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Latest On Titans’ Ownership, Bon Jovi

Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk insisted Tuesday that the franchise isn’t for sale, but her desire to keep the team could become irrelevant, writes Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

When Strunk’s father, franchise founder Bud Adams, died in 2013, he left equal parts of the franchise to Strunk and two other heirs. The Titans are devoid of a true controlling owner as a result, and the NFL is going to force the franchise to rectify that at some point, according to Florio, who adds that an eventual sale is possible. The league has already penalized Strunk with a six-figure fine this year on account of the Titans’ failure to comply with its ownership rules.

Jon Bon Jovi

In the event the Titans do go on the block, rock star Jon Bon Jovi would reportedly be a candidate to serve as part of a new ownership group. Bon Jovi refuted that possibility Wednesday, however.

“Let me dispel the rumors right now,” he told John Carucci of the Associated Press. “I wake up to these headlines with my name on them and they’re just not true. I want to make it perfectly clear that the team is not for sale, nor has it ever been, and I respect and admire (late franchise founder) Bud Adams’ legacy. End of story, I wish them all the success in the world.”

While Bon Jovi claims the Titans don’t interest him, Florio expresses skepticism, and Carucci writes that the 54-year-old does want to own an NFL team. That nearly came to fruition when a group including Bon Jovi bid $1 billion on the then-rudderless Bills in 2014, but they fell short of Terry Pegula’s winning offer of $1.4 billion.

“I love the NFL, and I did in fact try to buy the Buffalo Bills, but this has nothing to do with that. All I’m doing – I’m in the music business. End of story,” Bon Jovi declared.

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Amy Adams Strunk: Titans “Not For Sale”

Rock star Jon Bon Jovi is reportedly interested in purchasing the Titans. There’s just one problem: Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk doesn’t plan to sell the franchise, she told Tom Pelissero of USA Today.

“The team is not for sale,” she said. “I don’t know how many different ways to say it. Haven’t talked to Bon Jovi or anybody else for that matter, and it’s not for sale.”

Amy Adams StrunkThe 54-year-old Bon Jovi previously showed serious interest in buying the Bills in the wake of founder Ralph Wilson’s death in 2014. A group including Bon Jovi reportedly offered more than $1 billion for the Bills when the club was on the market, but they fell short of current owner Terry Pegula’s $1.4 billion winning bid.

Strunk took the Titans’ reins the next year – in 2015. That was two years after her father, franchise founder Bud Adams, died.

“It’s part of our heritage – my dad’s legacy. We’re not going anywhere,” she declared.

Adams’ heirs, including Strunk, have come under fire from the NFL because, in the league’s opinion, the organization still hasn’t put together a sufficient succession plan since Adams’ death. The league has already hit Strunk with a six-figure fine this year as a result. More punishment is possible in the future if the Titans don’t comply with the league, but Strunk isn’t worried.

“It’s going to get worked out,” she told Pelissero.

Titans president and CEO Steve Underwood added that the franchise has “had a conversation going on with the league now for over two years, and we expect to continue that discussion.”

Strunk lives in Houston, the team’s former home, but she spends two weeks a month in Nashville and insists she’s “involved.”

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