Extra Points: Hogan, Buccaneers, Steelers

Veteran NFL receiver Chris Hogan is getting tweeted about by Adam Schefter of ESPN.com, but not because he just signed with a new team. In a twist of news we didn’t see coming, Hogan has filed for the Premier Lacrosse League draft in March. Hogan mostly played lacrosse in college, as you’re probably aware if you watched any broadcast of a game he played in during his heyday with the Patriots. Hogan was an incredible story, as he only played one season of college football at Monmouth after transferring from Penn State where he played lacrosse.

He latched on with the Bills after a couple years of practice squad shuffling, and became a well-known name during his run with New England from 2016-18. In those three years he was often Tom Brady‘s top deep threat, and he was a large part of two Super Bowl winning teams. He signed with the Panthers in 2019, but injuries limited him to eight catches in seven games. He was with the Jets for the first five games of their disastrous 2020 season, catching 14 balls for 118 yards before landing on injured reserve and later getting cut. Now he’s attempting to get back to his first sport at the age of 33. It’s unclear if he’ll actually be drafted or not, but all of us here at PFR wish him the best.

Here’s more from the football universe:

  • We’ve already heard that 68-year-old Bruce Arians won’t be riding off into the sunset after the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl win, so why would his 82-year-old offensive consultant Tom Moore? Moore apparently isn’t planning on calling it quits anytime soon, as he told Guy Limbeck of the Rochester Post Bulletin that “I want to coach until physically or mentally I can’t or until I die. He added “because there is absolutely nothing about working that turns me off. So I want to coach as long as I can, I want to coach as long as someone will hire me and that I can do the job that I’m supposed to do.” Moore never made it to head coach but had multiple runs as an OC in the NFL, most recently coordinating the Colts’ offense from 1998-2008. He was Arians’ assistant head coach with the Cardinals from 2013-17.
  • The Steelers recently had two players retire, long-time Center Maurkice Pouncey and tight end Vance McDonald. Although both walked away from the game without Pittsburgh cutting them, the Steelers are still taking a financial hit. Those two retirements will result in $9MM in dead cap for Pittsburgh, Mark Kaboly of The Athletic tweets. The Steelers aren’t in the best cap situation, which helps explain why Ben Roethlisberger is going to have to restructure his contract if he wants to return for another season.
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7 comments on “Extra Points: Hogan, Buccaneers, Steelers

  1. arty!

    Why wouldn’t those Steelers ‘re-do’ their contracts like Brees did to lower the salary cap hit?

    An honest question, if 1 player can sign a ‘new contract’ to help with salary cap prior to retiring, then why not all players do that?

    • fredziffel78

      Wondered about that myself. However, I’m also tired of team management/ownership continually “kicking the (salary) can” down the road year after year after year. While I appreciate the results to-date, the day of reckoning was going to arrive eventually. This is it.

      • arty!

        Man, don’t believe that non-sense. Saints have been ‘kicking the can down the road’ on Brees ever since they won the SB about 7-8 years ago. Where’s the end of the line? Same for the Cowboys and Rams are famous for this as well.

        If we could ever have 1 consistency from Goodell’s NFL, it would be the first.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolled

      To be fair, I can’t recall a year when Ben and the Steelers have NOT redone his deal.

      After all of that, it would probably be wrong to frame him with a crime in order to cancel the rest of his contract and cap hit, even though that would be the best thing salary cap wise.

      *Actually, I don’t know that for sure…

      Did Aaron Hernandez’s (to use an easy example) cap hit come off of New England’s books immediately after his arrest?

      • arty!

        ‘Did Aaron Hernandez’s (to use an easy example) cap hit come off of New England’s books immediately after his arrest?’Great question.

        Did the Gmen clear their books off that dumped CB? 1 year into his contract before moving on. Plenty of other players in legal trouble. Do their numbers come off the ‘cap’ if arrested?

        • cka2nd

          According to OTC, the Patriots paid $10.05 million in dead money on Hernandez’s contract, but Spotrac doesn’t confirm that.

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