Bears Discussing Anthony Miller Trade

A potential big trade could be in the works. The Bears have been discussing a deal involving receiver Anthony Miller with a “number of teams,” Ian Rapoport of NFL Network tweets.

We heard a few weeks ago that the team was shopping him, and it sounds like they’re receiving some real interest. Chicago has franchise tagged Allen Robinson, and they had Darnell Mooney breakout last season, making Miller expendable. He’s heading into the final year of his rookie deal, and the team clearly wants to get something for him before he’d presumably walk in free agency.

The 51st overall pick of the 2018 draft, Miller has flashed plenty of big-time potential but has never been able to fully deliver on it. He’s only missed one pro game, but has dealt with serious shoulder issues that have limited him in the past. He caught seven touchdowns as a rookie, then had 52 catches for 652 yards in 2019.

This past season his production dipped, as he had 49 receptions for 485 yards and two touchdowns. The less than 10 yards a reception isn’t great, and his stock likely took a hit. Still he’s only 26, and signed very cheaply for 2021, so it’s not surprising that teams are engaging in discussions. He could be an intriguing flyer with some real upside for a team in need of pass-catching help.

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23 comments on “Bears Discussing Anthony Miller Trade

  1. arty!

    Jags send a 4th for him. Grab Trevor & OL w/ their 2nd first. Then PU the top RB in the 2nd. Remade O. Would make for a young QB, WR & RB rooms w/ players on the up & up. Will it work, who knows; but better to try than not.

    • myaccount

      “But better to try it than not.”

      Disagree. Jags aren’t ready to compete and he’s going to walk when he hits free agency after the season. More worth it to use that 4th rounder to try to find a controllable talent instead of giving it away and trying to win 6 games instead of 5.

    • crb15

      They don’t need a RB or a WR. They have Robinson & Hyde as a good RB duo. Then they have Chark, Marvin Jones, and Shenault at WR. Better off drafting a WR than giving up a 4th for a guy who’d only be there for this year. I agree with getting some OL help, which should improve the run & pass. Then they should draft some defense.

  2. Tom Emansk1

    Dude could be a star if he can figure out how to not be a complete imbecile. Bears don’t have much of a choice but to move on though, could be a nice low risk acquisition for any team that could use WR help and have the kind of culture the Bears pretend they have.

  3. daniel1-9

    Minnesota has 4 – 4th round picks…and a need for a good WR3…but they don’t need drama

    • Hannibal8us

      Bears probably wouldn’t trade him in division if they can get similar value from someone else. Plus I don’t know if the Vikes want another headache WR after they just got rid of one.

  4. AGuilty

    I thought he’d be something special after his first year. But, He has a bad attitude, bad discipline as a player, and has had a problem with dropping the ball the past two years. Might be better with a different organization.

    • MickNaize

      Agreed, thought he might have been worth the draft capital it took to move up and get him after his first year. Now he just looks like a talented athlete who isn’t worth the headache. The Bears would be super lucky to get a 4th for him imo.

  5. tank62

    The Bears would be lucky to get a bottle of tobacco spit for this turd

  6. lambeau gang

    Can someone enlighten me as to where this Anthony Miller bashing is coming from? The guy seems like a solid complimentary receiver who just needs to escape from the Nagy (lack of) offensive system…

    • KCJ

      Lambeau gang –
      I’m guessing a lot of it is due to his consecutive ejections in the 2 games against the Saints this year for getting upset with one of the Saints DB’s (deserved or not, your team needs you on the field). Pretty thin skin on this fella

    • rondon

      He has real talent but can’t seem to remain consistent, especially in route running. He’s also had Trubisky as his QB which hasn’t helped. btw… Calling this “a potential big trade” is silly.

    • tank62

      Lambeau gang
      The guy is an underachieving bust. He has all the talent but just can’t seem to put it together. He’s also a hot head who has no discipline and gets kicked out of playoff games.
      He’s tough and plays hurt I’ll give him that but that’s his only positive

  7. crosseyedlemon

    Pace: “Gotta clear a roster spot so I can draft us another Kevin White”.

    • KCJ

      Hey Kevin White showed a lot of promise in that 1/4 of one game he played in the preseason that one time

      • tank62

        Sadly Kevin White isn’t even his worst draft decision

  8. dugdog83

    If they trade this guy and Montgomery goes down, the Bears won’t score a point this year.

  9. shortsighted

    I’m thinking New England and Tennessee come to mind as teams that could use him. A little better discipline from their coaches will help him. He’s better than most #3 WRs on NFL teams

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