DeSean Jackson Could Be Released

While it has been widely reported that the Eagles are trying to trade receiver DeSean Jackson, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the team will release Jackson if no deal is struck.

In the piece, Mehta credits his source with saying “Philly is trading him or cutting him. That’s a fact. They don’t want him.”

Mehta writes that Jackson seems uninterested in taking a pay cut, but believes that the 27-year-old playmaker will have to restructure his contract in order to get a deal done. Fresh off the NFC Championship game, both the 49ers and the Seahawks have expressed interest in acquiring Jackson, although neither team would be able to squeeze his salary ($12MM per year for three years) into their books.

The Jets and Raiders both have the cap room to absorb Jackson’s salary, but he is still very highly paid. The Raiders may be unwilling to part with a valuable draft pick, and even though the Jets have some extra picks, the report that Jackson will be released hurts the Eagles leverage in trade talks.

The Patriots and Panthers have also been thought of as potential landing spots, but would seem to be equally unwilling to trade a valuable asset for such an expensive player.

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10 comments on “DeSean Jackson Could Be Released

  1. Eric deCaro

    if the Pats gave up Amendola, and Thompkins for him, they would be able to give up salary, and Philly would get 2 WR’s who could help them. It beats getting nothing for him

    • dc21892

      I would do Ammendola, Thompkins, a 3rd and 5th rounder for him. It’s a win now situation.

      • Eric deCaro

        Here’s the thing…I don’t think they would need to give up any draft pick if they gave up those 2 players…they are thinking about releasing him

    • dc21892

      Philly would get salary relief, which would be more important than Ammendola and Thompkins. Giving the picks is almost necessary if they trade him.

    • rkmarx

      That is WAY too much to give up for a player who is a clubhouse distraction and is owed big money. A 4th rounder alone would get the deal done, but I don’t even think anybody would offer that. He’s just not worth the headache.

      • Eric deCaro

        You are missing the point. The have to get rid of salary if they were to take on Jackson. They also would have an over abundance of WR’s if they kept them all. The almost released Amendola as it was, Now, I agree a 4th rnd pick might get it done. Maybe even a 5th or 6th. I’m saying though that they either IMO would have to trade Amendoal to them, or to someone else.

        • rkmarx

          Good points. You were talking about what the Pats would need to do to get him. I was talking about what it would take to get him. Touche’.

          • Eric deCaro

            right! Either way, I don’t see it happening. I actually can’t stand the guy. I do however think Brady could have a field day with him.

  2. Eric deCaro

    I disagree. With Jackson going, and Avant gone. No real other WR out there. Also, Maclin is coming back from a serious injury. They need receivers and salary relief. I believe they would save something like 4 or 5 Mil by trading Jackson for the 2 of them if something like that happened. I agree they want draft picks. But, for a team to take on that kind of contract, they would need to rid themselves of some money as well. I also had read just like with Revis, that no one may be wiling to give up a pick for him

  3. Peace Joy


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