Jadeveon Clowney Open To Re-Signing With Titans

Jadeveon Clowney‘s stop in Tennessee may last beyond the 2020 season. A source told Terry McCormick of TitanInsider.com that the pass rusher is “definitely open” to returning to the Titans next season. The 27-year-old is still expected to test free agency this offseason, but “the Titans apparently remain an option to re-sign him.”

After sitting unsigned for months, Clowney eventually joined the Titans on a one-year, $12MM deal last offseason. The former first-overall pick failed to collect a sack in any of his eight regular season games, and he ultimately finished the season having compiled 19 tackles, one forced fumble, and six quarterback hits. A left meniscus injury (and subsequent surgery) ultimately knocked Clowney out for the season.

Of course, Clowney isn’t far removed from his stretch of three-straight Pro Bowl appearances. From 2016 through 2018, the former Texans standout averaged 8.2 sacks and two forced fumbles per season. Clowney has only appeared in 16 games once throughout his career, although that injury risk will surely depress his value in free agency.

As McCormick notes, a reunion would make sense for the Titans. The team lacks depth at outside linebacker, and they finished with the third-fewest sacks in the league last season. Plus, Clowney has a relationship with head coach Mike Vrabel that dates back to their time in Houston.

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25 comments on “Jadeveon Clowney Open To Re-Signing With Titans

  1. qbert1996

    Just found out Clowney’s nickname is “Doo-Doo” just like his play.

    • Ak185

      It’s fair to say that he’s not good at sacking the passer. It’s just wrong to say that he is not a good football player.

      • tank62

        Clowney has been a bust. 1 overall and a ton of money for just a guy. He’s not bad but he sure isn’t good

        • I give no fox

          It’s pretty bold to call a 7 year veteran and 3 time pro bowler a bust.

          • LouGrozasToe

            Pro Bowl? After the injuries, drop-outs and various roster goofiness, getting an invite isn’t all that big of deal (unless they get that fat contract bonus).

            • I give no fox

              If his 3 pro bowl appearances, how many of them were a result of him being added to the roster after the fact?

  2. yourslacker

    He was only good with the Texans when Watt was on the other side. Good luck Titans if you get him again.

    • Simmons>Russ

      100%, easy to get some sacks when you have a 3 time defensive player of the year getting double teams constantly.

      I think Clowney is a good defender and adds pressure but he’s not worth the top money.
      For example I think he would be smart to take less money and play for a better with good defenders around him. Browns, Ravens, Seahawks, possibly even the Raiders could all be good fits outside of the Titans.

        • Simmons>Russ

          Think you’ll find they had 2015 and 2018 together. 2018 both players made pro bowl together.. Plus besides Watt they had some great defenders over the years while Clowney was there.
          I’m just saying I think he’s a good defender just not a huge sack machine like you want from a top tier edge rusher. Hence why I would have him on a team with a good defence where he can be effective and the team be reasonably successful.

          • Ak185

            I agree with you that he is not good at sacking the passer. He does get pressure though, which makes it all the more strange that he struggles so much at collecting sacks.

            And yes, he and Watt played together several times in separate seasons, but never did they play a full season of games together. And Clowney was definitely the second best defender on those teams. SBNation did a really in depth game film analysis of the 2018 Texans defense, and it was just impressive what Watt and Clowney were doing to O-lines that year. It’s truly a shame that the Texans barely got them both on the field together. They certainly would have pulled a few more out in those years.

  3. Of course he’s open to re-signing with them. He’s ‘open’ to anyone who would willingly offer him money. He’d go to Jacksonville or Detroit if they offered him $12 million.

  4. letmeclearmythroat74

    So overrated … his best years were with Watt drawing most of the attention. He’s decent and probably a worthy starter … there are better underrated guys … Carl Lawson for starters … that are more impactful.

    • letmeclearmythroat74

      Lawson had 5.5 sacks 3 FF on a bad Bengal defense … with no stud across from him drawing attention. Put JJ Watt across from him and that would have been 10

  5. MileHighFan

    His play has declined four years in a row. At this rate he’ll play in about six games and you won’t be able to differentiate him from a 7th round pick.

  6. jay13

    Anyone who gets tricked into giving Clowney over 6 million a year needs their head examined. Titans would be wise to look elsewhere for a pass rush. Go after Ngakoue or I think a nice change of scenery guy would be Dawuane Smoot.

  7. Dwindy1

    Who ever “lands” Clowney better figure on a half season player… Then he gets hurt…

    • illowa

      i was thinking he was going to waste a quarter of the season before signing and then gets “injured.”

  8. TradeBait

    Big pass. Flailing his arms around and running outside his contain and gap responsibilities is bad football, especially for somebody they pay $12 mill a year to for a handful of games. Some folks should actually watch what he does instead of looking at stats that were accomplished with JJ Watt on the same D-line.

  9. dalton2green22

    Does anyone agree that this guy was a stud for a couple years because JJ Watt was double and triple teamed?

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