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While Aaron Jones will set the market for running backs this offseason, another major member of the Packers backfield will also be entering free agency. As Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal writes, running back Jamaal Williams “never received an in-season offer from the Packers” and is set to hit free agency. Wilde also reports that Williams recently changed representation, hiring agent Bardia Ghahremani.

The 25-year-old running back has had a consistent role in the Packers offense since entering the league in 2017. This included a 2020 campaign where he ran for 505 yards and two touchdowns on 119 carries while adding 31 receptions for 236 yards and one score. He compiled another 110 yards from scrimmage in the playoffs.

Perhaps most importantly, Williams has also served as Aaron Rodgers‘ top blocking running back, with the quarterback praising the production of the fourth-year pro.

“Obviously I’m a big Jamaal Williams fan, not just his play but his energy and the person he is,” Rodgers said (via Wilde). “He’s a do-it-all guy. He’s a slasher, he hits the hole, he’s also great out of the backfield, he’s got really good feet.”

The Packers have leaned heavily on the Jones/Williams tandem in recent years, but the team could be forced to look for cheaper alternatives to fill out their depth chart. In the event that both running backs end up leaving for big-money deals, Green Bay would likely give the reigns to 2020 second-rounder AJ Dillon.

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20 comments on “Latest On Packers RB Jamaal Williams

  1. ron swanson

    Williams should be affordable for the Packers to bring back. Jones they have to let walk.

  2. viercjm

    I would love to see Williams back. Jones I think will get an offer GB can’t match, but I really hope Williams is able to come back. Dillon, Williams, and a draft pick could fill out the backfield just fine.

    • gcg27

      Imagine if Green Bay woulda drafted a running back like my Ravens last year instead of wasted by draft picks like or they did trading up to draft Love.. I would see if they could trade Love if they extended Rodgers and draft their future QB down the road again admit their mistake.. Love on the bench does no one any good. If they still believe he is so good then trade Rodgers for a haul but you better be right or your job is gone.. live and die by your choices

      • Bjoe

        Extend Rodgers, trade Love, draft another QB, then trade Rodgers for a “haul.” You can’t be serious….

        • brewpackbuckbadg

          Trade Love or trade Rodgers for a “haul.” is what he is saying, not both. I disagree. Keep both for now.

      • colonel flagg

        Gcg27 – Packers did draft a running back last year. They took Dillon in round 2.

      • bdpecore

        Love hasn’t even played a single down yet and people are already calling him a bust/wasted pick. Rodgers never set foot on the field until year 3. No need to jump the gun on a young QB before you’ve had a chance to see him play.

  3. dray16

    GB would be silly to overpay for Jones, but losing Williams would kill. he brings a lot more to the table than just being a RB, huge leader, love watching him on special teams too

    • Ak185

      Thing is, Williams is a very average back outside of pass protection. I agree that his locker room value is more important than realized, but they shouldn’t pay too much for him when they have more pressing needs (needs that they failed to address in the draft last year-and not just at receiver).

  4. Technically correct

    Williams got hosed by that brutal Bears Vikings stretch when Jones was suspended. Jones seized control after that, so I’m not sure we really know what Williams is capable of. Rodgers trusts him though, so considering how spiteful he can be, that probably says a lot.

  5. stubby66

    I would like to see one of them come back but if not you have to resign Linsley at center and I think the coaching staff is very confident in the Dillon/ Williams (other one) combo.

  6. stubby66

    I also wonder if Packers could get creative and franchise tag Jones and trade him for a first round pick or second round pick and starting right tackle

    • jessethegreat

      I like Jones a lot and he’s a really good rb in LaFleur’s system, but there is almost no chance another team would give up a first round pick for a 5th year running back.

      Though he’s proven himself in the league and will receive a handsome payday, NFL teams are going to value the rookie contract of an Etienne (likely first round rb pick) more than the upgrade Jones provides now. They’d be better off drafting the first round caliber rb and spending the $8-10 million / year difference in their contracts on an additional roster upgrade.

    • gcg27

      No one is trading a first rounder for a running back and pay him top 5 running back money in a reduced salary cap due to pandemic.. Even if that wasn’t the case you don’t pay that for a running back and give up draft choices to do so…running backs have limited shelf life and draft is best way to go to get one.. look at Ravens last year in second round. (DOBBINS)

    • crosseyedlemon

      So you would have put RBs like Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders and Adrian Peterson on waivers after 3 years. Sounds brilliant!

      • Technically correct

        The game has fundamentally changed since all those guys were the superstars. But no one is arguing that they aren’t talented, just that the economics of the league pretty much require you to invest in different positions to have a greater chance of competing.

      • arty!

        Not sure about Jim Brown; but between Payton, Sanders, & AP, they have a combine 1 ring. That’s covering the league from the 80’s till now.

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