No Talks Between Ravens, Lamar Jackson?

The Ravens are said to be far apart in extension talks with Lamar Jackson. According to a source who spoke with Mike Florio of PFT, those discussions haven’t actually started yet. 

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Often times, conflicting reports like these are a matter of semantics. Do broader conversations about years/dollars qualify as negotiations? That depends on who you ask. But, as Florio notes, Jackson does not have an agent, so it’s hard to imagine that the Ravens have gotten especially deep in talks.

As it stands, Jackson is set to make just $1.77MM this year. In 2022, per the new collective bargaining agreement, his fifth-year option will be equivalent to the quarterback transition tender for 2021. Jackson triggered that by making a Pro Bowl. The QB transition tender was worth $21.75MM last year. This year, after the cap reduction, it should still fall somewhere near $20MM.

The higher value of the fifth-year option gives Jackson some additional leverage. It’s likely that he’ll seek a deal in the range of Deshaun Watson‘s four-year, $156MM extension. Watson’s pact gave him a $39MM average annual value and included a healthy $73MM guaranteed at signing. But, as of this writing, it sounds like the two sides have yet to truly engage.

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14 comments on “No Talks Between Ravens, Lamar Jackson?

  1. phillyballers

    They could probably just take it into franchise tag territory and be fine at this point. If any more of these ridiculous contracts blow up in GMs faces you’ll see them come back to earth.

  2. K3vin

    Article titled “No Talk Between Ravens and Lamar Jackson” yet the article talks about them being far apart? I swear do you do any actual research in your articles? How can you be considered a professional journalist?

    • OhthePossibilities

      You realize there is a link that goes to the report that says they’re far apart, right?

      How can you be considered realistically literate?

      • K3vin

        That is exactly what I’m saying. The article is titled no talk between them, yet the entire article talked, but they are far apart? So obviously they have talked.

  3. DarkSide830

    i wouldn’t rush it anyway. see what he looks like this year and then see if you want to commit to him long-term

  4. mgrap84

    As much as i love him, i wouldn’t sign him yet. Still got 2 years of control. Yea he won an MVP but that’s it. Let him prove himself worthy of a big contact. See if he can get you to the big game. If not its just a massive waste of money

  5. Jimbobroy

    As a Steeler fan I hope they over pay the hell out of him. They are never gonna win a SB with a one look and then run QB. I wouldn’t put much into what Florio says, he is nothing but a troller!

    • madmanTX

      That’s exactly what’s going to happen. They can’t risk losing what they have, even if essentially he’s another Slash.

  6. MileHighFan

    What’s the rush? The 2021 cap is a bit tight to be looking for an extra $35 million to pay a guy a year before you have to. I also don’t think his style of play is conducive to a long career, thus why take a chance on him getting injured just after you signed him to that guaranteed big money deal?

    • rocky7

      While playing a high risk/reward game, Lamar is one play from being a former all pro QB given that he’s the modern day RG lll but this current trend of trying to force teams to pay earlier than they have to is interesting to watch to say the least……not sure another team would necessarily be willing to tailor their entire offense to his style of play…..but there’s always a team willing to try…..

  7. dray16

    maybe they’re tired of having a RB play QB. Lamar is a stud, but he’s not a QB

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