Patriots Calling On Every QB, Newton Wants To Return

The quarterback carousel has already seen some crazy shuffling, and we’re only just getting started on this offseason. There are plenty of teams out there still looking to make a move, including the Patriots.

New England was a big disappointment on offense last year, and it sounds like Bill Belichick is leaving no stone unturned as he pursues possible upgrades at the game’s most important position. To that end, the Pats “have had conversations regarding every potential trade target in the league,” sources told Jeff Howe of The Athletic. We know they were briefly involved in Matthew Stafford talks, and this would seem to indicate they’ve at least called about guys like Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz, Sam Darnold, and potentially others such as Marcus Mariota, Jimmy Garoppolo, or even Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson.

Howe writes bluntly that “if a quarterback has been perceived to be available, the Patriots have picked up the phone.” Howe thinks Belichick is taking a purposefully patient approach to avoid overpaying and to see if the asking price on a veteran he’s interested in goes down once the market starts to dry up.

As for the incumbent starter, impending free agent Cam Newton, Howe writes that the team hasn’t “ruled out” bringing him back for another year. For his part, it sounds like the former MVP would love to return.

On a recent episode of the ‘I Am Athlete’ podcast, Newton said “hell yes” when asked if he would go back to New England, via Doug Kyed of NESN (Twitter link). Newton says he’s “getting tired of changing” and is at a point in his career where he wants continuity. He emphasized that he already knows a lot more about the system than he did last year, and that all the receivers are now more comfortable with him.

When he was asked if there was a chance of him playing for the Pats in 2021, he said “there’s always a chance for everything,” but said “I can’t say that” when asked if he had been talking with the franchise.

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24 comments on “Patriots Calling On Every QB, Newton Wants To Return

  1. Wade Herbers

    Of coarse Newton wants to return….He wants ANYONE to sign him…….But he’s done , finished , washed up.
    Veterans min is the only way I’d sign him.

      • Connorsoxfan

        Good locker room guy. Love him. Don’t want him starting. He doesn’t have Taysom Hill utility value either but I’d give him the Jacoby Brissett Indy treatment to get him a few snaps here and there if he wants to come back.

  2. bradthebluefish

    Newton can’t throw and I’m scared to watch him run around given his age and injury history.

  3. forwhomjoshbelltolled

    If the Panthers upgrade, I could see the Pats getting Bridgewater.

    • I Beg To Differ

      Not a bad idea

      Houston sends Watson to Carolina and sends Bridgewater and Cooks to NE

      Clear cap space, hoard draft picks, and build up draft capital for the next half decade through trades.

    • letmeclearmythroat74

      Not sure I understand why Andy Dalton is getting left out of these conversations. I’d consider Dalton over Jimmy G, Cam, Bridgewater ,Mariota and maybe Ryan. I’m not saying he’s great but he’s a good passer and game manager. Went to the playoffs several years … if it wasn’t for bonehead thugs on defense getting flags left and right … AD couldn’t control that …

  4. CoachWe

    This article is excellent, and shows that BB will most likely NOT draft a QB. The retail media refuses to do their homework, or even look at Cap/Option requirements in NFL. BB rarely takes a RB or QB in round 1. Outside of perhaps Lawrence, he won’t pay a QB prospect (i.e. Lance or Jones) 25 mill in yr 5 (option year). I wouldn’t either. Instead, he will trade or use FA to find his QB & WR. He had ZERO money last year so he couldn’t do anything, but now he is flush with Cap money $60 mill, and perhaps $80 mill after he releases Cannon and trades Gilmore.

    Draft: I think BB will trade down multiple times to get out of 1st round & collect needed picks to rebuild his roster. He needs all those extra 2nd, 3rd & 4th round picks badly bc the roster is so depleted.

    • Brownsbacker9

      Well BB did have Brady for 20 years so no reason to take a QB in round 1 but he did draft Sonny Michel in round 1

      • Technically correct

        For context, there have been 17 RBs drafted in the 1st round during the past 11 years. The Giants (Saquon Barkley and David Wilson) and Chargers (Melvin Gordon and Ryan Matthews) are the only teams ahead of Patriots (Sony Michel).

    • PatsFanBiff

      Why do people say Bill doesn’t draft QBs in the 1st? Have you not watched/followed football the last 2 decades?

  5. KCJ

    For the record, I’d also like to play QB for the Patriots next year. I would be absolutely horrible, but I wouldn’t be all that much worse than Cam Newton…and no one would have to look at those ridiculous “outfits” in the postgame interviews!

    • locotrouble

      Haha, I guess your mommy and daddy lied to you and said you could play football too right… Cam is a pro football player and you’re not for a reason. Do us a HUGE favor don’t quit your day job!!!

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Hard to upgrade at QB when your not interested in paying the market value prices. Maybe BB should try to lure Eli Manning out of retirement.

  7. mrshyguy99

    Have they try to get a old friend back colts do have pats old Qb as their back up . He was pretty decent when he played

  8. MileHighFan

    If Belichick could get 7-9 out of Newton he can probably get 7-9 out of half the backups in the league. Blake Bortles or Mike Glennon should wait by the phone.

  9. jay13

    Belicheck will not take a QB unless it is in “his value” range. Cam Newton is Plan Q for Bill.

  10. tommytbom

    Hey Mr Kraft, Where’s TB12 and his assistant Alex ? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha $$$$

    • bostonbob

      tommy, you are correct. Kraft Bob gets the blame for this for refusing to overrule BB and give Tom his money. For being a good soldier all these years and taking less he got screwed. I always assumed TB would be in NE forever and walk away with 1% of the team for what he did for the team. Sad.

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