Dolphins Expected To Acquire RB1 In Offseason

Whether it happens via the draft or free agency, Cameron Wolfe of expects the Dolphins to acquire a feature running back this offseason. The club is currently rostering 2019 seventh-rounder Myles Gaskin and 2020 UDFA Salvon Ahmed, and while both were useful players last season, Wolfe views them more as complementary pieces than anything else.

We learned last month that there is mutual interest between the Dolphins and Packers RB Aaron Jones, but right now, it appears as if Green Bay might put the franchise tag on Jones. That would leave the Cardinals’ Kenyan Drake and the Seahawks’ Chris Carson as arguably the top RBs eligible for unrestricted free agency, and of those two, Drake — whom Miami traded to Arizona in 2019 — seems more likely to leave his current club.

However, the Dolphins have a number of needs, including at wide receiver — Wolfe expects the team to add at least one starting-caliber wideout — and major free agent deals for RBs have often been regrettable investments. A one-year flier on a player like Marlon Mack could make sense, but otherwise, the ‘Fins may look to the draft for their RB1.

Although a trade for Deshaun Watson would probably empty out a good chunk of the Dolphins’ premium draft capital in 2021, the team currently boasts four top-50 selections, including No. 3 and No. 18 overall, and that second first-rounder might be ticketed for Alabama RB Najee Harris. Harris was a force on the ground and through the air for the Crimson Tide, and UNC’s Javonte Williams is a similarly appealing option who could be had in the second round.

If the Dolphins don’t trade for Watson, the need to upgrade their skill position talent around Tua Tagovailoa becomes even more pronounced. While the club is not as flush with cap space this year as it was last year, it has enough cash and certainly enough draft capital to add several significant pieces to the offensive side of the ball.

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35 comments on “Dolphins Expected To Acquire RB1 In Offseason

  1. jed-242

    Cowboys should trade Zeke Elliot for the Fins 1st pick this year and + picks in 2022

    • Hairy Callous

      Lol yeah ok. Zeke’s not even worth his contract, let alone picks.

      • jimmyduz0523

        lolol yeah ok, i think you could say that about alot of players and not just Zeke.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Jerry would need to turn the “force trade” feature on Madden on. Lol.

      I don’t even think Zeke is finished, but he’s making a boatload of money for what he produces. Why would the Dolphins give up all those picks for him when they could easily draft a RB? They could draft two RBs for insurance if they wanted.

    • senior52

      Cowboys absolutely should make that trade.The Dolphins on the other hand would be idiots.

  2. dugdog83

    I’m not a Dolphins fan but I like what they are doing in this rebuild so far. Why would they trade for, sign a pricey FA or draft a RB high with Gaskin and Ahmed? They aren’t superstars but still shown flashes of being more than capable last year.

    They need WRs to open the running game and help Tua.

  3. BuckarooBanzai

    Draft Harris. He’s the type of RB that makes a Defense have to ease back on the QB pressure that Tua faced last season. To oversimplify: it will keep them honest.

    Give the kid a workhorse RB and either Smith/Waddle/Chase/Moore/Pitts … it’s not like they won’t have a shot at adding two significant weapons on Day One

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      I agree with you. If I’m the Dolphins then I don’t empty the cupboard for Watson. I keep the picks and build around Tua. Take Harris and a WR, maybe see if you can land another WR in FA. That brings Miami real close to Buffalo and Tua needn’t be a superstar.

      • Jcool90

        Hahaha WTF are you high on bud? Buffalo will STILL DESTROY Miami. Lol but good luck.

  4. sidewinder11

    Fins could probably trade back a bit from #18 and get Harris along with an extra pick or two later on. Who else in the back half of the first round would be a threat to take Harris?

    • Mjm117

      Fins need to trade down from #3 as well and pile on the picks. Don’t see Harris passing Pitt @ 24

  5. PapiShango

    Bears need to package Montgomery & sign and trade ARob for one of those first round picks.

  6. steelerbravenation

    Any chance the Dolphins willing to trade their 2 2nd rounders for the Steelers 1st ???

  7. wrigleyhawkeye

    Not sure what Aaron Jones is worth in a tag and trade scenario, but he’s clearly the best RB if it’s Drake and Carson Colin at #2 and #3– distant #2 and #3. Packers would get a 3rd Round comp pick if they just let him go. Would Dolphins trade a 1st for Jones on a Tag and Trade with extension pre-agreed?

    • I give no fox

      No chance. He is not worth a 1st and top of the market money. Most I would offer is a 3rd, maybe bump it to a conditional 2nd. His comp pick may be a 3, it is no guarantee that he lands there tho.

  8. brave new world

    Maybe do a tag & Trade Jones for
    #18? I think it works for both sides. That also give GB the ability to resign Jamal Williams and come out ahead. They could then get a WR at 18 or even move up of a top tier one through trade then use thier own pick for a CB.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Absolutely no way that happens. Trade away a mid first for a 1 year deal RB when they could just take Harris and have him on a cheaper and longer rookie contract and get similar possibly better production.

      I think the best option for the Dolphins is take Chase 3rd, take JOK 18th, then early second round take either Williams or Eitenee to be the RB1 and then take a couple o line men through the middle of the draft.

      Chase and Parker gives you two solid receivers for Tua. With the 18th pick you grab a LB which is your only defensive need. In Eitenee or Williams you get a RB1 on a good deal with good production for the next 5 years and then have options. Then lastly take a couple O linemen and hopefully one of them stands out.

      Then even before you hit FA you’ve got your defence all set. Got your future QB, RB and two WRers and a decent/average line with some young back ups. This team is rebuild really well and trending in the right direction. I don’t think they need to go after Watson but at the same time if they do go after him, I understand why and can get behind that too.

  9. Chris Hager

    They can trade #3 pick back a few spots, and still get one of the top WR’s, along with extra picks. Do the same with #18.

    Signing any of the FA RB’s is a big nope. They’ll likely draft one of Harris, Etienne or Williams.

    At WR, I’d be happy with Smith or Chase, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep if they ended up with Pitts or Waddle.

  10. Aj777

    Enough of the Watson BS. He isn’t worth 1/10 what they would give up for him. He isn’t a Manning, Brady or Wilson. Tua will be just fine with proper talent added. Like a particular dolphins offensive coordinator said not long before marino retired (when people were frustrated with the offense’s lack of production) “You cannot make chicken salad with chickens%it.”

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