Lions To Hire Brad Holmes As GM

The Lions have agreed to hire Rams’ director of college scouting Brad Holmes as their new GM, (Twitter link via’s Adam Schefter). Holmes will receive a five-year deal, tying him to the club through the 2025 season.

Holmes worked his way up as talent evaluator in the Rams organization, the only franchise he’s ever known as an exec. He began as a public relations intern in St. Louis. Today, he’s the leader of the Lions’ front office.

Holmes, 41, pushed the Rams to select Aaron Donald No. 13 overall in 2014. The Lions had their chance to get the most dominant defensive lineman since Ndamukong Suh — they chose tight end Eric Ebron instead. Holmes is also credited with choosing Jared Goff over Carson Wentz in 2016.

I think he would do an excellent job (as GM),” said Holmes’ former North Carolina A&T coach Bill Hayes (via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press). “I know he’s going to put in the work. That’s the first thing about it, he’s going to put in the work, he’s going to make the effort and he’s a team guy all the way. He’s not one of those egotistical maniacs. He’s going to be a team guy. He can be trusted. He’s extremely trustworthy, so I feel strongly that he would do a super job.”

Saints assistant GM Terry Fontenot was also a leading candidate for the job, but he appears to be on the cusp of landing with the Falcons. With Holmes in place, the Lions will zero in on their head coaching search.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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16 comments on “Lions To Hire Brad Holmes As GM

  1. jawinks

    Great now sign Saleh as HC, so Lions can look better in the basement of the NFC North

  2. jay13

    Overall it looks like a great hire on paper. Was not my first choice, but I am content to see what he can do. That being said, it opens the door for Marvin Lewis to be the next head coach.

  3. pjsportsdude85

    they’ll want a coach with hc experience given a rookie gm. look for bevell, bowles, campbell or marvin lewis to get the job. which is hilarious when better candidates are out there.

    lions fans will continue to suffer until ownership changes.

  4. balloonknots

    With a new GM and head coach likely both on new 5 year deals. A plan to for a rookie qb is now or never. They have a pick to do so and the time in contract to develop 1 and secure another contract in 4 years. Right?

  5. Dtownwarrior78

    S.O.L.! Same old Lions! Why in the hell would you wanna hire a Marvin Lewis or a Todd Bowles who have already failed as head coaches? Marvin Lewis took Cincy to the playoffs like 7 times and STILL has the same amount of playoff wins in that time frame (ZERO). A coach like a Saleh makes sense to a point, but not when you just tried an accomplished coordinator who didn’t do a thing as a HC. I really do not even know what type of head coach could turn around a culture for a fan base that has seen NOTHING but losing and pain since the damn 50’s! At this point I don’t even think a reincarnation of Lambeau himself could get this franchise right!!! Ughhhhhh…

  6. alproof

    So we don’t want a proven loser retread, and we don’t want a defensive coordinator as head coach. So what we want is a fresh offensive coordinator or highly successful college coach to take over. AND a new QB (Wilson, please)!

  7. JayHeck2158

    This is a very risky gamble and likely one Lions fans will regret in a few years. He’s 5th on the Rams GM food chain so does not seem to have the knowledge to run an entire team. They should have done everything they could to hire Kevin Colbert away from Pittsburgh. otherwise would have liked to see Ed Dodd or someone with experience closer to the GM. Now we’ll be stuck with Marv Lewis or Todd Bowles are our HC. Hope I’m wrong but it’s the Lions

    • Stat_head

      Stop reading Carlos Monarez. Just because his name happens to be the 5th one listed on website doesn’t mean he’s 5th in the food chain. He’s a Director just 2 of the 4 guys above him on the list. They had the advantage of having last names starting with A and G instead of H. The other 2 are Advisors so they don’t have any reports. All 5, plus the Director whose name starts with J,presumably report directly to the GM. Why would the Director of College Scouting, Scouting Strategy, & Draft Strategy report to the Director of Pro Scouting? They all report into a Senior Personnel Advisor? The reporting structure for the Directors is in alphabetical order? Not even Millen would build something that stupid.

  8. Cody

    I still think they go after Selah. This guy has been in the nfc west a while and so has selah so there would be familiarity at a minimum. After having a coach and gum that doesn’t mesh with modern players I think it’s a good move to go young in the front office and sideline. If nothing else he already drafts better than the lions have in years.

    • oldleftylong

      Selah had a non-impressive interview. Bevell knocked it outa the park. So, the Lions will hire Marvin Lewis. Nothing makes sense with the Ford family. It is what it is. The curse of Bobby Layne.

  9. thebluemeanie

    Unfortunately, Saleh is off the table as the Jets just hired him.

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