Latest On Patrick Mahomes’ Injuries

While Patrick Mahomes must continue to clear hurdles in order to suit up for his third AFC championship game, the Chiefs continue to express optimism the former MVP and Super Bowl MVP will do so.

Mahomes cleared the necessary steps in concussion protocol Monday but remains in the protocol as of Tuesday. And he is indeed dealing with foot trouble as well, Adam Schefter of notes (Twitter links). The fourth-year quarterback appeared to be hobbling prior to his second-half concussion and will be battling multiple issues in order to face the Bills.

Mahomes is expected to practice Wednesday, though returning to workouts does not mean a player has completed the five-step protocol. Participation in light workouts, however, is the fourth phase of this process, with full practices being the final step. Chiefs doctors and an independent neurologist must clear Mahomes to play against the Bills.

Kansas City managed to beat a playoff-bound Minnesota team without Mahomes last season and held off Cleveland with Chad Henne at the controls. However, the Bills having won eight straight games — were it not for DeAndre Hopkins‘ miracle game-winner, said streak would be at 12 since Buffalo’s Week 6 loss to Kansas City — would make for an incredibly difficult Chiefs task without Mahomes. The superstar passer has missed just two games due to injury in his career.

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18 comments on “Latest On Patrick Mahomes’ Injuries

  1. DarkGhost

    He will play and if he isn’t ready by Sunday nfl will fake a covid breakout and push the game back.

  2. Thronson5

    The team and the NFL will do whatever it takes to make sues he’s cleared. They are already trying to say it wasn’t a concussion even though he clearly was in another world when he tried to get up.

  3. Yep it is

    He was choked out like in MMA. We all would be woozy. It is a lot different than having your brain clanging around inside your head because of it being hit.

    • DarkGhost

      I’ve done jui jitsu for over half a decade you don’t go to sleep in 2 seconds like that and the arm around his neck was nowhere near tight enough to choke him.

    • lmao he was not choked out. The front of his head slammed into the ground. You don’t get choked out in less than a second.

  4. MileHighFan

    Mahomes will play. Today’s NFL is all about TV ratings and gambling, and the only way to maximize both is to make sure he takes the field.

  5. Blackjackscout

    Mahomes will play. The NFL will make sure of that. That being said, a lot of people are comparing the Bills to the 2017 Eagles as far as that magic or Juju. The Eagles had it that year, for sure!

  6. JoeBrady

    As a Raider fan, I hate the guy, but I’m not sure I even want to watch the game if he is not playing.

    OTOH, for folks interested in Bienemy for a HC slot, it’ll be interesting to see how well they function without Mahomes. If the KC offense goes in the tank, which I don’t think they’ll do, it’ll look a little more like Bienemy’s genius is really Mahomes’ genius.

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