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Jalen Ramsey, Marlon Humphrey and Tre’Davious White signed extensions last year to move a long-stagnant cornerback market. This will undoubtedly affect the Patriots, who employ the only active cornerback to earn Defensive Player of the Year acclaim.

The Patriots discussed Stephon Gilmore in trades last year, doing so around draft time and before the trade deadline, but held onto him. The Pats sought a first-round pick for their standout corner, but Jeff Howe of The Athletic notes no one offered such compensation (subscription required) and a trade never became a realistic possibility.

Gilmore is heading into the final year of his deal. While the Patriots gave him a substantial pay raise for last season, the 30-year-old defender is due just a $7MM base salary in 2021. A 2019 restructure also elevated Gilmore’s 2021 cap charge to $16.3MM. Gilmore and the Patriots are expected to discuss his contract soon, Howe adds. While the Pats have more cap space (nearly $63MM) than almost every other team, they also have young corners who have played well and have never been shy about dealing high-profile talent under Bill Belichick.

After a five-year Bills run, Gilmore signed a five-year Patriots deal worth $65MM in 2017. He became the top cover man on two Super Bowl teams and claimed the Defensive Player of the Year award after a dominant 2019 campaign. The former first-round pick missed time last season due to a COVID-19 contraction and a season-ending injury. His coverage numbers slipped a bit from 2019, and Pro Football Focus slotted him 61st among corners last season. Ramsey, Humphrey and White all secured extensions worth north of $17MM per season, changing a market that had been stuck for several years.

Gilmore would still fetch the Pats something of value, were they to trade him. A second-round pick seems like the best realistic haul, per Howe. The upcoming talks between Gilmore and the Patriots will be interesting, given the team’s reliance on its defense after its offense’s significant decline over the past two years.

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17 comments on “Latest On Patriots, Stephon Gilmore

  1. arty!

    He’ll always have that pick of Goff in the SB! Won it right there. Good luck to the guy & hope he continues being successful wherever he winds up.

  2. Thronson5

    49ers should trade a 2nd rd pick for him. Use the first rd pick on OL, sign Alex Mack and bring back Mosley, K. Williams, T. Williams, Juice & KB and they’ll be ready for another run. Gotta cut Richburg & restructure Jimmy also

  3. driftcat28

    I’d hate to see Gilly go, but a trade for Jimmy G straight up would make sense

    • CoachWe

      I already posted, but I agree with you. Pats could also offer to swap #1’s with Raiders to get it done, taking #17 from Raiders.

    • Thronson5

      Actually would make sense, if they were going to go hard after Watson or draft a QB in the first. Not sure they are going that route though.

      • Thronson5

        Lol! Guy is injury prone. That was my only worry about signing him after we traded for him. He got injured after one and half games in NE when Brady was suspended and has been injuries quiet a bit since joining SF. Think it’s a mixture of his style of play and poor o line play but regardless he’s been hurt a lot

  4. CoachWe

    Carr straight up. It was reported that the Raiders want to dump DC and his 20 mill/year contract. Pats get their QB, while the Raiders get a top CB for only 7 mill. The Pats could also offer to swap draft spots in round 1. Raiders get #15 & Pats get #17.

    • DonOsbourne

      I’m not sure that is a good deal for the Raiders. The article states that Gilmore is owed only 7 million in 2021, but I believe that is 7 million in actual cash. That article also states that he carries a 16.3 million cap hit in 2021. I’m not a cap guru but I assume that cap figure would travel. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense for the Pats to trade him. They would be carrying a 9 million cap hit for him to play for someone else for 7 mil. Also, Carr’s contract is not unreasonable by starting QB standards. The Raiders would be hard pressed to replace him on the open market for less unless they plan to draft a QB and that would carry its own cost. Mariota might be cheaper this year and MIGHT be equally effective, but you would have to pay him eventually.

      • antonioswancy

        Raiders are not trading Carr. Everyone who actually follows the team confirmed it. His value is too high to the Raiders. In market, he is worth 2 1s, for Raiders they wouldn’t budge for at least 3 1s or a clear path to Watson. This lie of Carr has gone on for 3 years and needs to die. His cost is too high for another team so he js most likely staying unless someone wants to pay. Mariota is the only QB available. Period.

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