Giants Owner John Mara On Expectations, Dave Gettleman

The Giants have lost double-digit games in four consecutive seasons. GM Dave Gettleman has presided over the last three of them. Although club co-owner John Mara did not explicitly say so, Ralph Vacchiano of says it is inconceivable that Gettleman will be back in 2022 if Big Blue suffers through another losing season.

Of course, it was far from a sure thing that Gettleman would keep his job after the 2020 campaign. Even in late December, there were reports that ownership was more comfortable getting rid of Gettleman, who turned 70 in February, and bringing in a new top exec to work alongside head coach Joe Judge.

But the G-Men have traditionally given their GMs a long leash, and Gettleman has proven to be no exception. Several seasons ago, Mara knew that the team was embarking on a multi-year rebuild, and last season, he knew that a new HC with new systems and a new culture could delay that rebuild a bit. So it stands to reason that a team that favors continuity anyway would stay the course with a GM that was dealt a difficult hand.

That said, Gettleman’s personnel decisions have been a mixed bag at best. He did make some savvy pickups last offseason in cornerback James Bradberry, linebacker Blake Martinez, and defensive back Logan Ryan, and he was vindicated for his gamble on defensive lineman Leonard Williams. Those acquisitions were probably what saved his job, but like most GMs, Gettleman will ultimately be judged on if he made the right call at quarterback. And the jury is very much out on Daniel Jones, the No. 6 overall pick of the 2019 draft (though Mara did say that he thinks very highly of Jones).

Clearly, the team feels that it can compete this season, and it authorized a few significant contracts in free agency, the most notable of which was the four-year, $72MM whopper for WR Kenny Golladay. Mara admits that his hopes for his club this season are higher than they have been in recent seasons, and as a result of those expectations and the major financial commitments that were made in an effort to realize them, Gettleman is surely feeling the pressure.

When asked directly if Gettleman would be retained if 2021 turns into another disappointment, Mara said, “I’m not going to speculate that right now. Let’s just see how the season plays out.” But he also said, “I’m tired of the losing and of having the postseason press conference trying to explain what went wrong, why I think we’re making progress. It’s time for us to start winning some more.”

It would be surprising to see Judge ousted if the team struggles this year, given how much ownership and the locker room seems to like him, though Vacchino suggests it could be a possibility. But even if Judge could survive a sub-.500 finish, it seems clear that Gettleman will not.

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17 comments on “Giants Owner John Mara On Expectations, Dave Gettleman

  1. icantstandyous

    They threw parties in Carolina after gettleman left. I know because I was there. He is a horror show.

      • phenomenalajs

        Not in same draft as Daniel Jones. The other “top” QB in that draft was Dwayne Haskins. So far, it looks like the Giants made the right pick of the two, but his future is still up in the air.

        • Perksy

          I don’t mean Josh Allen the QB, I’m talking the great pass rusher they passed up on. Jones went in between two great defensive players.

  2. bobby cox

    Getty will need to make the playoffs this season or he is done. In my opinion he has had a nice offseason.

  3. ctyank7

    The future of the NYG will come down to a power struggle between Judge w Gettleman. Don’t be shocked if another under .500 season finds Judge quitting to rejoin Belichik’s staff as his heir apparent.

    • mumsy01

      Wow…really. Where do posts like these come from. Couple of things.

      1. The Giants have zero. Count it zero chance of losing double digits much less not being in the wild card hunt if they draft well and stay healthy.

      2. Judge LOVES being the Giants coach and the ownership, GM, and fans love him.

      I am not impressed with Gettleman but you have to like the players he’s brought in this FA to plug obvious holes.

      Now don’t mis-evaluate the draft and draft either Slater or Parsons. Don’t reach for Edge.

  4. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    It took awhile, but the Giants were good in 2020, the real problem was, their QB got hurt and then they struggled. I think they gotta let Gettleman see things through

  5. crosseyedlemon

    Everyone knows it’s just a matter of time until John Mara says “Leave the gun…take the cannoli”.

  6. ‘he was vindicated for his gamble on defensive lineman Leonard Williams’

    You guys squeeze this in every time you’re talking about Gettleman, about how he was ‘vindicated’. I strongly disagree.

    He flushed a third round pick down the toilet to acquire him when they were one of the worst teams in football and Williams was an impending free agent who wanted nothing to do with the Jets.

    Not only could they have had him without surrendering a pick at the end of the season, but after they acquired him, they won a couple of games against Miami and WFT, which took them out of the Chase Young sweepstakes.

    In other words, they were in a full blown rebuild and traded away future draft capital for like 8 games of Leonard Williams to improve in-season, which may have contributed to them missing out on a generational talent like Young. And considering the whopping deal they eventually gave Williams, they would have had a great shot at signing him as a free agent.

  7. smoked_gouda

    Gettleman signed Solder, made him highest paid OL in NFL at the time. Awful signing. Every metric available pointed to him declining as a blocker. He puts way too much emphasis on his gut and hos old school thinking.

  8. bobg529

    The Giants biggest mistake was drafting ?, Saquon Barkley. It’s not that Barkley isn’t a good back, it’s that there was significant talent available at QB and the Giants needed to replace Eli far more than they needed an elite running back.

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