2020 NFL Cap Space, By Team

As shown by Le’Veon Bell‘s recent deal with the Chiefs, big name free agents can come available at any point throughout the season. His contract wasn’t particularly pricey, but teams like to keep cash on hand during the year, especially when mulling potential trades before the deadline. Excess cap room can also be rolled over from year-to-year and give clubs the opportunity to lock up their most valuable players with extensions.

Here are the most recent figures for each team, via Over The Cap:

  1. Cleveland Browns – $33.1MM
  2. New York Jets – $27.9MM
  3. Dallas Cowboys — $23.9MM
  4. Washington Football Team – $23.6MM
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars– $22.9MM
  6. New England Patriots – $22.9MM
  7. Denver Broncos – $19.7MM
  8. Detroit Lions – $17MM
  9. Philadelphia Eagles– $18MM
  10. Miami Dolphins – $15.8MM
  11. Indianapolis Colts – $10.4MM
  12. Pittsburgh Steelers – $9.6MM
  13. Cincinnati Bengals– $9MM
  14. Baltimore Ravens – $9MM
  15. Arizona Cardinals– $8.9MM
  16. Chicago Bears – $8.4MM
  17. Tennessee Titans – $8.3MM
  18. Houston Texans – $8.1MM
  19. Los Angeles Chargers — $8MM
  20. New Orleans Saints – $8MM
  21. Green Bay Packers – $7.7MM
  22. New York Giants – $7.2MM
  23. Los Angeles Rams – $7MM
  24. Las Vegas Raiders – $6.3MM
  25. Carolina Panthers – $6.2MM
  26. Kansas City Chiefs – $5.8MM
  27. Buffalo Bills – $5MM
  28. San Francisco 49ers – $4MM
  29. Seattle Seahawks – $4MM
  30. Atlanta Falcons – $2MM
  31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – $1.4MM
  32. Minnesota Vikings – $158K
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18 comments on “2020 NFL Cap Space, By Team

  1. Vanilla Good

    Wow Vikings dangerously close to the cap with a dangerously bad roster.

      • Oooof

        They’re not tanking for Lawrence–it’s basically impossible on two fronts. Moving on from Cousins this offseason would come with a $41 million cap hit next year alone. They also still have two games against the Lions and one against the Jags, and they’re only currently in line for the 6th pick. The Vikings are bad, but it’s very unlikely they’d be able to tank past the Jets, even if they wanted to. Not to mention the coach and GM probably don’t want to tank themselves out of jobs.

          • Oooof

            Maybe. At this point, I honestly couldn’t tell you how that debate will look in a couple of weeks. Neither team has beaten anyone good. Would it surprise you if they split those games? Because projecting them for any wins going forward would likely take them out of the running for Lawrence.

          • vikings9

            Vikings lost their top 3 defensive pro bowl players due to COVID and injury With them back next season and a top pick plus 8 others the Vikings are set to roll

        • HailRodgers12$

          Tanking for Trevor doesn’t demand they boot Cousins off the roster immediately after the draft pick is made. They could let him sit a year or even 2..maybe get some mop up duty or whatever along the way..
          However, I agree it is unlikely the Vikes will have the worst record and “earn” the top pick.
          But you don’t pass on a potential franchise QB because your current 1 is making a lot of money. GB reminded us of that with the J-Love pick last spring… (Major eye roll in case anyone thinks I seriously believe Love is a potential franchise QB..)

          • Chris_Favreau

            Ironically it was the Packers who took Rodgers in the first round even though they already had a franchise QB in Favre. Rodgers sat for 3 years before he got his shot. You just never know.

    • BaseballFuries

      According to the link, the Eagles have $17 million, not $18 million.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Someone needs to throw the Lions a bone, right?

      They haven’t won a championship since 1957. That’s 63 years ago!

  2. greg7274

    It might be helpful to post this list in order from most $ to least $ …or at least alphabetically, maybe by division? This is just random

  3. Sponge

    Wow. Minnesota is in serious trouble. And I can’t help but wonder that when they made the trade for Yannick that they thought the season was going to be a lot different. I guess they didn’t foresee Hunter missing the season.

    • Bdd1967

      That’s what happens when you neglect an offensive line like they have years. Lousy free agent pick ups and terrible O-line drafting…Elflein…Rieff…Sumia…the battle is won and lost at the line of scrimmage and they get dominated there on both sides week in and week out. Time for Zimmer to ride off into the sunset..followed closely by Spielman. The Wilfs aren’t going to tolerate this crap much longer.

    • vikings9

      Vikings lost 3 pro bowl players due to COVID and injury
      This season a joke anyway with all the picks they have plus top 10 or higher the Vikings will roll next year

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