49ers To Take ‘Big Swing’ Or Stick With Jimmy Garoppolo?

We haven’t heard a ton about Jimmy Garoppolo since 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan last updated the media in late December. At the time, Shanahan said he believed Jimmy G would be his quarterback next year, but cautioned that “you can’t say anything with certainty.” 

Since then a lot of people have treated it as a foregone conclusion that San Francisco is looking to upgrade, but that’s not necessarily the case. The 49ers “still like” Garoppolo and “believe they can win with him,” Jeremy Fowler of ESPN was told, via Tyler Conway of Bleacher Report. Garoppolo is the presumed 2021 starter for now and Fowler reported that it would “take a big swing, like a Deshaun Watson effect here, to make that change.” In other words, it sounds like the 49ers are either going to make a big splash, or stick with Garoppolo for another year.

That would seemingly rule out any middle-tier veteran or available young guys like Carson Wentz, Sam Darnold, and that bunch. San Francisco reportedly sniffed around Matthew Stafford, but it doesn’t sound like they ever came close to wanting to fork over what the Rams ultimately did. Speaking of Watson, we had heard a couple of days ago from Fowler that the Texans quarterback was interested in playing for Shanahan, and he reiterated that Sunday.

While it sounds like Shanahan and GM John Lynch aren’t going to settle for an uninspiring trade or free agent signing, it’s interesting to wonder whether drafting a passer in the first-round could still be on their agenda as a “big swing.” The 49ers will pick 12th in April.
Fowler seems to think Garoppolo is in decent shape to keep his job, but as we all know a lot can happen between now and the draft.

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28 comments on “49ers To Take ‘Big Swing’ Or Stick With Jimmy Garoppolo?

  1. arty!

    9’ers will have another QB next season. After Jimmy gets hurt again, the BU will take snaps.

  2. letmeclearmythroat74

    I believe Jimmy G will be elsewhere next year and possibly not a starter. There are back ups in the league I think are as good or better. Dalton , Fitzpatrick , Brissett possibly Winston …. Wentz or Hurts … take you’re pick. Not picking on the guy but I just think he’s limited , his ceiling is low … you can’t honestly say then Jimmy G is going to compete with Mahomes, Brady , Wilson , Allen …. that’s what it takes to win the Super Bowl. He’s not going to do it. He’s not good enough.

    • arty!

      But we all have been told how brilliant Kyle is. There is no way he could whiff on a QB being a ‘whisper’er’ right? What was it, 5 starts & then $130m deal? Genius level right there.

      • jeff santos

        All Jimmy G had to do was make that throw to Emmanuel Sanders. Also Jimmy G threw an interception with his eyes closed.

    • sportsfan101

      You cannot put Wilson or allen in the same sentence as brady first off, second you also can’t with brees rodgers n mahomes. Doesn’t matter how good you are until you have at least one ring it legit truly doesn’t matter, it’s all about WINNING n neither of them have won it all.

      • Hawktattoo

        So 2014 Super Bowl win with Wilson as QB doesn’t count. Pretty sure 43-8 over Broncos was a win.

        • rondon

          One ring does not 7 make. No, Wilson is not in the same conversation with Brady.

          • Ak185

            Yes, he and others certainly are. If you think that Brady’s pure skill is light years ahead of those guys, you’re foolish. No other way to say it.

            Jesus, y’all. It’s a team sport. You need the best team in the end, not the best QB. That’s why Brady ended up with a ring and Rodgers ended up with an MVP. And don’t use the tired old “more rings” argument here because we’re talking about which QB is currently going to give the best performance to add to your team. Brady throwing to Pro Bowlers at every position possible is not the same as Rodgers throwing to one or Wilson throwing to two.

            If you want a QB upgrade, and you pick Brady, you’re going to have to do more for him than you are for the others. That’s why he’s not above the other QBs in terms of what they can do for you RIGHT NOW. God, this ring worship stuff is for bragging rights and fan arguments, not evaluating who is the best fit for a football team next season…if you’re picking between Brady, Rodgers, and Wilson for 2021, and you pick Brady, you’re going to get fewer years and a worse individual performance on a worse team than what he won the title with. But go ahead, because, you know, rings from before and all.

            • rondon

              Read the comments. The subject was counting Super Bowls. And by the way, I don’t think Brady ever had more than one all pro receiver, sometimes none, when he was in New England.

              • cka2nd

                Randy Moss and Wes Welker overlapped from 2007-2009. Welker and Gronkowski overlapped from from 2010-2012. And while Julian Edelman never made even a Pro bowl, he had three thousand-yard seasons and overlapped with Gronk as starters from 2013-2016 and 2018. And lets slide Brandin Cooks in there with Gron in 2017.

                Brady’s also benefited from having mostly excellent defenses, very good to excellent offensive lines, and, at least in his Super Bowl winning years, good rushing attacks for the most part.

      • You do realize Wilson won a Superbowl and was 1 play away from back to back championships. You clearly aren’t the smartest sports fan.

  3. azcrook

    Jimmy G stays for another year……upgrade his backups……Rosen is not the answer…..don’t upset the team chemistry or team future drafts by jumping on Watson…….one big step forwards would cause numerous backward steps…
    It is a touchy situation…….

    • If they do, they’re fools.

      How many times does this need to be brought up?

      2017-2020 seasons, 49ers record:

      With Garoppolo – 22-8
      Without Garoppolo – 7-27

      Injuries are a concern, yes, but no one should be hoping they bring him back.

      • Chief Two Hands

        That is one way to look at it. Another is that the 49ers are 29-35 during that span with Garappolo on the roster. His inability to remain healthy is precisely why other teams should be happy if he remains the starting QB in SF, which is likely to be the case, based on everything the organization has said. There is no reason to assume the guy is suddenly going to remain healthy.

        • Ak185

          I get that he has health issues, but penalizing him for their record without Garrappolo also doesn’t make sense. It would more sense to draft somebody than acquire someone else because you can retain Garrappolo until you’re sure the new player will work, and you get to keep your draft picks. They have something decent right now, there’s no need to throw it all away when they have the option to play it safe until the upgrade is apparent.

  4. I can’t see them Trading away a ton of Picks for a QB, when we have so many FAs that either have to be Resigned or Replaced. Unless it’s Watson, a Generational QB, the others Mentioned are NOT worth Losing a Ton of Picks for, Especially when we do NOT have a Ton of Cap Space Available.

    • bravesfan88

      The 49ers definitely need to get a handle on their Cap Space and free agents dilemma, but you REALLY need to get a handle on your CAPS LOCK dilemma!! Lol

  5. crosseyedlemon

    The 49ers problem isn’t Jimmy G as much as a lack of offensive leadership. They really miss Joe Staley.

  6. DonOsbourne

    I think the league-wide quest for a new quarterback is media driven. The Niners are only one year removed from playing in a Super Bowl with Jimmy G under center. He is not elite, but he is competent, as his record indicates. To me, the beauty of the Shannahan system is its ability to adapt to the strengths of its players. A lot of otherwise pedestrian QB’s have had success in this system. SF should abide that and look for low cost upgrades. Rosen may not be the answer, but the idea was sound. They should be able to get the most out of QB’s other teams fail to develop. Going all in on Watson is a waste of resources.

  7. Jimmy G is the worst QB in that division currently. And its not even a close call…

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