega-deal.

The Texans don’t necessarily have to rush things. In April, they made the slam dunk decision to pick up Watson’s fifth-year option, which will pay upwards of $17MM in 2021. That’s still a bargain basement rate, roughly half of what the MVP contender could command.

Over the past two years, Watson has made 31 starts, connecting on 67.8% of his passes. In that span, he’s averaged 4,008 passing yards and 26 touchdowns against 10.5 interceptions. He’s also continued to be productive on the ground, rushing for 12 touchdowns between 2018 and 2019.

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12 comments on “Latest On Texans, Deshaun Watson

  1. JJB0811

    Why shouldn’t Watson go after Mahomes’ numbers? He puts people in the stands and national games. He makes the Texans and NFL a LOT of money.

    • crosseyedlemon

      The owners get a fantastic discount on elite talent while they have those players on rookie contracts so I totally agree with you on this JJ.

    • wagner13

      As much as I like Watson, he’s simply a notch below Mahomes’ talent level. The latter has won his team a Superbowl and broke records in just his sophomore season. Mahomes is the best at his position and deserves a more sizeable contract as a result. Would you pay Nick Chubb as much as Christian Mccaffrey?

      Watson definitely deserves at least $40 million/season, but market value dictates that his price falls below Patrick’s

  2. Why would you want to sign a deal with the structure the Texans have? Bill O Brien traded Hopkins for not much just 3 months ago. Why would you want to play for a guy who makes those kinds of decisions? Cash in in FA or make the McNairs fire BOB. Watson seems like the kind of guy who would keep quiet until FA.

    • Rhino

      Hopkins was traded specifically because the Texans couldn’t afford both Hopkins (who was due a new deal) & Watson (who is due a new deal) the salary cap wouldn’t permit both of their contracts genius. BOB got what he could and turned into Cooks, Cobb & money left over.

      • Ak185

        Hopkins has three years left on his contract, and O’Brien traded him for $10 million injury prone running back. If he were simply trying to save money, he wouldn’t have acquired Johnson and signed Randall Cobb for the money he did. He traded away Clowney for the same reason. He let Reader walk for the same reason. O’Brien blew his money on Tunsil (who is good but not worth the picks and contract he has cost Houston, especially with his penalties adding to that), and blamed Hopkins’ contract for it. The Texans had better options to save money.

  3. ruckus727

    I have to disagree. I like Watson a lot and I think he’s a very very good QB who unquestionably makes the Texans a lot of money and a face for the franchise. But talent wise, he’s not in the same realm as Mahomes and frankly not in the same class as Russ. I think Dak’s impending contract will be important to assess the market for Watson. You can’t easily replace Watson and he should be paid handsomely but to say he deserves Mahoney or Wilson money is silly. Those contracts can handcuff cap situations so that player better be elite. I can’t place Watson as a top 5 NFL QB yet. He is close and may be top 5 at some point but he’s not a $40M/yr now. I am anxious to see how he plays without Nuke and whether or not he can elevate his game.

  4. Redwood13

    If Watson was the QB of chiefs he may have done just as well as Mahomes, With the salary cap, a lot comes down to other players Around the QB. Point being 1 great player with a team full of good (not great) players doesn’t always win the big games. Ask A-Rod when he was with the Texas Rangers then couldn’t afford to put many excellent players around him and be successful.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Good point. It takes a team effort to win championships. If Dan Marino had the talent around him that Joe Montana did, it’s quite likely he would have got himself a ring or two.

      • Ak185

        Not to mention better coaching. O’Brien is alright as an offensive schemer (if still a mediocre coach overall and a terrible GM), but Andy Reid is obviously a step up. A few of them, at that.

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