Patriots Not Expected To Re-Sign Cam Newton

Cam Newton and the Patriots are expected to part ways after the season, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Sunday NFL Countdown this morning (h/t Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk). This jibes with a report from Mike Reiss of last month.

These rumors are hardly surprising. The 2020 season has mostly been a struggle for Newton and the Patriots, who will miss the playoffs for the first time since 2008. Newton has thrown for just five TDs against 10 interceptions, and his 78.9 quarterback rating is among the league’s worst.

The good news is that he has shown he can still be an effective runner, having rushed 126 times for 513 yards (good for a 4.1 YPC average) and 12 scores. Plus, he has managed to stay healthy this season after concerns about his injury history forced him to accept a below-market deal with the Pats in late June.

Newton’s trip to free agency last offseason was delayed because the Panthers waited to release him until they explored trade options, and COVID-19 protocols at the time did not permit interested teams to evaluate him for awhile. He will have a better chance at securing a favorable deal this offseason, but his poor passing performance will limit his market.

The former MVP would certainly have fared better with a more talented set of receivers surrounding him, but it would still be surprising to see a team sign him and give him a starting job outright. Instead, he will probably be brought aboard by a club that wants to have him compete for a starting role.

The Patriots, meanwhile, will still have Jarrett Stidham under contract in 2021, but they are likely to bring in an established veteran or use a high draft choice on a rookie passer.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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39 comments on “Patriots Not Expected To Re-Sign Cam Newton

  1. driftcat28

    Wonder who the Pats will bring in. I doubt they use the 1st round pick on a QB. I’m holding out hope for a Jimmy reunion. However wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a Wentz signing or possibly Stafford

    • justwhoami

      What reasonably do you all suggest it would take for NE to trade for Wentz? Would Philly need to throw in their 1st rd pick this year?

      The Pats are my least favorite team in the league, but I’m fascinated with how they’ve developed post Brady. I’m still shocked they didn’t sign Jameis. I still believe Big Bill can make him into a star.

      As for next year, I wouldn’t be surprised if they go safe like sign Fitz and draft QB in second round. Hell maybe they’ll trade for Minshew haha

      • golfernut

        Patriot haters, lol, be several changes and be right back there next year.

        • Appalachian_Outlaw

          Golfer, I doubt that. Admittedly I haven’t seen N.E. play this year, but their skill positions seem barren and they need a QB. That’s a lot of heavy lifting in a single offseason.

          I am a Patriot hater, though. But unless you’re a N.E. fan, aren’t we all? Lol

          • golfernut

            Non Patriot people, look up, see the 6 flags, and know, there is room for more.

            • louwhitakerisahofer

              Patriot people, look up, see the 6 flags, and know, your historic run is over. Time to rebuild, deal with it.

            • Black Ace57

              You know why you had 6 flags hanging up? Because you had the greatest QB of all time. These arrogant Patriots fans are going to learn the hard lessons the Spurs fans have been learning. This is a league you need a star QB to be a contender. It doesn’t matter if you have a HoF coach. Just like the Spurs can’t win without Leonard or Duncan the Pats won’t be relevant until they have a star QB.

      • I was shocked they didn’t get Jameis, too. He has ability, decent accuracy, and can air it out. He just makes really bad decisions sometimes but I assumed the Pats would think they could develop/coach that partially out of him. Guess not.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        I don’t see New England trading for Wentz, but if they were to I don’t think it’d take more than a 3rd rd pick from NE to get him. Arizona got a 2nd for Rosen, so I’m basing my guess off of that. Philly wouldn’t need to attach picks, no.

        • Wentz’s contract is enormous, he was bad this year, and the Eagles have no leverage. I doubt it would take more than a 4th.

      • kevin

        it would be stupid for philly to send a first .

        what will happen is Wentz will modify his contract so he can be traded . I have suggested pats as a landing as well but I also jets could be (more as a backup there) and I think lions maybe as a backup if stafford doesn’t retire. I think Redskins could be a landing spot as well as Indy . I see Wentz really wanting put so he will modify his contract to do so

      • Perksy

        I don’t think it would take much to trade for Wentz. Especially if you are taking some of the money off their hands.

    • bostonfan4life

      Wentz is completely trash. Why would you go from Newton to Wentz?

      • vtncsc

        Change of scenery could be good for him. I wouldn’t be surprised if NE attempts a trade for him.

        • I cannot imagine NE would want to take on Wentz’s contract. Belichick was just complaining recently about the Pats’ salary cap situation. Adding a salary bomb like Wentz is probably not what he wants to do.

  2. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    I feel about 75% sure that somebody will sign Cam next year… but who, how much and what his role will be? He might be at the “2nd string minimum salary and tutoring a rookie” phase of his career…

    • crosseyedlemon

      Newton doesn’t strike me as a guy who could be content to be a clipboard carrier much less a tutor for anyone. Then again I never thought he would end up with the Pats since his and Belichick’s personalities are like oil and water. In any event the teams forced to operate on a Walmart budget next season will probably keep him on their radar.

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        Completely agree about his competitive drive, but the choice may well not be his any more.

    • CursedRangers

      I can see the Cowboys signing him to be insurance in case Dak isn’t fully recovered.

  3. As bad as he’s looked, in his limited action, Stidham has not looked any better. They better bring in someone new because if they don’t, they’ll miss the playoffs again.

  4. bostonfan4life

    This is bull crap. Newton has no one to throw to.
    It’s not his fault.

    • Boston2AZ

      Have you seen how many passes he’s thrown into the ground this season? Better WRs wouldn’t have helped that. Unless they were really, really short WRs.

    • illowa

      cam’s arm has to be broken, he just doesn’t look the same anymore. after watching his throwing motion and comparing it to his early years, you can see that his arm isn’t the same.

  5. vtncsc

    I think it comes down to either Stafford, JimmyG or drafting a Qb in the first round. I’d like to see some movement into a higher pick if possible as well.

  6. hope15171

    Don’t see the Patriots bringing in a big money QB…. If Jimmy comes back it will be a reasonable deal. I prefer him over Wentz anyway. Oh and yes Cam is trash. So many mistakes this year

  7. emax

    My guess would be Rivers if he doesn’t retire or Winston, then draft another QB to groom.

    I’m a Niners fan but wife follows the Pats so I see a lot of their games as they’re 1pm starts. World out of San Fran is they are going to stick with Jimmy G.

    The Pats defense sits 15th in the NFL with a few starters opting out this season but only 2nd behind the Bills in the division.

    With a full squad, good draft and proper QB ru Ning the offense there’s no reason they won’t make it back to the playoffs next year, I’ll bet on the hoody.

  8. rusty.coqbern

    So you think he’d “certainly be better” with different receivers.. Okay, maybe that’s true, but that doesn’t take into consideration things like “He holds the ball too long”, “His reads on check-downs is not good”, “He short arms too many throws (and not because of good coverage)” and “His throwing mechanics still look off; slow windup and his release point seems sketchy (like he’s trying to force aim balls instead of playing with any real feel for the throws)”..

    He’s a decent QB but he’s not starting caliber (regardless of his rushing accolades.. And those rushes are slow; if he wasn’t as big as he is he’d not even be able to claim rushing as a solid on his resume).

    He’s a great guy, great teammate etc (as we were forced to hear every damn game, the PR on this was stupefying and so over the top! I just wanted to puke every time an analyst would start pumping his tires).

    BTW – People didn’t care much about his need to dress up (even in knickers when it looked like he showed up for Octoberfest in Germany), even though he thought so.. He’s the one who kept pointing it out for the most part (at least after the first 6 weeks of the season). We embraced it and rooted for him, he just wasn’t effective as a passer so I believe he was the one making it about how he dressed (and to dress up and create attention for yourself is really just narcissism anyway; you wanted attention and you got it Cam).

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