Houston Police Department Opens Deshaun Watson Investigation

The Houston Police Department received a report of an allegation against Deshaun Watson and is now conducting an investigation into the Texans quarterback (Twitter link).

Prior to Friday, none of Watson’s 20-plus accusers had gone to the police. The attorney representing Watson’s accusers, Tony Buzbee, indicated he would not take these accusations to the police, Aaron Reiss of The Athletic tweets. One accuser has done so, however, though it is not known if the complainant is among the 21 accusers who previously filed civil suits against Watson.

Today, a complainant filed a report with the Houston Police Department concerning Deshaun Watson,” Houston PD’s statement read. “As with any allegation, the Houston Police Department is now conducting an investigation and will not comment further during the investigative process.”

Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, subsequently indicated his legal team will cooperate fully with the Houston PD’s investigation, Tom Pelissero of NFL.com tweets.

Twenty-one women have accused Watson of sexual assault or sexual misconduct; 18 different massage therapists have voiced support for Watson, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports. The NFL began its investigation into Watson more than two weeks ago.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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37 comments on “Houston Police Department Opens Deshaun Watson Investigation

  1. despicable_you

    Those 18 massage therapists supporting him must have been butt ugly.

    • j817

      Not trying to be sexist, but here I go… I want to see what the accusers look like tbh.

      • Jedward3

        Yea! Only if she’s a solid 8, MAYBE a 7, would I even consider her allegations! I mean, Watson isn’t trying to smash with an ugo!

        You are a troll and a clown. Everything Kevin Durant said to Michael Rappaport is what I would say when describing you.

        • KCJ

          The fact that 18 women say that he didn’t assault them means absolutely nothing to me. A serial rapist does not rape every single woman he sees. John Wayne Gasey did not kill every single teenage boy who worked for him. I guarantee you that they could very easily find 18 women who engaged with Ted Bundy in some fashion and never felt threatened in any way.

          I’m not going to suggest or assume that Watson is guilty or innocent, but to say that there are some women out there who weren’t sexually harassed by him does not prove a damn thing and is nothing but a ridiculous attempt by the defense to suggest “this proves he is innocent”.

      • phenomenalajs

        I realize this is a joke, but Rice’s awful incident that was captured on video with his now wife was a one-off. He had no record of sexual assault before or after that incident. I gather that’s not the case with DeShaun.
        The difference is that incident ruined Ray Rice’s career. These incidents may force DeShaun to remain in Houston longer than planned, but his career is not likely to end.

  2. raider j81

    Really starting to question the timing of all these accusations. Please don’t get me wrong here, I don’t condone any violence or abuse against women but something just feels like this is an orchestrated attack against someone who’s voiced his displeasure about being in Houston

    • TJECK109

      So you think the Texans or someone paid women to make false accusations to ruin his life? Why 21? That would get more scrutiny than say they hired just 4 or 5.

      • KCJ

        TJECK109 –
        I don’t understand people who think like Raider j81. Why would the Texans want to lower his trade value to near zero? Or…if they end up keeping him, why in the world would the want to turn their star QB and most marketable asset into a public pariah who would be a source of constant harassment and distraction for the team? Even if nothing becomes of this, his name has already been permanently tarnished in the eyes of many. What would the Texans possibly have to gain by doing that?

        It seems that some people just love their conspiracy theories, no matter how illogical they may be.

        • Irishblade

          I don’t think there is a conspiracy theory but I’ll entertain your question. I think in that scenario it’s more of, you’re tainted to the point nobody will trade for you so now you should stay here and play out the contract because we love you and will never give up on you. Like when a victim won’t leave her abuser because he gets her to believe he’s the only one who will have her.

          • TJECK109

            I’d believe it was a conspiracy if it was say 4 or 5 like I mentioned before. Or even better just 2 or 3. Enough to taint his value but not ruin his life. 21 would be beyond vengeance and a conspiracy. Put 21 people in a room and give them all stories about Watson. Do you think they are all going to remember their stories front to back every time they are questioned? Just to broad of a count to be playing games

            • lmcpeeks

              So I like the rest of you do not believe there is a conspiracy here but hypothetically … This is a lawsuit many could have jumped on smelling money when they weren’t being coerced to.

              • coach_cadillac

                Damaging allegations or not, I have yet to hear that he refutes that he saw that many different massage therapists. Even worse is that they have presented that numerous additional different massage therapists have come forward with claims that are supposed to be in defense of his character. What’s the total count, so far?

                Who legitimately goes to see that many different massage therapist?

          • KCJ

            Irishblade –
            So then your left with a shattered man with no self confidence leading your football team and a whole city who is against both the team and the player? Not buying your scenario. The battered woman syndrome happens behind closed doors, between 2 people. Not on a nationwide/worldwide stage in front of 50,000 screaming fans every week, not to mention all the social media

        • Ak185

          Yeah, if anyone would orchestrate an elaborate scheme to lower Watson’s trade value in order to facilitate a deal, it’d be David Tepper.

          Or Watson himself.

      • DarkSide830

        i dont think it was that. This really doesn’t help TEX. he’s probably lost crazy trade value now and if he sticks could face a solid suspension.

    • hopper15

      That theory doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t benefit Houston if he’s under investigation by the league and the Houston Police department.

  3. padam

    The stress is this must be weighing on him. Good time for him to get a massage.

    • phenomenalajs

      Well played! That’s the second best line I heard today. The best goes to Congressman Seth Moulton about Congressman Matt Gaetz: “He shouldn’t be on the prison library committee, much less the House Judiciary Committee.”

  4. KCJ

    I find it impossible to believe that teams are still trying to acquire Watson. I don’t know if the man is guilty or not, but I can guarantee you that there would IMMEDIATELY be riots by women’s rights groups all over any city that traded for him. The team and GM would be publicly crucified. Then consider what would happen if he were to be found guilty and subsequently suspended, banned, or even jailed for a number of years. This team would now have an angry mob, no QB, and a massive loss of draft/player capital it gave up to acquire him. Why would any team even consider it?

    • willthathrill08

      He wouldn’t see any jail time for any of this. suspension yes, and I could see community service and a therapy class for a certain amount of time. He’s got money so no jail time.

  5. kevin

    I don’t know seems weird the timing I mean nothing before he wanted out of texas but after he wants out these pop up it weird. it might all be true but it might just be people mad he’s gonna push his way out of texas and want money.

    hopefully it’s not true as anytime stuff like that happens it’s terrible for the victims .

    if it’s true he needs to be held accountable n not just pay money to make it go away. and if it’s not true then the accursers need to be punished

    • Dolfan

      The woman from the SI article wanted to come forward so he doesn’t go to another city and potentially harm other women.

  6. arty!

    “And with the 1st pick of the 2022 draft the Texans select……” Gonna be a LONG season in Houston.

  7. martevious

    Now the Texans are really kicking themselves for not trading Watson when they could have.
    Sexual crimes are very serious but, it’s worth noting, only 1 has gone to the police, and the others all filed civil suits. It doesn’t sound to me like any of the therapists thought it was a big deal until they thought there was money in it for them. If they really felt a crime was committed against them, they should have gone to the police.

    • KCJ

      To be fair, it’s preeeety well known how uncommon it is for victims of sexual abuse to go to the police (or tell anyone else, for that matter) on their own. They fear their claims will be dismissed, like they will be treated as if they asked for it, and often blame themselves (wrongfully) for what happened. There’s a little thing called “strength in numbers” that can change all of that. If they see that 10 other people have claimed the same thing, their chances of being taken seriously increase by 100%. If all of this is true, the first few women to report it in any form were very brave and determined

      • coach_cadillac

        In criminal trials, they must prove guilt beyond all reasonable doubt. That’s very difficult to do in cases like this. It’s one person’s word versus another, and each case must be tried separately on its own, without reference to each of the others. In a civil case, it’s based on a preponderance of the evidence, which can include reference to all of the other allegations.

    • coach_cadillac

      In criminal trials, they must prove guilt beyond all reasonable doubt. That’s very difficult to do in cases like this. It’s one person’s word versus another, and each case must be tried separately on its own, without reference to each of the others. In a civil case, it’s based on a preponderance of the evidence, which can include reference to all of the other allegations.

  8. coach_cadillac

    I still go back to my original logic on this. You can cast doubt all over the place about motives, suggest conspiracy theories,and question the truthfulness of the reported allegations. You still can’t shake the question of why he went to see so many different massage therapists, if his intentions were honestly just to receive therapeutic massage therapy. Who goes to that many different massage therapists for legitimate care and treatment? You find one very good one, maybe two for the sake of ensuring availability when needed, and you continue to be treated by them. Especially, when you are a pro athlete and likely even are provided with that type of therapy by the team you are playing for. You wouldn’t go to a different one each time, unless you are looking for something else. Even citing all of the other alleged massage therapists who claim that no misdeeds that were committed by Watson when they were with him, just further supports my theory that something is amiss. So, he went to all of the different therapists who made allegations against him, PLUS all the ones who said he was a model patient? Plus how many more that we don’t even know about? That’s all very abnormal and you have to ask yourself why he would do that if there wasn’t some type of unhealthy behavior going on.

    • KCJ

      Coach Cadillac –
      That’s an excellent comment and some solid logical thinking right there. I agree 100%

    • martevious

      Good thoughts. Women often don’t go to the police, and there is a safety in numbers thing.
      This whole thing about “this didn’t start until after Watson wanted to be traded” stuff is definitely garbage. This doesn’t help the Texans at all. Of course, they haven’t shown themselves to be very intelligent.

  9. 19Sharksfan

    I don’t condone violence against or the abuse of women.
    Yes, it does seem odd to see that many “massage therapists.”
    That being said, something awfully amiss that none of these accusations were brought forward until AFTER DeShaun Watson wanted out of Houston and requested to be traded.
    Especially considering the Texans ownership and this is good ol’ boy Texas after all.
    Time will tell. Or we may never find out the truth?

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