Ravens’ Orlando Brown Exploring Trades

Orlando Brown‘s left tackle-or-bust quest has led the three-year Ravens starter to request a trade. The Ravens are listening to offers for the 24-year-old blocker, and Brown’s camp is now looking into potential destinations.

Brown’s representatives have begun exploring trades, according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com, who adds the Ravens are aware of their right tackle’s plans (Twitter link). However, the Ravens certainly represent the key party here. They are surely looking for a high-value trade haul.

Ronnie Stanley‘s season-ending injury prompted the Ravens to use Brown as their left tackle. Previously, Brown had operated as Baltimore’s tackle starter opposite Stanley. A former third-round pick, Brown has one season remaining on his rookie contract.

Pro Football Focus has viewed Brown as a top-25 tackle in each of the past two seasons, and proven O-linemen annually command tremendous interest as free agents. There figure to be several teams interest in acquiring Brown via trade. The Ravens having extended Stanley last year will cut off a Brown path to left tackle in Baltimore, but as of now, the second-generation NFL tackle remains the team’s right tackle.

Trading Brown would further deplete Baltimore’s offensive line. Marshal Yanda‘s retirement created a void inside for the Ravens, who now have Stanley coming off a major injury. Though, the Ravens making a deal would secure additional draft capital with which to bolster their O-line.

If the Ravens trade Brown, the acquiring team would need to be prepared to give him a high-end extension. A 2022 franchise tag could also be utilized, by either the Ravens or the acquiring team, to lock down Brown. Stanley, David Bakhtiari and 2019 trade acquisition Laremy Tunsil have changed the market at left tackle. Tunsil and Bakhtiari have pushed it beyond $22MM annually. The top right tackle contract (Lane Johnson‘s) averages $18MM per year.

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40 comments on “Ravens’ Orlando Brown Exploring Trades

  1. 2012orioles

    I doubt this would happen, but this is the type of move the Steelers need. Don’t know if they’d have the cap to extend. Watt and Minkah need extensions first

  2. arty!

    Jets should send their second 1st round pick to Balt. Draft a QB at 2 and solve 2 problems at once.

  3. Simmons>Russ

    Trade Orlando Brown and Devin Dubernay for Robert Woods and Bobby Evans.

    Rams get some quality young protection for Stafford who they invested a lot in. Plus it’ll help Cam Akers running game. You’ll still have Kupp, Jefferson, Higbee and also Duvernay. If you need you can invest in WR in FA.

    Baltimore get a quality WR in Woods who helps the passing game which has struggled. Woods is good for 900 yards 90 receptions and no fumbles. That helps open up the field for Hollywood Brown and still leaves Boykin, Andrews as targets. You also get back Evans who helps come in and fill a spot in your O line. He’s still young and with potential that you could develop

    • OhthePossibilities

      There is no way in any universe that the Ravens would make that deal. Duvernay is slated to take over for Snead and has 3 years left on his rookie contract. While Woods is nice, it’s just filling one hole (with an expensive contract) to make another. And then trading Brown for Evans is just ludicrous. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Evans only appeared in 5 games and started 0? They can get that kind of production from a mid-round draft pick.
      A deal for Brown starts with a late 1st or early 2nd round draft pick. Anything later and the Ravens will likely hold onto Brown, use his services for ’21, and then take the 2023 3rd round comp pick. Or they may tag him and try to work out a trade then. The current CBA hits players with the kind of fines for holding out that severely discourage it. Not to mention it would delay his free agency, so Brown doesn’t really have holdout leverage.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Woods would fill the biggest hole in the team while also helping improve the games of all the other WRs.
        You’d be taking on a big contract but Brown is soon going to cost a big contract even if you tag him it’s going to be expensive. Really good players cost money it’s just something you have to deal with.

        Lastly Duvernay or Evans is a little bit of a losing situation. Your really making it cause you’ll have receivers and lack lineman. Evans is only 23, was a third round pick. You’d be taking him to fill a spot in the rotation and hoping he can develop some more. Duvernay is a loss but as a team and as a group you’d be getting a lot more production with Woods addition.

        • OhthePossibilities

          As I said below, the team is looking to upgrade OL before WR because their identity is based on running. They aren’t gonna tie up that much cap space to WR and it’s more likely that they’d take draft pick compensation because they need cheap production. They can pay Brown something like the $3M he’s due this year and then get that plus a pick when he walks. And they already have several guys like Evans on the team. He’s redundant.

        • myaccount

          Makes zero sense for Baltimore. Might as well just sign one of the plethoa of good receivers in free agency instead of trading a good OT to acquire one. A trade for picks and/or cost controlled players are the only assets that make sense. Woods is neither of those.

    • osfan9987

      Robert woods trade value does not even come close, he’s a number two wide out who’s already been paid, they could just sign a guy with similar talent for similar money

    • OhthePossibilities

      It would have to include draft picks as well. Williams’ cap hit is almost $16M, which would eat up the majority of the Ravens’ cap space.

      • dan55

        I could see the Chargers including their second round pick from this draft plus a third rounder in 2022. I think that would be a fair trade for both sides.

        • OhthePossibilities

          That’s a good starting point. Of course it would depend on what was being offered elsewhere as well.

          I’ve seen suggestions of a swap of 1sts and then the Chargers’ 2021 3rd, but I don’t remember if Williams was part of that. It’s just gonna be hard to fit Williams in for Baltimore unless they work out an extension… and I have no idea what Williams would be looking for there. I think he’s more of a Corey Davis than an Allen Robinson as far as the kind of contract he could expect.

      • GoChargers

        His cap hit wouldn’t be much more than Orlando Brown and they’re both in contract years

        • OhthePossibilities

          Williams’ cap hit is almost $16 million and Brown’s is $3 million.

          When you have about $20 million in cap space (and you still have to sign your draft class), $13 million is a lot.

    • соииояс

      Trade obj and chuck clark for derwin james and pick 47. You get to keep 13 while getting herbert a left tackle

      • Jcool90

        No Elliot, Clark is apart of this team. We just gotta take the best offer with the picks. Look what they got for Stafford! I’m just saying, Brown is worth AT LEAST 1 first rd and future first along with second or third rd picks included. Lol Robert woods dude that’s the worst deal. They might have to cut Williams. Hope not!!

    • osfan9987

      Will never happen, mike Williams is in the last year of his deal making 16 mil and is a number two, his trade value is weak

  4. ruckus727

    I think a tag and trade of Allen Robinson to Baltimore for Brown makes a lot of sense. Situations and needs line up remarkably well.

  5. ruckus727

    The common thread here: Baltimore needs a WR. I personally think they got to get a walk deal number 1. Not a maybe type 1. If they want to take that offense next level and help Lamar regain some of that 2019 magic, they need to get a big bodied, big play WR. For me, Allen Robinson would be the perfect get. Chris Godwin would be a nice option if ARob deal can’t get done but it doesn’t sound like he’s going to reach FA.

    • OhthePossibilities

      Baltimore wants OL more than WR. You have to look at who’s calling the plays. They don’t run more than anyone else because they lack WR, they run more than anyone else because that’s their identity. Losing Yanda was a huge blow, as was losing Stanley during the season. Couple that with inconsistent play at C and you have minimum 2 OL positions that need addressed and 3 if you trade Brown.

      On top of that they’re looking at ponying up big money for Lamar and Mark Andrews. This means they’re gonna need cheap options to fit under the future cap. That means draft picks (likely coupled w/ low cost vet options for the OL). Trading for a high cost WR straight up isn’t gonna get it done. They’re more likely to sign a tier 2 FA WR like Corey Davis, who will command a little less than a WR like Robinson.

      • ruckus727

        Saving a “little” bit on Davis is silly when ARob is in another tier altogether. Robinson gives their pass game immediate respect and in turn that will help the run game as well. More balance makes everything on that side if the ball better. This draft has an abnormally large amount of talent along the OL, particularly at tackle. They can grab a lineman or two there.

  6. hopper15

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the 49ers call Baltimore after they lose Trent Williams in Free agency.

    • OhthePossibilities

      Could definitely see them offering their 2nd rounder at least. Would be similar to Ngakuoe going from Jax to Minn… Even if the 9ers didn’t sign him long term, they’d be looking at getting a likely 3rd back as compensation, so if you think you’re contending, it’s worth investing 1 round worth of pick to get his service at a premium position. And if it turns out your season isn’t going the way you’d like, you can trade him mid-season like Minny did to move the pick comp up a year.

  7. Thronson5

    If the 49ers can’t resign T. Williams this guy makes too much sense. He would have to be the best option. Hopefully they don’t need to go that route but if they do need to find a replacement he makes the most sense. I can see Seattle all over this though, they gotta get some protection for Russ.

    • OhthePossibilities

      The problem with Seattle is they already spent their 1st on Adams and their 2nd would likely get beat in an offer by someone else.

    • Hawktattoo

      Why..because Russ says they do? Just throwing money and trades at line isn’t going to fix the whole issue. Russ needs to look in the mirror also. They don’t really have the pieces to make any trades of this size.

  8. fountaindale

    The Ravens need a safety. Seattle trades RT Brandon Shell and S Quadre Diggs to Baltimore for Orlalndo Brown Jr. and a third round and fifth round pick in 2021. OBJ replaces Shell at RT for 2021 then takes over at left tackle in 2022.

  9. osfan9987

    As a ravens fan, edc will absolutely not trade you a 24 year old top 20 tackle for your expensive wide out, free agency could get us that for just the money

      • osfan9987

        No, it’s not, next year isn’t this year my friend and the cap crunch is real, also wide out is far less valuable to a running offense like ours and also just harder to evaluate talent, personal I doubt he gets traded, likely to just walk in free agency and get a third next year

  10. bumpy93

    I notice ain’t likely they never know maybe the Eagles will offer the 37th overall pick in this draft and maybe a third next year or possibly give them the pic that they are going to get from the colts in the wentz deal if it is indeed a first round pick in the 2022 draft. I know there might have to be something else thrown in also. hell maybe Zach ertz

  11. phillyballers

    Did the Jags cut Cam Robinson? Miami also makes sense. Teams with multiple picks. Protect your young QBs.

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