Teams Inquiring On DeSean Jackson

SATURDAY, 7:42pm:  The Jets have had internal discussions about adding Jackson and will consider trading for him, a source told Brian Costello of the New York Post.

TUESDAY, 6:57pm: A source close to Jackson tells Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News (on Twitter) that the Eagles have not contacted the receiver about the trade talks and rumors.

6:10pm: Albert Breer of the NFL Network (on Twitter) hears that the 49ers aren’t interested in Jackson. Right now, they have just $4.22MM in cap space and they have to budget for quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

4:29pm: Rumblings and rumors of potential unease between wide receiver DeSean Jackson and the Eagles have resulted in some trade speculation this month, and according to Derrick Gunn of, those reports have prompted NFL teams to call the Eagles to inquire about Jackson’s availability.

Gunn reports that while the Eagles aren’t shopping Jackson, they’re not hanging up on teams calling to ask about him either. The Patriots and 49ers are among the clubs that have inquired, according to Gunn, who adds that Philadelphia would be seeking at least a third-round pick and potentially more than that for the standout receiver.

I’d be a little surprised if a deal happens, but there are plenty of reasons it might make sense. Jackson has an annual cap hit of $12MM+ for the next three seasons, and with Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin having been locked up this offseason, the Eagles have two cheaper receivers capable of starting, even if neither Cooper and Maclin is a true No. 1. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer also suggested that Jason Avant often acted as the go-between for Jackson and wide receivers coach Bob Bicknell, and Avant has since been released.’s Adam Schefter (video link) also reported earlier today that the Eagles weren’t actively trying to trade Jackson, but would be willing to listen to offers.

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15 comments on “Teams Inquiring On DeSean Jackson

  1. sflomenb

    Hopefully more. If they can get a second rounder that would be nice. What if they throw in someone like Graham and try to get a first rounder?

  2. Freddie Morales

    The Jets need to be all over this!!! Jets could trade their 3rd and 7th for Jackson. Then they can truly use their 1st on best player available instead of being forced to pick a WR. They have struck out big time so far in free agency. So they have the cap space available. They also need to re-sign Cromartie. Then an offseason of Decker, D-Jack, Cromartie, and the O-lineman from Seattle would look pretty darn good. Can still draft a WR high in the draft but they don’t have to be forced to do it. If they could get Ebron, that offense could be scary! Maybe Geno could turn it around with that group.

    • Curtis Smith

      if the jets got jackson and a TE like Ebron in the 1st there offense would be very good next season

      • rkmarx

        Except with Vick as their QB, nobody is going to be scared.

  3. dc21892

    As a Patriots fan, I say give them what they are asking for him. He is the deep threat they need. This team is built to win now. Sure, they need depth but more importantly they need guys who can make plays. That’s what has cost them on both sides of the ball the last few years. They’ve added to the defense, and that was huge, but they can’t be done. If they can swing something like this, then sign a couple veteran O lineman, they’re looking good.

    • Alex

      I agree its the win now, but his contract would have to be reworked in order to lessen the cap hit we’d take. If we can get him for a third rounder, its over for Denver.

      • Al Presser

        Its would be a good pickup for ne but I think it would still be far from over for Denver, you guys think revis will fix your defense? Don’t underestimate the loss wilfork will be

    • Scot Forler

      I can’t see many teams out there willing to trade a 3rd rounder and taking a 12 million dollar cap hit. Pats don’t have the cap space, they have like 6 mil left for ’14. Would have to trim some fat.

      • rkmarx

        I agree. The Eagles will be lucky to get a 4th rounder for the clubhouse distraction (I don’t want to say the other word) that is DeSean Jackson.

  4. Kevin Kinsman

    The pats could trade amendola and a 3rd for jackson. Than makes the most sense considering the Pats would need to shed a few million to obtain dj

    • Cooperbmp

      Love this trade. Pats gotta jump on this. Last time Brady had a true deep threat he torched the whole league.

  5. Al Presser

    Hope Browns go after him, we loaded with picks no reason not to, and we still have the cap space, maybe give a 3rd and 4th

  6. Niko Bellick

    Oh no this is the Lions department! Man if they just give up our 3rd pick this year even tho that’s all we have is 3 ;( this would be a Godsend for years to come. Teams are scared to play us now, with this great receiver, they would be petrified. Getting DJ would mean a lot. With a great core already he would have nothing but opportunity and time to work on his in zone dances lol.. Wow if this happen I’m ordering league pass so I don’t miss a peep… Go #Lions!

  7. zolttt

    Maybe I’m missing something, but if he is not willing to restructure his deal for a trade, hence making his salary “untrade-able”. Why would any team think that they would be able to pay him less if they sign him outright? Wasnt this the same guy who already started rumbling about wanting more money when the season ended?

    • rkmarx

      He was whining about getting more money immediately after the Eagles lost to the Saints in the playoffs. Literally…in the locker room. Anybody who trades anything of value for DeSean is going to regret it.

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