Urban Meyer Wants $12MM+ To Coach In NFL?

Coaching searches around the league are only just getting started, and the only place where there’s a clear favorite right now is Jacksonville with Urban Meyer. By all accounts, the job appears to be his to lose if he wants it. But if the legendary college coach is going to make the jump to the NFL, he has a baseline amount of compensation he’s seeking.

Meyer is apparently asking for $12MM annually on any deal, a source told Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com. That might sound like a lot for a coach but as Florio points out, it’s not that out of sync with the current market. He writes that Matt Rhule got nearly $9MM annually from the Panthers despite being relatively unproven.

In a subsequent tweet discussing his piece, Florio said that Pete Carroll is believed to make over $15MM per year from the Seahawks, that the Saints’ Sean Payton is somewhere around there, and that Bill Belichick is believed to get over $20MM annually from the Patriots.

With the Jags clinching the first overall pick in the draft a couple weeks ago, that job obviously became a lot more attractive. Meyer has reportedly begun lining up a staff for a potential jump, and it now seems more likely than not to happen. Assuming Jaguars owner Shad Khan is willing to meet his financial demands, it wouldn’t be surprising if something came together quickly here.

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40 comments on “Urban Meyer Wants $12MM+ To Coach In NFL?

    • padam

      Typically not since they don’t count against the cap. May get wind of a coach’s salary because they use the media as a negotiating tool, etc.

    • Ak185

      Unless you work for Green Bay, which of course releases it’s records publically, your team would have to announce it for it to be confirmed.

  1. alabama1992

    The team better have good health insurance for when Meyer fakes another heart attack.

    • rocky7

      If its a “guaranteed” contract, and your turnaround for the team doesn’t work out, you’d pretty much be getting $12M/yr starting in year 3-4 for doing nothing as you’d probably be fired by then by Khan!

      • arty!

        Exactly. I have never heard of a HC not getting guaranteed contract; just the players! Coach for 2 years get canned, and go back to the studio so as not to void your contract.

        • seth3120

          I am also under the impression the deals are guaranteed. I’m shocked at how much they make but it’s a high stress and a very demanding position for sure

  2. rocky7

    If these coaching salaries are correct, then team owners who cry poverty are just lying through their teeth….geez, these guys supposedly made money through doing good business, but have their brains left their bodies paying this kind of money for future expectations that with exception usually doesn’t work out too well?

    • vtncsc

      Well, I’ll trust their judgement on how to be successful (dollar wise) since it’s obviously working for them.

    • Players salaries are limited by the cap, not by owners’ financial situation. Some teams would be happy to spend double the cap if allowed.

  3. Alexander Jones

    JESUS healed me, (amazing how a few million dollars can cure any “ailment”), eh Urban?

  4. DarkSide830

    i still doubt he even wants to coach. probably just hoping to be blown away by an offer.

      • Jerry Jones is always willing to open up his wallet and do something spectacularly stupid.

    • He can sign a mega deal for 5 years, do poorly, and get fired after year two and collect his money.

  5. atuck_sfg

    If Meyer goes to Jacksonville does that still make Trevor Lawrence a lock at number one overall? Justin Fields looked better even when hurt, plus he’s an Ohio state guy. Could change the look of the draft a little.

    • Technically correct

      Yes. Lawrence is a lock for #1.

      He is being hailed as a can’t miss prospect compared to the top of the top QB names. He will generate more positive PR and sales than anyone else, even if Fields or someone else ends up being better. Only a dramatic pre-draft injury to Lawrence will change this pick.

    • rocky7

      Ohio State QB’s…..name one that has been anything but a bust in the NFL….how’s Haskins… “the league done messed up” (recently from Washington) doing for you….
      Out of your mind to think Fields is going to break the mold and don’t care what he showed on the collegiate field….Ohio States football team is the cream of the crop….not too difficult to be successful there….see what he does when he’s not surrounded by the best in the college game.

      • atuck_sfg

        I never said Fields was the better player, all I said is he did play better in the Rose Bowl and Meyer has a connection to Ohio State. Yeah there has been lots of busts out of Ohio State, and same with Alabama and many more. There isn’t a single College that can say they produce elite qb’s every draft. Clemson could be the only college to produce 2 great qb’s within a 3 or 4 year period. But we won’t know that for another couple years.

        • Oklahoma might want a word with you. There’s three starting QB’s in the NFL from Oklahoma right now, including two Heisman winners.

          USC Trojans might have something to say but they’d have to include Mark Sanchez in the conversation. Ouch.

          • atuck_sfg

            You can’t seriously be considering Baker and Hurts elite qb’s lol, I’m not talking about who puts out the most qb’s into the nfl, I said elite qb’s. Shoot I’ll change it from elite to high end qb’s.

            • Paul5484

              So what team are you a scout for? How many games have you started in the NFL. Baker just took the Browns to the playoffs for the first time in a long time and Hurts is a rookie.

        • SheltonMatthews

          The only way Trevor Lawrence isn’t an elite QB is if the team he goes to is completely incompetent, thus making him look bad. That happens sometimes and it’s not a crazy thought when going to the Jaguars or Jets though. Lawrence has all the makings of an upper-elite NFL QB, and if he doesn’t go #1, the Jaguars should just move to Antarctica

  6. clemente3000

    $12 M a year for Someone who will make an excuse to leave to be with family for like he did in Gainesville (90 miles SW. of Jax). College coaching is not the same as NFL.

  7. MileHighFan

    The question is: Can Meyer coach? Oh sure he’s a good recruiter, but you don’t sit down with player’s moms on draft day.

  8. Simmons>Russ

    Dam BB getting over 20mil..
    I’d be saying bye bye to him if you’re not winning anymore

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