Eric Reid Declines Washington Practice Squad Offer

Washington may have to look elsewhere to help fill the void created by Landon Collins‘ season-ending injury. A Ron RiveraEric Reid reunion is on hold for the time being.

The free agent safety said, via Rob Maadi of the Associated Press, he declined an offer to join Washington’s practice squad (Twitter link). A report earlier Tuesday indicated Washington was considering adding Reid.

Several veteran players who would have looked strange on practice squads prior to this unusual season have signed such agreements this year, only to make belated appearances on 53-man rosters. Reid may be eyeing a more direct path back to action.

A seven-year veteran who played most of the past two seasons with the Panthers, Reid has experience with in-season signings as well. The Panthers signed him to their active roster in 2018, and the former 49ers first-round pick started 13 games that season. Carolina then gave the outspoken safety an extension, but upon changing coaching staffs this offseason, the Panthers released Reid.

Washington is shorthanded at safety, however. The team gave Collins a then-record $14MM-per-year deal in 2019. That changed a safety market that curiously cratered in 2018, when Reid and multiple other proven starters struggled to land jobs throughout the offseason. Troy Apke and backups Deshazor Everett and Kamren Curl — a rookie seventh-rounder — reside as the other safeties on Washington’s active roster.

Washington is making a move at safety, however, albeit a lower-profile transaction. The team is promoting Jeremy Reaves from its practice squad.

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19 comments on “Eric Reid Declines Washington Practice Squad Offer

  1. PapiElfIsATool

    Now he will claim he’s blackballed by the NFL…Again. like Kaepernick. Clown

    • floridagators

      Or maybe he doesn’t want to be on the practice squad? Congrats on being racist.

      • case7187

        How is he being racist when he’s stating the facts

        Kap did the same thing it’s not racist if a team doesn’t want to pay you millions to be a back up or a pSquad player it’s not like you can walk-in to any company and say “I want you to hire me as coo and I want x amount of money” do you realize how dumb that sounds and to call somebody a racist for that grow up

        • floridagators

          Great job comparing Eric Reid to a COO. Very similar.
          What fact did this poster state? None. Show me the statement Reid said after he declined a practice squad job saying that he was blackballed. Exactly.

      • Ak185

        Is he? Damon Harrison and others signed practice squad deals this year. I mean, Cam Newton, a former MVP, signed a vet minimum deal to try and prove his ability. Rivera signed him in the midst of his collusion suit, and he demonstrated his weaknesses in coverage and his limitations as a player. He’s a pure box safety at this point in his career. After his antics the last time he played (his altercation with Malcolm Jenkins and late hit/Twitter fued with Ben Watson, not to mention his late hit on Carson Wentz), I am less inclined to go to bat for his character.

  2. JVizzle

    He probably believes he will get an offer from a legit contender at some point (even though Wash could win division not a legit contender).

  3. itslonelyatthetrop

    Not sure what the language of the deal stipulated. He may want a guarantee of promotion or release within 2 weeks time.

  4. SportsConversationOnly

    Eric Reid’s level of play on the field does not warrant a practice squad offer. Especially, from a team that is struggling in the worst division in the NFL. Great business decision in my opinion. Washington has a need at his position for a quality skilled player and you want win by offering legitimate talented players bargain offers. It says a lot about their organization as a whole.

    • Regi Green

      Choosing to be unemployed over any paying job is not a smart business decision.

      • SportsConversationOnly

        If you are financially stable, it clearly is, and you do not have to accept subpar terms. Players who know their true value can make smart sound business decisions for them and their family. Turning down a bottom feeder team for a practice squad position and for an organization that is struggling internally, was a wise decision. Their need is greater than what they offered and I personally think he made the right decision. Not knowing the terms of the deal, it’s hard to make a fair assessment on his decision. Hoping someone offers him a better opportunity in the future.

  5. dalton2green22

    We now live in a snow flake world. I have witnessed these bleeding heart liberals turn a blind eye on the people they supposedly support. The libs are hypocrites. You think for a moment these basement dwellers would give something up to somebody unfortunate? No they would not.

  6. dalton2green22

    Anyway, Eric Reid was actually rated as one of the worst safeties in football last year. It has nothing to do with his anti police stance. He just is not that good according to nfl teams.

  7. bhd360

    Has this guy not looked around this year? He would have been on the practice squad for like, a week while he learned the playbook and stuff then been activated like a bunch of other P squad signings this year.

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