Arthur Smith Has Second Meeting With Falcons

The Falcons conducted a second interview with Arthur Smith on Wednesday, as Ian Rapoport of tweets. Of course, they’ll have lots of competition for the Titans’ offensive coordinator, since he’s in the mix for roughly every vacancy in the NFL.

Immediately afterwards, Smith flew to New York to have dinner tonight with Jets officials. Then, on Thursday and Friday, he’ll chat with the Eagles and Lions.

Smith, 38, has seen his stock skyrocket in recent years. After starting his career as a defensive assistant in Washington, he’s spent the last ten years with the Titans. His last two seasons as Tennessee’s OC have garnered the attention of everyone in the league, and he could be on the verge of his first head coaching opportunity.

Ryan Tannehill enjoyed a career resurgence under Smith’s watch. Meanwhile, running back Derrick Henry gave defenses fits when he was at his best. Given Smith’s track record, he could be the Falcons’ No. 1 choice for the job, as Jeremy Fowler of tweets.

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7 comments on “Arthur Smith Has Second Meeting With Falcons

    • arthur blank_for owner

      I dunno this seems like this could be a very uninspiring hire to me…not sure why but it doesn’t really move the needle much, could be wrong tho

  1. kayjaygee626

    Arthur Blank hires Arthur Smith the heir to the FedEx fortune I wonder who has more money?

  2. The most important quality for a head coach is the ability to function as a CEO and lead a coherent group of coaches (OC, DC, assistants), as well as his leadership ability (instil confidence and will to play among his players)

    I’m not that impressed by this tendency to hire an OC or DC for his “mind” or his scheme. A good HC should be too buy running the organisation to really develop either an offensive or defensive scheme.

    Heck Jay Gruden was not a bad HC when he had Sean McVay in as OC. When Gruden went back to running the offense himself, the Redskins fell of a precipice offensively.

  3. UGA_Steve

    Agree on the take that a coach has to be a CEO as much as a style guy. Unfortunately, I certainly can’t comment on those abilities as I haven’t been in the interviews.

    From a style point though, Smith probably fits the current personnel much better than say, Bieniemy. Falcons don’t have an RPO built team. They don’t have a bunch of quick/agile WR’s.

    What they do have is a team better built for a play action passing style. WR’s who can get open, but not as quickly. WR’s who are more ‘fast’ or ‘big-bodied’ than agile. You have to have time in the pocket to throw those guys open, and that means play action unless you have a ridiculously good pass-blocking OLine. Smith is much more in line with that style.

    Now, if they are thinking of blowing it up and trying to move Jones, Ryan, Matthews, etc. and accumulate draft capital while dumping salary .. then Smith would not be any better fit style-wise than the others as it would be a full scheme rebuild also.

    If they get Smith, plug in a ‘young’ RB that will dish out a beating on opponents while looking for his big pay day .. then maybe they will better themselves on a couple of fronts. For one, running the ball more chews up clock IF you can move the ball. That helps the defense in so many ways (fewer possessions, fewer plays, more time to rest between drives, etc.). As the Falcons are decent, but not deep on defense, it would help them. Also, it takes so much pressure off the QB and OLine as compared to pass blocking so frequently.

    I wouldn’t mind Smith. No real glamour in the hire, but the glamour picks don’t pan out very often anyway.

    • TradeBait

      Agree completely on the hire compared with roster. I think you nailed the post. As a Titans fan I hate to see him go even with an occasional “wut?” that we see from all OC’s. The guy is rock solid with the players. Not splashy, just very effective and when he speaks the players listen. Under the conditions of a retool and not a rebuild he is a perfect hire for the Falcons IMO.

  4. Yep it is

    Sounds good. Hire another white guy who spent 10 years as a coach and excelled the last 2 with a stud running back.

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