WFT Could Bench QB Dwayne Haskins

The Washington Football Team is not pleased with how quarterback Dwayne Haskins has performed through the first three games of the season, and Ian Rapoport of says the club could bench Haskins if he does not show improvement soon. In fact, Rapoport hears Haskins could be yanked during the club’s game against the Ravens this afternoon.

Haskins was the 15th-overall pick of the 2019 draft, and WFT gave him all the first-team reps in this year’s training camp while tailoring the offense to his strengths. Washington is not talent-rich on the offensive side of the ball, so not all of the club’s struggles fall on Haskins’ shoulders, but Haskins has certainly had his issues.

Thus far, he has taken too many sacks, has not shown much poise in the pocket, and he turned the ball over four times in last week’s loss to the Browns (three interceptions and one fumble). Although WFT did have an exciting comeback win over the Eagles in Week 1, Haskins has completed just 56.4% of his passes and has thrown four TDs against three picks, good for a 75.7 QB rating.

The Ohio State product had just one season as a starter in college, so it would seem strange that a team like Washington that doesn’t have realistic postseason hopes would pull the plug on him before he has even played a season’s worth of games as a pro. But as Rapoport writes, WFT sees the five games after Baltimore as eminently winnable — the team plays the Rams, the Giants twice, the Cowboys, and the Lions — and the coaching staff might believe current backup Kyle Allen is better-suited to win those games.

Allen was with WFT head coach Ron Rivera and OC Scott Turner in Carolina, so he has more experience with the offense. But Haskins definitely has a higher ceiling than Allen, and the team has much more invested in him. It will be interesting to see if Rivera — who was not with Washington when the club selected Haskins — has a quick hook.

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18 comments on “WFT Could Bench QB Dwayne Haskins

  1. tank62

    Well he’s not that good yet and this coach has no ties to him. So he doesn’t have much room to grow and make mistakes.

  2. itslonelyatthetrop

    Throw Kyle Allen out there with that O-Line and see what happens. Some decent WRs, but poor run support. I’d expect similar numbers.

  3. fungie22

    One year in college they gambled and it seems they lost! Need to give a little more time but then pull plug if he doesn’t get better.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      I’d roll with Haskins the entire year and see what you have. If he improves, you got your QB. If he’s awful, you have a fighting chance to out-tank the NYJ for Lawrence. Scratching to 3 wins is the only losing scenario.

  4. Appalachian_Outlaw

    Haskins literally has almost nothing to work with, and now he’s playing for his job against one of the best teams in football? Wow, talk about putting a young QB in a no-win situation.

    • rocky7

      One year starter in college was certainly questioned when he was taken as high as he was…Mr.”the league done messed up” had extreme talent on his O State offense in college so all his deficiencies were masked…..while it might make sense to continue starting him, how do you evaluate all the “other” talent you might have on the team that will serve as building blocks in the future if your offensive leader is a bust! Arguments can be made both ways but even with Jones as the Giants QB starter with very questionable results so far, thank God they didn’t take this guy!

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        In fairness, he has almost no talent on his offensive line in the pros. Which also goes to your point in a way because that also means he can’t show his strengths. The left side of that line is especially dreadful. It doesn’t matter who you put under center, if they’re running for their life, they’ll struggle.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    I’m thoroughly impressed that it only took Rapoport a week to figure out that a QB coming off a 4 turnover game might get benched.

  6. compassrose

    I read WFT as WTF could bench Haskins. Lol I thought not playing better but still thought Rory was getting edgy and opening a door they might not want to open. Funny how you see stuff when you are reading and watching football. Plus the term WFT is lazy. Why not go with skins? It shouldn’t offend anyone I don’t think. They could go Reds a color should be fine. They could go Pinko’s as in commies. Some might be too young to get that one. Just thought it was humorous what the mind sees when doing two things at once. Then when you see it wrong is difficult to see correct.

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