NFL Suspends Broncos’ A.J. Bouye

WEDNESDAY, 9:51am: Bouye has been officially suspended for six games, per a league announcement. He’ll miss the final four games of this season, plus the first two games of 2021. He’ll also lose out on $4.59MM in salary, taking a chunk out of the remainder of his five year, $67.5MM deal.

TUESDAY, 2:05pm: It looks like yet another high profile player is about to be suspended. Broncos cornerback A.J. Bouye is facing a PED suspension, Mike Klis of Denver 9 News tweets. Benjamin Allbright of KOA News Radio was first to report the news (Twitter link).

Interestingly, both reporters indicate that Bouye’s suspension is related to the ones the Texans’ Will Fuller and Bradley Robey were hit with last week. It sounds like the contention is that all three players were using the same doctor or trainer who gave them banned substances without their knowledge. It’s impossible to say what will happen with this bizarre situation, although Albright indicated that legal action is coming.

For now though, it’s a brutal blow to a Denver defense that just can’t catch a break. Already without big name players like Von Miller and Jurrell Casey, among many others, they also just placed top corner Bryce Callahan on injured reserve. With Bouye now hitting the shelf as well, they’ll be very thin at cornerback.

Bouye missed a little over a month with a shoulder injury he suffered in Week 1, but has started every game since returning. An undrafted free agent in 2013, Bouye quickly broke out with the Texans. That earned him a five-year, $67.5MM contract from the Jaguars during the 2017 offseason. He picked off six passes that year and was a second-team All-Pro, although his play declined a bit after that.

This past March Jacksonville shipped him to Denver as part of their rebuild in exchange for a fourth-round pick. The UCF product is under contract for 2021, although the Broncos can get out of it pretty easily if they want to. He turned 29 back in August.

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19 comments on “NFL Suspends Broncos’ A.J. Bouye

  1. nentwigs

    IDIOTS !!
    In this day and age, trust no one.
    Double check everyone and everything.
    EVERY Transaction, every receipt, every bag, every med, every health care provider.
    We are becoming a society of people “going through the motions” without care, concern, or empathy.
    The BIG BAD COMPUTER can always be blamed.
    AND NO APOLOGY is EVER forthcoming…..

  2. JJB0811

    I’m sorry, but all players have unlimited access to NFL & team approved medical staff’s. They choose to go outside the boundaries and got caught, simple as that.

    • Dorothy_Mantooth

      Who’s to say this doctor was not approved by the team or the NFL? If he is an approved provider and he knowingly gave these players banned substances then I hope the players do file a lawsuit and recoup the money they lose for being suspended. In most cases, players know they are taking a banned substance before they get caught but this one smells a little fishy to me for some reason.

  3. Ak185

    Is it an accepted fact that this same doctor or trainer gave the athletes these substances without their knowledge? Or did they just not know that the substance is banned? If it is the latter, this is not unusual punishment in the slightest.

    If it is the former, then this really does not make sense if it is in fact accepted and proven that the drugs were taken unknowingly. We hear that excuse often, but three players and a single prescriber means that either all three players were cheaters/irresponsible, or that one prescriber is a liar. If it’s the prescriber, I’m not sure that this is just. I’m not saying that’s what happened, but the article makes it sound as if that may have happened.

    • elmedius

      What benefit could a doctor possibly get from sneaking steroids to players who didn’t ask for them?

      No money to be made that way.

      • Ak185

        Trainers do to improve performance. The athlete performs better, pays the trainer more or, more importantly, recommends him/her to other athletes. They’re evaluated on performance just like anybody else. Again, I’m not saying that this happened, or even that it was intentionally “snuck” to them. The trainer may have just been overly ambitious or overly careless. It’s just odd that three players with no prior issues are all suspended with ties to the same prescriber, and the article uses phrasing that makes it sound unintentional on their part. I could be wrong, but I haven’t seen a statement from any of them, which points to a possible lawsuit.

        Again, I’m not saying that this is what happened. if it is, and one prescriber is the source and the multiple clients are proven to be unwitting, then it seems more prudent to blame the prescriber in that case than the athletes.

        • bravesfan88

          Right, by unknowingly injecting his clients with PEDs, whatever concoction the player thinks he is getting, all of a sudden he takes notice that it is working really well.

          He notices an improvement in his stamina, he notices shorter recovery times, gradual gains being made strength wise, etc. Once the client begins to notice the improvements in his performance and whatnot, he is going to continue going back to thos same doctor…

          I mean, why wouldn’t you if you’re a pro athlete, and you’re quickly noticing positive results!?!?

          Not to mention, this is the case especially when you have a player thats fighting for a roster spot, a bigger role, or certainly when they’re heading into a make-or-break break contract year..

          You’re seeing a legitimate and highly respected trainer/doctor, you really shouldn’t have any reason to think he would be doing anything illegal

  4. rusty.coqbern

    Talib was right, he reported last week that this would happen – but wouldn’t spill out he beans on the name(s) of who’s getting popped (but that they all used the same guy for “supplements”).

  5. illowa

    just let em take the boosters. if you don’t want to take em, then don’t. most of this is for injuries or to prevent them. wonder if there’d be less serious injuries if the players could take advantage of new and improving science for such a vicious sport that destroys your body. i just started taking prescribed steroids for my lower back due to racing motocross, demolition derbys, and other activities that abused the crap out of my body.

    • DarkSide830

      they have approved medications for a reason. these werw not approved. chances are the approved ones work just fine, but dont provide the “added benefit” that the banned ones do.

      • Ak185

        What Darkside said is the reasoning. A lot of times, the “benefit” is overeggaerated by the regulatory body, but overall, the idea is not to add enhancements to on-field playing ability. A lot of guys end up with nasty long term effects from the more potent enhancers, and it’d be kind of awkward to aim at reducing CTE while encouraging other lifelong harmful substances.

  6. DarkSide830

    sounds like a load of garbage. Bouye isnt on the same team as Roby and Fuller, so why are they going to the same doctor anyway?

  7. nentwigs

    BRONCOS to sign A.B. Girl to take the roster spot of the suspended A.J. Bouye.

  8. Greg M

    But…but…but…the part-time cashier at GNC said this would be totally cool to take.

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