$0 Guaranteed In Dwayne Haskins’ Steelers Deal

The Steelers took a flier on quarterback Dwayne Haskins last week with an inexpensive one-year deal. His $850K contract includes no guaranteed money, according to ESPN.com’s Field Yates (on Twitter). 

It’s a pretty big drop for the former first-round pick, though he’ll still be earning cash from his previous Washington deal. Ultimately, for Haskins, it’s an opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business in Ben Roethlisberger and rebuild his stock.

Haskins dazzled evaluators with his arm strength coming out of Ohio State. As a pro, he was a flop. In 2020 — his second year with WFT — Haskins averaged just 6.3 yards per attempt with 12 touchdowns against 14 interceptions. Head coach Ron Rivera released Haskins after his terrible Week 16 showing, putting him on the open market just two years after being selected No. 15 overall.

The Panthers also offered a deal to Haskins, which was also believed to be for the minimum. After Teddy Bridgewater‘s trying year in Carolina, that could have been a better opportunity for Haskins to get on the field. Then again, the Panthers could use this year’s No. 8 pick on a QB, pushing any free agent pickup to the bottom of the depth chart.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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12 comments on “$0 Guaranteed In Dwayne Haskins’ Steelers Deal

  1. yanks2323

    Personally I love this! Zero risk and he can learn from Ben and Matt Canada the system. Hopefully he’ll get some valid reps during the season – I am not confident in Mason R.

    • thebare54

      He is better than the mason and all the othersQBs are way worst then Haskins as the #2 QB

      • Ak185

        Um, do you have any evidence for this? Or is it hidden where the spaces between the words would normally be?

  2. paindonthurt

    Not sure how a Steelers fan wouldn’t like this. They have no starting caliber QB waiting under Big Ben

    • Jcool90

      Facts, im a ravens fan. And we don’t have one either but, I think mcshorley is fine. Pittsburgh gotta draft one. Haskins is a bust. Had 1 good year in college just like the one the Bears took with the 2nd overall pick 4 I believe Trubisk. One good year in college and for both of them it was their last year in college. Haskins and Trubisky both are bust top 16 draft pick and top 3 draft busts respectively.

      • Patrick N.

        Top 3? Not even remotely close to being top 3 draft busts. Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, *insert Cleveland pick here*

        They wouldn’t even be top 15 draft busts.

  3. Jimbobroy

    With the cap prison the Steelers are in this was definitely a wise move, no lose situation!

  4. Blackjackscout

    I wish I could make almost a million bucks a year to suck at my job.

    • beauner

      Considering he’s making about 1/10th of what a decent backup QB makes I’m confident you can suck at something and make 1/10th of someone okay at that job.

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