Marty Schottenheimer Passes Away At 77

Longtime NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer passed away at the age of 77, as’s Chris Mortensen tweets. Schottenheimer, who spent 21 years in the league, has been battling Alzheimer’s for the past six years.

Schottenheimer served as a head coach for the Browns, Chiefs, Chargers, and the Washington Football Team. All together, he compiled a regular season record of 200-126-1. Running back LaDainian Tomlinson, who spent five years under Schottenheimer in San Diego, praised Schottenheimer as the best head coach he ever had.

I never went into a game with Marty as coach feeling like I wasn’t fully prepared to win,” Tomlinson said (via “He really wanted you to understand every detail of the game plan..I will remember him more for the life lessons that he taught me.”

Schottenheimer last coached in 2006, leading the Chargers to a 14-2 regular season record. Though his teams never reached the Super Bowl, he was a highly-respected football mind and mentor throughout his career. His coaching tree spawned the likes of Tony Dungy, Bill Cowher, Mike McCarthy, and Bruce Arians, who is fresh off of a dominant championship victory. Meanwhile, his son, Brian Schottenheimer, has been coaching in the league for more than two decades. Just last week, Brian signed on for his latest position with the Jaguars’ staff.

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20 comments on “Marty Schottenheimer Passes Away At 77

  1. blackbeard

    No condolences, ZL? You’re showing a pattern of only expressing sympathy when players pass away.
    Also, Marty never coached The Football Team. If you don’t want to state the name of the team at the time he coached it, then you should omit it without changing it. Did Earl Campbell play for the Titans?

    • I Beg To Differ

      Yeah, a little classless to dishonor a dead man like that and not properly highlight his accolades. He coached the Washington Redskins in 2001, not the Washington Football Team. How about not playing revisionist history.

      He also coached the since disbanded Virginia Destroyers of the UFL and started his coaching career as part of the Portland Storm back in the WFL.

      • crshbng

        Im glad we have people like you to correct all the issues of the world. After all, im sure your both perfect.

        • I Beg To Differ

          I never nor anyone here claimed to be perfect

          What I claimed is its disrespectful to a man who recently passed away not to properly highlight his accomplishments and contributions to the NFL.

          He coached the Washington Redskins when they were still the Redskins.

          Its ok. Youll survive if we call them the Washington Redskins just this once alright?

      • GoChargers

        Not putting in any sort of condolences is one thing but there’s nothing classless about saying Washington Football Team. Do you really think that the Houston Oilers becoming the Tennessee Titans is the same thing as Washington? Completely comparable team situations? Earl Campbell played in Houston. Marty coached in Washington.

        • I Beg To Differ

          They listed the teams he coached for

          “Browns, Chiefs, Chargers, and the Washington Football Team”

          If you want to say Cleveland, Kansas City, San Diego (at the time), and Washington then fine do so.

          But if you’re going to list team names he coached……. List them properly. He coached when they were still the Redskins. Not the Football Team.

          Give the man the respect he deserves and properly list his accomplishments and achievements. Not some “my truth” bs.

    • Sheep8

      Why are people so angry all the time! Can we just read something without taking an opinion on it especially when no opinion is needed! It’s a quick blurb about someone dying! #JeepSpringsteen

  2. arty!

    Great coach and teams. I always enjoyed watching his boys play. Stout running game and equally as good D’s.

  3. Amazing coach. One of the greats of the 80s-00s. Had the worst luck in the playoffs, too. Wish he would have won a ring.

  4. Tatsumaki

    Still remember that jets just playoff in 04’.
    Still one of the greatest coaches to not win a ring. Rip Marty

  5. MileHighFan

    Schottenheimer sure could coach them up. A true standout. What a shame he had such a bad owner in DC, as he could have turned that franchise around.

  6. rondon

    I lost my dad to that horrible disease. It’s a terrible way to go, not just for the one who has it, but the entire family. Rest In Peace, Marty.

  7. dan55

    That’s sad. He was truly an amazing coach. It sucks that Marlon Mccree cost him a ring.

  8. nutznboltz

    Marty lived out here in the desert. The year before he became the coach of the Chargers, he spotted my son who was very young pumping the gas for my wife. He walked over to him and asked him if he liked football to which my son replied yes. He then went to his Cadillac and brought back a team picture of the KC Chiefs. When my son brought it home, I asked him if the man who gave it to him was in the picture. He pointed to Marty and I told him that was the head coach. Years later my son and his twin brother got to know him, because he would play golf at the course that they worked at quite often. They say he was a great guy. RIP

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