Gardner Minshew Drawing Trade Interest

The Jaguars are fielding calls on Gardner Minshew. Expected to be replaced by presumptive No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence, the Jaguars’ primary starting quarterback over the past two seasons has drawn interest, Ian Rapoport of tweets.

A run of bridge QBs/high-end backups have signed already. Cam Newton, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andy Dalton, Jameis Winston and Jacoby Brissett agreed to deals recently. Minshew profiles as a player who could start for a team while it figures out a longer-term strategy.

While the popular sixth-round pick was at the helm for part of Jacksonville’s 15-game losing streak last season, he has flashed since becoming an unexpected starter as a rookie. Minshew has thrown 37 touchdown passes compared to 11 interceptions. Despite the Jags having given Nick Foles a lucrative deal in 2019, Minshew has been the team’s most productive QB over the past two years.

Two years remain on Minshew’s rookie contract. A team that acquires the former Washington State standout would have him under contract on base salaries of $850K and $965K. That would be quite the bargain, given what the other bridge-type quarterbacks have signed for thus far this week.

Minshew could also serve as Lawrence’s backup, but the Jags do have Jake Luton on the team as well. Urban Meyer also could seek to bring in his own QB2, and Minshew may well fetch a price better than the sixth-round cost the Jaguars initially paid.

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25 comments on “Gardner Minshew Drawing Trade Interest

  1. ron swanson

    Minshew could be a serviceable starter if given a chance. Rather roll with him than rehash some of these other older QBs like Cam and Dalton.

    • ruckus727

      Nobody puts Gardner Flint in a corner! Don’t try to put a leash on my boy like that!

  2. mrshyguy99

    So the jags don’t want a decent back up? So they going to go full go with the rookie and hope he does well his rookie year with no depth behind him ?

    • qbert1996

      It just said they were fielding calls for him. What’s to stop them from trading Minshew and then signing a decent backup. Chase Daniels is available

      • Binnington50

        This may be a shock to you, but even at age 34, his name is still just Chase Daniel. He hasn’t changed it.

        • parx

          I tell you what, as a bears fan I will happily trade Andy dalton for Gardner, jags have a veteran backup who sucks at football but seems to be a professional and all around good human, perfect backup to teach a rookie

    • petersdylan36

      I imagine the jags want someone more seasoned and professional to mentor Lawrence.

      I have nothing against Minshew and his personality, but you don’t want him to be your mentor for the future of your franchise

      • Ak185

        I think he was saying that Dalton would be the mentor. Of course, he thinks that Dalton is bad at football, so I’m not sure how much to trust that post.

  3. mrshyguy99

    I wouldn’t mind him on the 49ers anything is better than what we went through with mullens and cj

  4. Dev0

    I feel like Minshew is just Ryan Fitzpatrick gone back in time, or some sort of deaging technology. I could see him being effective like Fitzpatrick is as he gets older.

    • Mr Goodkat

      If the Steelers hadn’t added Haskins I agree. Jags will probably want too much anyways.

      Though I can see why they’d want to bring in a vet instead to tutor Trevor. Minshew doesn’t strike me as a guy that would accept being a mentor at this point in his career. Nor should he.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    The Panthers should take an interest in Minshew because David Tepper’s wet dream about landing Watson will never be more than a fantasy.

    • Rocket32

      crosseyedlemon Replacing Teddy with Minshew would at best be a lateral move, and quite possibly a downgrade. Not sure why you think it’s a fantasy. Watson is going to be traded. The Dolphins and Jets could definitely beat their offer if they want him bad enough but the Jets wouldn’t have many assets left to build a legit team around Watson for a few years.

      That leaves Miami, if they don’t desperately want Watson then the Panthers have a real chance.

      • crosseyedlemon

        I’ve always been a fan of Teddy but he’s shown he doesn’t have the consistency to be a long term solution. Minshew probably isn’t either but he’s a decent insurance option. Forget about Watson. Too costly and they could never afford both him and Big Mac.

      • rondon

        There is no “potential” greatness to find in Dalton. Even if Minshew was a placeholder, at least he can run around in the pocket… Pace will never live down drafting Toorisky.

  6. The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

    What’s hive value, realistically? A 4th rounder?

  7. ATL_ranger

    I guess Minshew and Lawrence in the same QB room is just too much great hair to handle

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