UFL To Return In 2025

This spring marked the inaugural season of the United Football League, the organization which came about following the merger of the XFL and USFL. Year 2 of its operation will consist of a repeat of its debut.

The UFL was comprised of eight teams playing a 10-week regular season schedule in 2024. That format ultimately resulted in the Birmingham Stallions – champions of the USFL’s final two campaigns – winning the first ever UFL title. They will be positioned to defend their crown with the same group of challengers for at least one more season. UFL executive VP of football operations Daryl Johnston confirmed (via Fox Sports’ Eric Williams) the UFL will return in 2025 with the same teams and locations in operation as last year.

“We are going to be able to dial into the details,” Johnston said. “We’re going to have a traditional offseason calendar where we can be ahead of the curve instead of being in a position where we have to chase it a little bit. I think that’s something that everyone’s excited about.”

With an average of 43.7 total points per game in 2024, the UFL slightly outpaced the scoring output of the XFL and USFL from last season. Williams notes the UFL saw a 34% jump in television ratings compared to 2023 viewership of the two former leagues heading into the championship game. Attendance remained strong in St. Louis with an average of more than 34,000 fans attending Battlehawks games, but the league’s other markets struggled in that regard. Continuity will be aimed at developing a consistent following in the other markets.

“With our home markets, we’ve got to build that trust there – that we’re not going to leave or [that] the league isn’t going to fold,” Johnston added. “We’ve got a couple cities that historically have been a part of spring football, they’ve committed to a team and that team has left… We’ve still got some trust to build in our home markets.

“I think we were selling tickets for the home opener in Houston seven days out and in Michigan seven days out. Last year was getting the merger completed, getting everything in place and then putting the season together. This year, we’ve already been planning for season two of the UFL nine months out.”

A number of UFL players have quickly landed deals with NFL teams in recent days, with the spring league serving as an opportunity for players to establish or re-build their value for prospective NFL employers. Experimenting with new rules and technology is another facet of the UFL’s operation, and developments on that front could continue into the future if the league manages to gain a long-term foothold. For now, attention will turn to 2025 with a repeat of this year’s structure in place.

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