Jimmy Garoppolo’s Future With 49ers In Doubt?

The 49ers have been ravaged by injury this year, but they’re hanging tough at 3-3. Though that mark presently has them in last place in the talented NFC West, the addition of a seventh playoff spot for each conference means that San Francisco is still very much in postseason contention.

Like so many of his teammates, starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was bitten by the injury bug this season, as a high ankle sprain forced him to miss two games and clearly impacted him in an embarrassing Week 5 loss to the Dolphins. Though Jimmy G did play well in last week’s victory over the Rams, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports says the signal-caller’s future with the Niners is in doubt.

After San Francisco traded for Garoppolo partway through the 2017 campaign, the former Patriots’ second-rounder posted a 5-0 record and landed a five-year, $137.5MM contract the following offseason. But a torn ACL wiped out most of his 2018 season, and though he led his team to a Super Bowl appearance last year, questions about his consistency have persisted.

All of his guarantees will have been paid out by the end of the year, so if the 49ers look to move on, they will be able to save about $24.1MM against the cap. Of course, they would need to earmark at least some of that money for another signal-caller, but HC Kyle Shanahan believes he can win with any number of options under center.

One league source who has worked with Shanahan said, “Kyle thinks he can turn almost anyone into a star. He’s had a lot of success with a lot of different guys and the salary structure on that team has changed dramatically the last few years. He’s not a guy who thinks he needs a $30 million a year QB to win. And they aren’t exactly gushing about the guy that they have now.”

“It’s wait and see,” another source with knowledge of the situation said. “[Garoppolo is] still under evaluation. It could go in a few different directions, and is it possible he’s not the guy next year? That’s fair. I don’t think that’s lost on anybody.”

La Canfora names Matt Ryan and Kirk Cousins as potential replacements if the team chooses to go in a different direction, though Cousins in particular would seem to be be a downgrade from Garoppolo. However, many executives expect the QB market to be active again in 2021, and Shanahan and GM John Lynch may be active in that market. If they really want to save money in a year when the salary cap is expected to decrease, they could trade Garoppolo and find their next signal-caller in the draft.

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35 comments on “Jimmy Garoppolo’s Future With 49ers In Doubt?

  1. JJB0811

    “Kyle thinks he can turn almost anyone into a star. He’s had a lot of success with a lot of different guys and the salary structure on that team has changed dramatically the last few years. He’s not a guy who thinks he needs a $30 million a year QB to win. And they aren’t exactly gushing about the guy that they have now.”

    That has to be the most moronic quote ever. The coach can win w/anyone except his current QB. His hand picked QB!

    • phillyballers

      Hard to throw passes from the training room. Needs a QB that can stay on the field.

    • tropicoflungcancer

      I’m sorry, what quarterback has Kyle Shanahan helped turn into a star? Matt Ryan? Matty Ice, the most overrated quarterback in all of football? Bum coach, bum “offensive guru” status, Garoppolo is another average quarterback.

    • padam

      That’s what I was thinking, and it’s not like they’re going to come much cheaper than what they’re already paying jimmy.

  2. hersch

    Trade Garappolo? They wouldn’t even get a can of gas to put into his car so that he could leave town.

    • hopper15

      Falcons are stuck with him. Too much dead money to trade or release him.

  3. bostonbob

    If they dump Jimmy G, they will swoop Kirk Cousins up and Jimmy G goes back to New England

  4. abqpacker

    21-5 as a starter with a 2-1 TD/Int ratio, and a Super Bowl appearance. Horrible!

    • The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

      You probably think that pitchers win-loss record should determine the Cy Young winner.

  5. Yep it is

    From a coach who has choked away 2 Sure Super Bowl Titles. All this “ Genius Coach” is a JOKE. Two Teams should of won HE CHOKED. The play calling was him being arrogant when they were up in both games. He is a “ I am smarter than anyone” Coach.

    • wagner13

      I understand his game management may not have been the best in either Superbowl, but he got both teams to the championship in the first place. He’s clearly an elite play-caller and has helped both Ryan and Jimmy G reach their ceilings. Look at how poorly the Falcons have played since he departed. He even made Brian Hoyer look like a competent quarterback for a brief period.

      Besides, I do not seem to recall any character issues within the lockerrooms of Shanahan’s teams. An “I am smarter than everyone” coach describes someone like Adam Gase or Bill O’Brien. As far as I can tell, Shanahan has earned his respect

    • dandan

      He gave his defense a 25 point, second half lead in the Super Bowl. You’re downright moronic if you think that loss is solely on him.

      He turned Matt Ryan from a good QB into a great QB and an MVP. He got Kirk Cousins and Jimmy G. PAID. Dude can turn most running backs into good offensive weapons in more than one way. He’s arguably the most creative offensive mind in football.

      I will never understand the Kyle Shanahan slander.

      • Ak185

        I don’t give Shanahan credit for Matt Ryan’s development. Ryan has always been an elite quarterback.

        As for Shanahan, he sure can put up good statistical numbers, but his fatal flaw is his complete and utter inability to deviate from his gameplan. He simply lacks the ability or the willingness to adjust to situational football. He trusts too much in his gameplan that he developed during the week and not enough in his the game flows before him.

        I think it’s fair to criticize his reputation as an elite playcaller-he is a good schemer and game planner, but a poor in game adjuster who suffers against elite competition in terms of managing the games in front of him.

  6. joeyrocafella

    Why not trade for Darnold? The Jets will probably give him up for a 4th rounder at this point, just to be ready for Trevor Lawrence

    • padam

      Seriously doubt they’d give up up for anything less than a second rounder. I’m sure other teams would make a market for Darnold.

    • wagner13

      What statistical evidence do you have to suggest Darnold would even be on par with the play of Garoppolo? Sure, Jimmy is not a world beater by any means, but he is not a bottom-five talent as this thread seems to be suggesting.

      I believe the 49ers will at least give him a chance to finish the season before finding a replacement. I mean, outside of the Miami game, has he really been THAT bad? He played well against a respectable Rams defense and his QBR is actually comparable to last season. I think fans tend to generalize based on a players’ best or worst performance

      • dandan

        He was also very visibly hurt in that Miami game. I’m no JG apologist, but I try to be a realist.

      • Ak185

        Agreed with Wagner. Garrappolo is above average, good at times, but not outright terrible. But that may also add to his trade value.

  7. rob49rfan

    If Aaron Rodgers became available I could see the 49ers going for him – the guy they should’ve taken vs Alex Smith (thanks Mile Nolan). Rodgers grew up a niners fan, and spent time as a kid in mendocino county(couple hours north of SF). Rodgers would make the niners Super Bowl regulars for 3-4 years.

  8. Ak185

    Several people have suggested that Cousins and Ryan are worse options than Garrappolo. I can’t say that either is decidedly better, but Cousins at the very least is on Garrappolo’s level as a passer. i know it’s popular to trash Cousins ever since his original contract with Minnesota years ago, but realistically he is not a bad QB. We’ve seen several, and Cousins at least was Shanahan’s original preference at QB.

    Ryan of course has had proven success with Shanahan, and despite being much older, is visibly the best player on his team currently. He could give the 9ers what they need to go over the top in his final year or two, and could net compensation for a team in obvious need of a rebuild. I do not believe that this is very far out of bounds.

  9. bradthebluefish

    Spend that $23MM elsewhere. But if it’s another year with no true offseason, I suggest the 49ers keep Garoppolo for one more year.

  10. hoosierhysteria

    Shanahan very creative. Without all those injuries on defense, that team would be one of the tops in the NFC.

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