Jets Will “Answer” Calls On Sam Darnold

If teams call the Jets about Sam DarnoldJoe Douglas will answer the phone. On Wednesday, the Jets GM said that he’s willing to listen on trade inquiries for the quarterback. 

I will answer the call, if it’s made,” Douglas said (Twitter link via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY). “Sam is, we think, a dynamic playmaker in this league with dynamic talent … But if calls are made, I will answer them.”

Before the NFL’s 2019 trade deadline, Douglas said that Darnold was untouchable. Now, he’s singing a different tune. The Jets have reportedly received real interest in the former USC standout, though Douglas seems to be indicating that the inquiries have yet to come in.

The Jets, armed with ~$90MM this offseason, have plenty of options. A Darnold trade could allow them to use the No. 2 overall pick on their next quarterback of the future. On the flipside, they could keep Darnold — if the offers aren’t to their liking — and take the best player available at No. 2, or trade down from there to fill multiple needs. No matter what, Douglas says he isn’t in any rush.

We feel like [there’s no] hard timeline in the immediate future to make a decision,” Douglas said.

That jibes with what we’ve heard so far — the Jets plan to go through much of the draft process, including Pro Days and interviews, before making their Darnold decision. Of course, the right package from another team could alter those plans.

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34 comments on “Jets Will “Answer” Calls On Sam Darnold

    • phenomenalajs

      Yup, Douglas will not show his hand. However, we know how much he cares about the offensive line. If Penei Sewell truly is a “generational” talent along the lines of Orlando Pace, I fully expect Douglas to take him.

      • Chaznyc

        I agree 100%, but have heard the argument about Sewell that he too is a LT, Bechton has that spot, and Sewell will not want to play RT or G. If so, I’d trade down a little and still be in position to take OL Slater.

        • Ak185

          Given Becton’s size and athleticism, he may be effective as a RT. I haven’t seen him in space enough to make the evaluation myself, but it seems that he would be effective sealing the edge or moving to the second level and taking on linebackers as a run blocker, which RTs typically do more frequently than LTs. Would that not work, with Sewell on the other side? If NYJ don’t go with Sewell or get an amazing offer for Darnold, I’d think that trading down would be the best option,. A line with Sewell and Becton as bookends would great for any AB-or HB-that the Jets play, however.

  1. padam

    Jets are bipolar. New coach states he sees promise in the kid, team willing to move him. Personally I think the Jets are doing this to make teams interested in trading up pay more for that QB they want otherwise the Jets will potentially draft the player, but at the same time it only fits the narrative of the Jets not having a strategy.

    Darnold isn’t the issue. It’s the team around him. Draft the other tackle he needs and sign some ‘good’ free agents (or trade) that will give him the tools in order to be successful. Example: Jets talk a player out of retirement to play center. Granted, he was good when he played, but he went into retirement! That’s what the chose to go after a couple of years ago?

    • mrshyguy99

      Just ask Alex smith went through the same thing and now look at him turn into a decent QB. I think Sam need to get out of there unless the new staff can fix things but idk if they can

        • I Beg To Differ

          Smith getting cut at 36 37 doesn’t negate his career turning around under Harbaugh and did well under Andy Reid in KC.

  2. mrshyguy99

    I wouldn’t mind Sam as a 49ers . Dude can have his old QB jimmy g . I like jimmy g but I also wouldn’t mind change . Him and Rosen can battle out for the number one spot and have a vet qb just in case .

  3. sonyguts12

    Unless they’re blown away by Zach Wilson during the scouting process I’m more than happy to build this team around Sam. He was a stud at USC and showed a lot of promise as a rookie before gase arrived. Lafleur will help Sam reach his potential and Joe D just need to surround him with the right talent with all our draft assets.

  4. driftcat28

    If the 49ers are in on Bridgewater then they are 1000% in on Darnold. Would be a interesting pick up for them

    • Jimmy Fitzsimmons

      Sam’s best attribute is as a playmaker, only sometimes he makes plays for the opposing team.

    • How about you give the guy a little talent around him before writing him off?

  5. seaver41

    Jet fans have to ask themselves – yes he hasn’t had help, but even with help, will his decision making be championship material? He makes bad choices under pressure – can’t count on a clean pocket all the time. I’m of the belief if Zach Wilson impresses enough, they will opt for that and restart the QB position contract clock.

    • Begamin

      he made bad decisions on play calls that were never destined to succeed. when adam gase gameplan got figured out after the first drive he was too stubborn to adapt and its all Darnolds fault??

      Darnold as of now is simply a big question mark. No one knows how he can truly be with a good surrounding cast

      • mrshyguy99

        Like I said before Alex smith same thing happen to him but once the right coach got a hold of him he was looking like a real QB. Same thing can happen to Sam. But some fans won’t see that and just think because he was coach by a terrible coach and had no real help he must be a bust .

        • This comment thread has a whole bunch of idiots who think they know everything. Truth is, Mrshyguy is right…no one knows yet how good Darnold could truly be with a little help around him. I remember Troy Aikman going 1-15 his first year and John Elway looking like a complete fool his first season. They both improved significantly as the talent around them did. The Jets have been an absolute joke of an organization for years…give the guy a chance for god’s sake

  6. CoachWe

    Potential Trades: Dak (Cowboys), Ryan (Falcons), Russ (Hawks), Cousins (Vikings)?

  7. MileHighFan

    Only the Jets could start a 37 year old running back and some receivers that other teams threw on the scrap heap and somehow think it was Darnold’s fault that the offense stunk.

    • Ak185

      You’re not wrong-except maybe the “only the Jets” part. I mean, we never really know what the Texans have planned for us tomorrow.

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