Lions Having Trade Talks About QB Chase Daniel

The Lions already made the big blockbuster trade of this offseason by swapping Matthew Stafford for Jared Goff and picks, and they apparently might not be done dealing quarterbacks.

Detroit has had trade discussions with teams about backup Chase Daniel, sources told Adam Schefter of (Twitter link). We’ve heard trade rumors about tons of quarterbacks in what should be an unusually busy cycle for signal-caller movement, but this is a new one.

Daniel of course has never actually produced much on the field, but teams are continuously enamored with him as a veteran backup. He only has five career starts under his belt, and just three since the 2014 season. The most recent of those came in a 2019 spot start with Chicago. The Missouri product spent time with the Saints, Chiefs, and Eagles prior to joining Chicago.

He then signed a surprisingly lucrative three-year, $13.05MM deal with the Lions last offseason. If the Lions do trade him it won’t be for anything more than a late-round pick, but it’s interesting that teams are talking. It could be squads with a recently drafted quarterback making calls, as Schefter notes that Daniel “has been considered an ideal mentor for young QBs” around the league.

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21 comments on “Lions Having Trade Talks About QB Chase Daniel

  1. phillyballers

    Could end up with 47M, not bad for a career backup that’s played less than 1 season across 12.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I still think Chase is a far better investment than Mike Glennon who got $40M from the Bears for one win.

  2. Jack0207

    Lions trade 3 number one picks and Goff to Texans for Watson

  3. I think it’s more about trying to get anything of value for a guy who is a possible cap casualty. It’s not that he is t wanted around but that his cost is rather high for a clipboard coach

    • Stat_head

      The Lions actually save more against the cap by trading him than cutting him. Dramatically more, $1.5 million more, if they trade him after June 1st. They’ll negotiate for the best possible pick they can, which won’t be much, but time works in their favor.

  4. Mac Badger

    My guess is this is Detroit’s pathetic attempt to drum up any kind of market before inevitably releasing him.

    Absolutely no reason for a team to trade for a perpetually overpaid backup in today’s market, with this year’s draft.

    There are starting QBs who will be out of jobs this year. There are already starting quality QBs on the market. Do you really expect me to believe there is demand for the aging backup of a 5-win team?

    • dugdog83

      1/3 of the starting QBs are injury prone, 1/3 are rookies or really young and the other 1/3 suck. When Mariotta gets released and gets a starting gig and if Fitzpatrick retires this guy is the best backup around.

      It will be a crap pick but wouldn’t be shocking if it’s this years 7th or next years 6th.

  5. MileHighFan

    Most of Schefter’s sources are player agents.

    Daniel has probably been told to either except a pay cut or work out a trade, and thus the agent is throwing some chum into the water to see if anybody is interested.

    Unfortunately there is no market for 34 year old backups, as the book has already been written on their ability to contribute anything other than some quality practice reps.

    • cka2nd

      “Unfortunately there is no market for 34 year old backups, as the book has already been written on their ability to contribute anything other than some quality practice reps.”

      Brian Hoyer and Chad Henne were both 36 last year. Colt McCoy 34. Shaun Hill, Derek Anderson and Matt Moore were each 35 when signed by the Vikings in 2015, Bills in 2018 and Chiefs in 2019, respectively. Case Keenum is 33 and is signed through 2022; even if he were a cap casualty this year or next, you’d be a fool to think he’d be out of the league at that point. Hell, in the minds of NFL professionals, as opposed to some fans, Ryan Fitzpatrick is a back-up/mentor, not even a bridge QB, and has been since 2017, when he turned 35.

  6. ATL_ranger

    If the Jags are gonna be starting Lawrence right away, Daniel would be a great fit there. So many promising young QBs get put in bad situations with bad teams and never get a chance to be successful; having what seems to be one of the most well-thought-of mentors in the league there could do wonders for Lawrence through the inevitable initial struggles.

  7. mike

    What a strange career. He’s been around a long time and made a lot of money without hardly ever playing. Maybe if he had needed to play, he would have shown that he was a great backup qb to have, but we will never know.

    • Ak185

      Well, he did play with Chicago a bit. The results were okay. He wasn’t the worst backup around, but he wasn’t great either. As far as second string QBs go, there are worse options, and better.

  8. thebluemeanie

    I think the best highlight of his career was when he ate a booger during a game on the Mizzou bench. Seriously, look it up.

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