Alex Smith, Chiefs Still Not Close To Deal

There’s mutual interest in a contract extension between the Chiefs and quarterback Alex Smith, but that doesn’t mean an agreement is around the corner. The two sides continue to chat, but a deal still doesn’t seem imminent, according to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports 1 (on Twitter).

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton recently agreed to a contract extension that many view as a pacesetter for the quarterback middle class and it is widely expected to have an impact on a QB like Smith. However, he recently said that the six-year, $115MM deal doesn’t make sense to him as a baseline since he’s seeking a deal that he will “play out.” Dalton’s deal, while potentially lucrative, allows the Bengals to cut bait midway through the pact with little penalty.

Smith has also rejected Colin Kaepernick‘s deal as a viable comp since he, like Dalton, was still on his rookie contract. Both players ostensibly ceded some long-term benefits in exchange for a 2014 pay bump. Smith probably wouldn’t make that kind of concession since he’s in line to earn a healthy $7.5MM in 2014.

It’s in the Chiefs best interest to work out a new deal with Smith since they’d rather not bid for him on the open market and they probably aren’t eager about franchise tagging him. The franchise tag for a quarterback would cost the Chiefs roughly $18MM in 2015. The Chiefs are willing to cut into their considerable cap space to get something done, according to Jason La Canfora of, but they are wary of making a sizable commitment to an older quarterback. After all, coach Andy Reid has a track record for developing QBs and KC could instead groom a younger, cheaper option for the role at some point.

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4 comments on “Alex Smith, Chiefs Still Not Close To Deal

  1. lionell

    So we that Smith is not a game changer only a game manager. Here what he is a tony homo(cowboys qb) look a like. Hommo cant win the big one and smith cant take u to the big one

  2. missourivortex

    I’m a major Chiefs fan, but I’m not sold on Smith. He needs one more year to prove that last year wasn’t just a fluke. Sure, he has it in him to be a good QB, but that doesn’t mean he should be pulling major $$$ until he’s proven he can be a good QB for KC.

  3. KCNJ

    It’s hard to call Alex Smith a “fluke” following his success in the 2-3 years prior in SFO, taking them within a whisker of beating the NYG and then playing well enough before the injury to get SFO to the playoffs. If you think there’s a better young QB available now who can succeed now, I don’t know who that is….he’s a good fit in this offense. He is tough, smart, athletic enough to win. He’s better than Cutler and Dalton, esp the former w/r/t turnovers and taking care of the ball.


    I am a real believer in Smith, but if we look at some of the other huge contracts that have been handed out, it may be in the team’s best interests to wait one more year. If you look at the Ravens, they have been hamstringed by the deal with Flacco. I know that next year there will be more cap room money at every team’s disposal, but to give Smith the guaranteed dollar he wants could wind up being a mistake. As for Smith, if he has a big year and shows the leadership needed to get this team to the next level, then maybe he will have earned those big dollars. Top tier QBs are not available every day, and Smith maybe just a tad behind the top five. But, at this point, a Kaepernick/Dalton type deal would be in the Chiefs best interests.

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