No Reinstatement For Seahawks’ Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon won’t be making his return this week after all. The Seahawks were notified by the league office that he has not satisfied all terms of his conditional reinstatement (Twitter link via Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times). 

Gordon has suffered a setback in his battle with substance abuse, Tom Pelissero of (on Twitter) hears. The wide receiver will be permitted to attend team meetings and individual workouts, but he’ll be barred from practices or games until the matter is resolved.

Unfortunately, this is familiar territory for Gordon, who has been suspended nine times as a pro — mostly for from substance-abuse violations. Still, he excelled in a limited sample with the Seahawks last year, and the team happily re-signed him with the hope that he could serve as the team’s No. 3 receiver behind D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. Without Gordon, they’ll continue to use David Moore as one of the leading supporters, plus rookie Freddie Swain.

Gordon, 29, caught 27 passes for 426 yards and a touchdown in eleven games for the Pats and Seahawks last year. In his five Seattle games, he averaged an eye-popping 19.9 yards per grab.

The Seahawks waived fellow wide receiver Penny Hart to make room for Gordon earlier this week. Hart remains unsigned, so the Seahawks may look to bring him back in the coming days.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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25 comments on “No Reinstatement For Seahawks’ Josh Gordon

  1. rtr1redrockets

    how many times you gonna give this guy a chance? after say the 5th or 6th time he should have been kicked out for good. what a waste

    • hebrewhammer1801

      so what’s your thoughts on Antonio brown then? 1 has issues hitting women and the other 1 abusing substances (weed which is better than painkiller like most nfl players) to self medicate for a mental health issue so he doesnt make stupid impulsive mistakes like hitting women like the WR whos allowed to sleep in Brady’s house

      • LouGrozasToe

        They both suck, zero desire to control their own addictions or impulses. No one owes them anything, including a job that gives them fame & fortune.

        • hebrewhammer1801

          I mean how many times has Josh Gordon been to rehab when he should be getting counseling for his mental health issues. I mean he is trying and relapse is very much a part of addiction. it doesn’t mean he isn’t trying it just means he hasn’t found the an effective way for him to cope. but yes he should not be in the league because that’s more important than football

          • Look I get its easy to be stuck in your ways. However I simply request you do more research on Josh and addiction overall. If its not something you’ve experienced personally its very easy to hold the sentiments yall have. But its a lot more complicated than control you impulses. And yeah Im sure Josh has been to counseling its more about him being open that would help solve the proble.

            • Cr4- you’re wasting your time. Some people will never see substance abuse and addiction as anything other than a character flaw or weakness no matter how much they research.

              I was born in Scotland where binge drinking and recreational drug use is an accepted part of daily life. I’ve been around it and suffered from chronic alcohol abuse my whole life it’s just in my DNA. I had multiple failed attempts prior to the last day I drank so I can relate to what Josh is going through.

              It breaks my heart that he is unable to take advantage of the physical gifts he was given. It’s so sad but no amount of support or counseling will get him to take the first step to quit. Yes Counseling helps build a foundation, it gives one the tools to recovery but only Josh Gordon can help himself to recover from his demons.

              As you say unless you or someone close to you goes through the struggles (that word doesn’t adequately describe the daily difficulties,) of that life you will never realize how much inner pain and conflict Josh Gordon is in.

              Of course he wants to play in the NFL for Seattle but the issue is so complex you can’t apply logic or reason to understand it. I hope he sorts out numero Uno before he does anything in his professional life. I’m a die hard Seahawks fan but I’d take him being sober over us winning a Lombardi Trophy in 2021 any day. You can’t put a price on how much richer his life will be when he is finally free from his demons.

        • Darkside830- yea it’s disgusting that a team would show him compassion and empathy by giving him a chance to put his life in order. Please!

          • crosseyedlemon

            I doubt compassion or empathy even entered into the Seahawks thinking. They probably just decided the PR value outweighed the risk of paying him a minimum salary.

  2. K3vin

    Another accurate and in depth researched article by Zach. Way to cover yourself with 2 articles again that contradict each other. You seem to be the only “journalist” here that does this.

      • K3vin

        As you can tell, I just think he is a poor “journalist” and will continue to call him out. I have given him a compliment previously, but that was on a rare occasion.

        • earmbrister

          If you want top notch journalism, go to The NY Times. This is a sports blog: you get what you pay for.

          • Ak185

            I’m actually not sure where one would go to find top notch journalism these days. I don’t really see the issue with the article here though.

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