Rams To Have Open QB Competition In Training Camp

With each passing day, it becomes more and more clear how little confidence the Rams have in Jared Goff. Earlier this week, GM Les Snead said Goff “is a Ram at this moment” and that it’s “too early” to tell his future. In other words, the kiss of death in GM-speak.

Immediately after Los Angeles’ season ended with a playoff loss to Green Bay, Sean McVay said Goff was the quarterback “right now.” Now it appears that even if Goff manages to make it to training camp on the roster, he’s not guarantee the starting job. There will be an open competition for the job in Rams camp between Goff and John Wolford, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network is told (Twitter video link), and that’s if Goff isn’t traded first.

Rapsheet’s comments also seem to indicate there’s a good chance Goff is dealt this offseason, although it’s unclear who would want to take on his hefty contract. It’s a remarkable fall from grace for the former first overall pick, as just a couple of years ago Goff was thriving in McVay’s system and led the Rams to the Super Bowl. As Rapoport points out, Goff’s 45 wins since the 2017 season are second in the league behind only Tom Brady.

On the other hand if me manages to win the job, it would be a meteoric rise for Wolford. As of a month ago, he had never taken a regular season NFL snap. He then got the start in Week 17 after Goff hurt his thumb, and started the Rams’ wild card win over Seattle. He was quickly knocked out of that game though, and Goff (serving as the emergency quarterback) took over and got the win.

Goff’s NFC title run earned him a huge extension, one that Snead and McVay have now clearly come to regret. He’s signed through the 2024 season, although a team could very easily get out of it after the 2022 campaign, when cutting him would only have an $8.6MM dead cap hit per Spotrac.

This surely isn’t the last we’ve heard of the Rams’ quarterback situation. Snead and McVay have been very aggressive making moves during their time together (like with the trade for Jalen Ramsey), and it wouldn’t be at all surprising if they manage to pull off another splash despite limited resources.

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15 comments on “Rams To Have Open QB Competition In Training Camp

  1. Jcool90

    Carson Wentz or Watson come too mind. Wentz for Goff and some later picks each would prolly do.

    • fathead0507

      The picks would need to be on the Wentz side considering his horrendous play and contract..

    • adamsessler

      That might make sense if the NFL operated like the NBA; 2 teams swapping bad contracts… But that doesn’t work in the NFL. To trade Goff, LA would have to eat $22M+ of Goff’s contract, & then take on Wentz’s terrible contract. On the other side, PHI would have to eat $34M of Wentz’s contract, & then pay Goff his guaranteed money. Basically, each team would be taking a around a $50M hit to the salary cap next season on their QB position if they did the deal.

      • jkurk_22

        I’ve never understood this. It would make a lot more sense if when you traded a player their contract would become the other teams contract and thus taking that contract off of your cap. I really don’t understand how or why that works the way it does. Granted I’m a baseball fan first, so I don’t claim to have a full understanding of salary cap stuff, but still seems dumb

  2. Tatsumaki

    I could have told them signing him after his poor Super Bowl performance he was a bust. Literally half way through the season he started becoming what he is now, a pick machine. They still had another year to wait and would have been wise to do so. I don’t see anyone being interested in goff especially for that contract

  3. therook2525

    He reminds me of another Rams QB that started with promise and ended with a phantom sack against the 9ers back in th.e late 80’s. Mr Jim Everett had the same type of early success only to have it all come to a haunt.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Slightly difference situation because Everett was actually drafted 3rd overall by Houston who traded his rights to the Rams when they couldn’t sign Jim.

  4. Ron_Karate

    On Hard Knocks, Goff didn’t know which direction the sun comes up. Something tells me he has trouble making adjustments. Get rid of him.

  5. Cokeman1959

    They need to, Goff aint the the answer. And maybe McVay can have the team ready to bet somebody like the Jets next time. Rams window is closing.

    • seth3120

      I see the Rams window closing too and it lies solely at Goffs feet. He’s got one of the top defenses in the league and weapons to throw too but can’t even stop the turnovers much less score the points you’d expect. I just don’t see how they could replace him with much given the contracts they have tied up presently(in him and a few others). They may have to move one of their highly paid/highly productive players to free up some cap and bring back some draft choices to either flip for another QB or draft a QB to add to the competition. No team can win a Super Bowl with Goff.

  6. 122234MVPS

    Well, the football season is almost over with, and the sports media is going to need content to talk about! If true, I’d like to know where the soon MVP who can’t get along the coach in only the 2nd season which helped with the MVP would go? Also, it was a little dificult in year 1,but changing another coach and system is smart for him? I will say this… This off season and front office better be agressive in the draft, and agressive in the FA market, or he should consider bouncing! It pains me to even think that with being a die hard Rodgers/Packers fan here in Wisc!

  7. deano

    In football, there is no good reason to extend early. Too much can happen. Snead screwed this up and screwed up the Gurley contract too.

  8. halos2017

    If the Rams had any hope even as small as it could be with his contract then making all this public on how they view Goff is going to kill it.

  9. MileHighFan

    Goff isn’t worth the money, thus no one is going to touch that contract in a trade. Goff and the Rams can rework the contract such that the acquiring team basically gets Goff for the veteran minimum but that wouldn’t really help the Rams, as they’d still be on the hook for all the dead cap money.

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