Robbery Charges Against DeAndre Baker Dropped

The four armed robbery charges against DeAndre Baker have been dropped, per an announcement from Florida prosecutors. Meanwhile, the attorney for three of Baker’s accusers has been arrested on extortion charges (via Ryan Dunleavy of the New York Post). 

Laywer William Dean represented three of Baker’s accusers — all of whom recanted their statements last week. There was a fourth accuser who wasn’t represented by Dean, and he did not appear for a hearing in October. Reportedly, Dean tried to pry as much as $1.5M from Baker in exchange for his clients changing their statements.

A quick refresher: Baker was alleged to have robbed a party at gunpoint in May. Originally, Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar was charged as his accomplice, but the Broward State Attorney’s office declined to pursue charges against him. The story has only gotten stranger from there, including payoff allegations against attorney Michael Grieco, who was once representing Dunbar. The charges against Dunbar have since been dropped.

The Giants kept their distance from Baker throughout the process before formally waiving him in September. He is now a full-fledged free agent and free to sign with any club, though he could still be subject to fines or suspensions from the league office.

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27 comments on “Robbery Charges Against DeAndre Baker Dropped

  1. CharlesConerly21

    Told you guys that nothing would come of this and that the Giants should have stood by their draft pick.

    • erickdejon

      Giants needed the roster space at corner even though we still need better and more corners

    • rocky7

      Or, another opinion is that he basically had played pretty badly and very possibly could have been very close to being benched, and secondly, just being in that questionable a position tells a lot about his character which is reason enough that he is no longer a Giant regardless of a lack of talent.
      Do you really think the negative media attention this whole situation caused and would have caused if they had not done anything would play well given their record and a lack of success over multiple years?

      • CharlesConerly21

        It is undeniably folly to give up on a 1st round player who failed to shine under a terrible leadership after only one year. Vindicated now he is very likely to go to the highest bidder.

    • CharlesConerly21

      August 7, 2020
      DeAndre Baker did nothing wrong and never robbed anyone. The 4 “witnesses” made this entire story up and will be found out eventually. Only a matter of when not if.“. I posted this in August. Knew something smelled fishy.

      • Polish Hammer

        A prosecutor dropping charges due to the extortion making a conviction very hard does not exactly mean he “did nothing wrong”.

  2. ARKScout

    If he was being extorted and the charges were dropped than why would he be subject to any fine or suspension?

    • I give no fox

      Because roger doesn’t like the brand getting tarnished. It’s complete BS, but if baker wasn’t gambling illegally this situation probably doesn’t happen.

      • JJB0811

        When has Roger ever tarnished the brand? Weeks 1-3 dwarfed viewership over MLB, NHL, & NBA playoffs combined! You don’t have to like Goodell, but you should admire what he’s built under his direction/leadership.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Roger didn’t tarnish the brand by granting Shahid Khan ownership of the Jaguars JJ?

          • JJB0811

            Allowing a self made foreigner to become an owner is tarnishing the league? Shad is highly respected in Jacksonville. He has worked nonstop to improve the stadium, downtown, and grow the team & league internationally. What has Shad done to tarnish the league?

            Now, I’ll agree Shad’s ‘in it to win it’ motto is more on the financial side than the W side!

            We would love to have 8-8 teams over constant 4 win teams, but not every team would re-up Bortles and trade Ramsey. So we’ll deal with our odd history and raise a toast to Shad. Without him, there wouldn’t be the Jacksonville Jaguars, they would have already been moved.

            • crosseyedlemon

              Someone has obviously kidnapped the real JJ and replaced him with a clone.

        • I give no fox

          JJB, swing and a miss guy. You misinterpret that Roger doesn’t like the brand being tarnished, not that he was tarnishing. I said Roger is protecting the brand…that’s why baker faces punishment even tho he was not found guilty

          • JJB0811

            your opening line ‘Because roger doesn’t like the brand getting tarnished.’

            What did I misinterpret?

            • I give no fox

              “When has Roger ever tarnished the brand” implies that I said Roger was the one tarnishing the brand. Quite the opposite of the my statement. He is levying punishment because he doesn’t like negative press for the NFL

              • JJB0811

                I’m not here to try and guess what your statement means vs what you think it implies. And if you read the article, no punishment has been handed down by the league. I’ll copy and paste that for you to help out.

                ‘He is now a full-fledged free agent and free to sign with any club, though he could still be subject to fines or suspensions from the league office.’

                • I give no fox

                  Thanks pal. I was commenting on the OP and not the article, but I appreciate your micro aggressions. I don’t know why you felt it so necessary to question my comment
                  if you aren’t interested in what my statement meant. It was a misunderstanding, it’s not that big a deal.

    • I give no fox

      So the lawyer for the accusers is being charged with extortion yet you still think baker is guilty?

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