Broncos’ Melvin Gordon Charged With DUI

Broncos running back Melvin Gordon was cited for driving under the influence on Tuesday night, as Mike Klis of 9News reports. According to police, Gordon was speeding between 25 mph and 39 mph over the limit and found to be intoxicated when he was pulled over.

We are aware of the situation involving Melvin Gordon,” the Broncos said in a statement. “Our organization has been in communication with him and is in the process of gathering more details.”

Gordon joined the Broncos in March on a two-year, $16MM deal. With the Chargers, he totaled at least 1,375 yards from scrimmage from 2016-18 and 47 touchdowns over the past four years. While he has missed time due to minor injuries throughout his career, Gordon was healthy throughout 2019. Of course, he still missed games, due to his holdout that stretched into October of last year.

In 12 games, Gordon averaged 3.8 yards per carry, a far cry from the 5.1 yards per tote that gave him so much leverage in 2018. This past week, the Broncos got a glimpse of Gordon’s full potential as he ran for 107 yards against the Jets, including a 43-yard TD to clinch the win.

Gordon’s DUI citation could subject him to league discipline, including a possible suspension.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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25 comments on “Broncos’ Melvin Gordon Charged With DUI

  1. Arnold Ziffel

    Another new member of the idiot club. Uber, Lyft, bus, taxi, call a friend are among the options available.

  2. GoLandCrabs

    Further evidence NFL players are the most irresponsible in sports. Great job creating a COVID protocol, Goodell.

  3. Oooof

    A DUI feels especially galling right now, because who gets to drink anywhere but at home right now?

      • brave new world

        Biggest deal here is if he is suspended even for 1 game it voids all his future guaranteed money in his deal. So the Broncos could move in from him without penalty.

        • Hotfuzz

          That’s huge. I don’t understand why they signed him in the first place. Lindsay deserved a chance to be the starter this season.

        • Oooof

          I thought it was weird to bother paying up for him and blocking Lindsay in the first place. If Lindsay bounces back health and productivity wise, I’m not sure why you don’t extend Lindsay instead and save money on the name brand.

          • wagner13

            Agreed. I understand Lindsay may not be able to single-handedly carry the load, but they had Freeman already and could have drafted a mid-rounder for a fraction of the cost. Hopefully Denver recognizes their mistake and rightfully lets Gordon go after such an irresponsible incident

  4. dschap02

    Worst thing is the NFL or at least the used too, provides a 24/7 car service for all players… I have Lindsey in fantasy so thanks Melvin !

  5. driftcat28

    Please suspend him (if only for my fantasy teams sake, forced to start Phillip Lindsay this week)

        • Ak185

          No, and you know what I meant. Because people complain or root for teams to make decisions based on their fantasy squads (cut this guy, throw to this guy, start this guy) instead of making decisions based on actual football. You know exactly what I meant.

      • greg7274

        where is my reply that I posted to this comment, Trade Rumors? Is it bc I called John Elway a H 0 R C E F A C E? FFS… you Techtators are insufferable

  6. Julio Franco's Birth Certificate

    I am amazed that this is still an issue in pro sports, because as poster dschap02 says above, athletes in all four professional sports leagues are given a 100% all expenses paid, car service, available 24/7 to prevent this.

    No joke, an MLB player showed me his card he was given which he can call at 3:26AM on a Tuesday night, and a free Uber Black car will be expedited to anywhere he is, no questions asked, and they even anonymize who uses the service.

    The NFL, NBA, and NHL all have the same thing.


    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Unfortunately, as great as that benefit is, some of these guys also need to be provided with professional adult babysitters to get them to use it.

  7. crosseyedlemon

    Melvin: “But officer, you just don’t understand how urgent it is that I get a costume for Von’s Halloween party.”

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