Multiple Teams Calling On Zach Ertz, Deal Coming Soon?

It looks like the offseason of change for the Eagles is continuing full steam ahead. “Multiple teams” have contacted Philadelphia to express interest in trading for tight end Zach Ertz, and a deal “could happen in the coming days,” sources told Mike Silver of NFL Network (Twitter link).

This isn’t exactly a shock, as we heard last month that the veteran was expecting to either be traded or released and not return to Philly in 2021. Ertz had previously said in January that he wanted to be back with the Eagles. Ertz had a very bumpy 2020 campaign that saw him get into a heated argument with GM Howie Roseman over his frustration with extension talks. Philadelphia reportedly considered trading him at the deadline, but an ankle injury he suffered around that time nixed that.

The team clearly didn’t want to pay him the top of the tight end market money he’s looking for, and in their minds they’ve got his replacement waiting in the wings in the younger Dallas Goedert. Ertz has one more season left on his current deal with an $8.25MM salary and $12.4MM cap hit. Trading or cutting him would save the Eagles almost $5MM in cap space, but also leave almost $8MM in dead money.

Ertz is 30 now and is coming off easily his worst season as a pro, but he made the Pro Bowl in 2019 and was a first-team All-Pro in 2018. As such, it’s not hard to see why there’s legit trade interest in him. His struggles this past season were likely due more to the Eagles’ passing game woes as a whole than anything he was doing wrong.

In 11 games, he finished with only 36 catches for 335 yards and one touchdown. In 2019 he had 88 catches for 916 yards and six touchdowns. It sounds like we should know a lot more about where he’ll be playing next season very soon.

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22 comments on “Multiple Teams Calling On Zach Ertz, Deal Coming Soon?

  1. Polish Hammer

    Problem is everyone knows he’s gone so it’s a buyers market for him. Will be lucky to get a luck pick that will be used on a camp body.

    • king beas

      Imagine panthers get him and Watson. Bring back Samuel and they have Watson cmc Moore Anderson Samuel ertz. Who can top that?

  2. Mr Goodkat

    Question becomes compensation….

    Non-contenders don’t need an aging TE coming off an injury despite having the cap space. Not many contenders have much Cap Space. Seems like an extension would likely have to ne part of the deal, which lowers his trade value some.

    Then there’s the fact that the Eagles really need his contract off the books if they aren’t looking to extend him.

    3rd round pick seems low for a player of his caliber, but I struggle to see them getting more than that.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Ertz has produced 24 TDs in 59 home games but only 12 TDs in 58 road games. I wouldn’t offer him an extension and salary boost given his age and unbalanced production.

    • DarkSide830

      why does it matter? each team in the league plays half their schedule at home regardless.

  4. Simmons>Russ

    Be interesting too see what we get back for Ertz. I’m not expecting much but I still like Ertz. Kinda hope the Colts trade for him and he ends up with Wentz

    • DarkSide830

      i wouldnt just dump him for nothing. one down year doesnt mean he’s toast, and even if lesser then his numbers prior to last year he’s still better then most TEs.

      • Mr Goodkat

        They are $30M+ over the projected cap even with Slay’s restructure. Its not about them wanting to “dump him” — it’s simply that they will have to take the best offer.

        Teams know that, so it affects his value. But TE is not a deep position around the league. If the perceived price drops low enough it’ll turn into a bidding war.

        I can’t see him fetching much more than a 3rd, but also don’t see him going for less than a 4th.

  5. phenomenalajs

    It’s possible the Colts could try to trade for him to reunite Wentz with his favorite receiver. I could also see the Jets trying to acquire him for a 49ers style system.

    • Pokeli

      Colts could definitely look into it. Doyle is underrated but giving Wentz a known target can ease the transition

  6. dcahen

    Howie is looking for 2 first round picks for Ertz; & they’re lining up; probably be a bidding war, just ask ol’ Howie. Oh wait, teams inquired but no one is making an offer. A conditional 7th round pick that could become a 6th if Ertz is SB MVP. You can hear the sigh all the way from Philly.

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