Latest On Ravens OL Orlando Brown Jr.

Orlando Brown Jr. has established himself as one of the most versatile offensive tackles in the entire league, but the Ravens lineman is making it clear that he only wants to play one position. Per Michael David Smith of, Brown Jr. recently took to Twitter to declare “I’m a LEFT tackle.”

Brown clarified that his father, former NFL player Orlando Brown, always wanted his son to be a left tackle in the NFL. Brown Jr. had a chance to play some of the position in 2020, but he’s traditionally played on the right side. Considering incumbent Ravens left tackle Ronnie Stanley should be fully healthy next season, Brown Jr. seemed to insinuate that he may have to move on in order to achieve his father’s dream.

“It’s never been about the money,” Brown wrote. “I’m so appreciative for this organization and all my teammates. I couldn’t thank [GM Eric] DeCosta enough, he’s a incredible football mind and one the best men I know. I want to live out the dream my dad had for me.”

The 2018 third-round pick has spent his entire career in Baltimore, starting 42 of his 48 games. He earned a Pro Bowl appearance as a right tackle in 2019, and he garnered another nod in 2020 while splitting time between left and right tackle. His versatility was required following an injury to Stanley, but the organization recently gave the fellow lineman a hefty five-year, $98.75MM contract. There’s little chance the front office moves on from Stanley following that kind of commitment, meaning Brown Jr. likely won’t have an opportunity to play left tackle in Baltimore.

If Brown Jr. heavily values the position he plays, that could be very relevant when the lineman hits free agency following the 2021 season. The Ravens could look to move on from the 24-year-old if they believe he’s a flight risk, and they also might not want to deal with a disgruntled player as they make another push toward a championship next season.

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31 comments on “Latest On Ravens OL Orlando Brown Jr.

  1. Lou Evil Slugger

    “…if they believe he’s a flight risk,…”

    So he’s a criminal now?

    • jimmyduz0523

      Criminal… im trying to find that word in the article. Where does it say that they think he’s a “criminal” Idk… maybe just Evil people just come up with stupid things to say.

      • Lou Evil Slugger

        Reading way too much into it there douche. Flight risk is generally used in a court room setting, not about football players and contracts. Entertaining choice of words by the writer.

        • camdog23

          If you’re implying the author is using it with racial connotations you’re an idiot.

          • Lou Evil Slugger

            Oh Good God! No I’m not implying that at all! Where the Hell did you get that?!

            • westcoastsportsfan

              “Flight risk” in this case is referring to the possibility of Brown Jr moving on from the Ravens, meaning due to the situation being what it is, the Ravens may attempt to trade him and receive some form of compensation for the loss of his services rather than letting him walk away for free

            • bostonbob

              Lou, people are stupid. Listen up idiots, nothing racial here. Just the writer using a play on words. Lighten up.

    • Patrick N.

      …I honestly can’t understand the thinking behind this comment. He obviously meant they might trade him away in order to get some value they can use now instead of having a disgruntled player they can’t afford to kee

  2. J leathal86

    Dang it this sucks between him and Stanley we have a beast set of tackles we better get something good back for him draft picks or players

  3. bumpy93

    I think the reason he’s coming out and doing this right now is because his rookie contract ends after the 2021 season. he just saw his tackle mate Ronnie Stanley get a million dollars this past year, and right tackles don’t make anywhere near what the top end left tackles make so I truly just believe this is all about money for his next contract if they Ravens paid him left tackle money, I would be willing to guarantee that he would not have a problem playing right tackle

  4. dan55

    Tom Telesco better call the Ravens. I don’t want to see Herbert ruined by our horrible o-line.

    • Patrick N.

      Not a Chargers fan but I agree. Herbert is a baller and I’d hate to see his career cut short because of the Chargers historical disregard for offensive line.

  5. Simmons>Russ

    Swap him for a pro bowl level or close WR.

    Robert Woods, Julio Jones possibly, Odell Beckham or even Deebo Samuel maybe

    • Patrick N.

      No way you’d get OBJ. Cleveland already has two good tackles. Conklin played at a career best level and Wills was a 10th overall pick and showed he can hang. Julio also unlikely due to how much the Falcons would have in dead cap if they got rid of Matthews. Robert Woods maybe, if Whitworth retires. Deebo is also j likely due to T. Williams returning to form.

      You basically listed teams that have solid tackle situations all around…

      • Simmons>Russ

        Yeah browns don’t make sense but I think Julio could be an option. You could either move Mathews or trade him. Brown would be a huge upgrade to the line and with them most likely taking a QB and with a new head coach that use to teach linemen it would make a lot of sense. Plus imagine Lamar Dobbins Julio Hollywood and Andrews.

        I think Whitworth is heavily considering retirement in which case Brown would be a great addition. Lastly for Deebo I couldn’t see it happening either but I thought I’d Trent Williams leaves and they prioritise the line it could be an option

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