Community Tailgate: Week 1 Surprises

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After months of build-up and anticipation, the NFL season got underway this past week, and seeing all 32 teams in action made us reconsider some of the some of the things we thought we knew about them. Of course, one week of regular season games is too small a sample size to prove anything definitively, but there were certainly plenty of teams and players that looked much better or worse than we expected.

Are the Bills really as good as they looked during their win over the Colts? Will Marcus Mariota turn the Titans into a competitive team? Has Dan Quinn made the Falcons‘ defense an above-average unit? Are the 49ers a better club than their disastrous offseason suggested?

There were plenty of surprises in Week 1. We want to know which ones caught your eye. Which teams and players were you most unexpectedly impressed by or disappointed in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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6 comments on “Community Tailgate: Week 1 Surprises

  1. Dylan

    Seattle was one of if not the biggest surprises, as was Oakland and Minnesota. Wasn’t surprised to see Philadelphia lose to Atlanta. Although St. Louis is a great team they shocked me against Seattle. I expected Oakland and Minnesota to do better than they did

    • Luke Adams

      I agree with you on the Rams. I wasn’t surprised to see Aaron Donald and the defense play well, but the offense – without Tre Mason or Todd Gurley – was a lot more effective than I expected. If they can work in a healthy Gurley within the next few weeks, that could be a pretty interesting team.

  2. TJECK109

    They may have blown up at the end but the Giants were a surprise to me. No JPP and really no running game but they in reality should have won the game. And can’t overlook Buffalo either; solid job against the Colts.

  3. CTBrowns

    I’ll go with two RBs – AP receiving so few carries vs. Niners, and Chip not focusing on Murray.

    • Luke Adams

      Yep — Peterson’ lack of usage was particularly surprising, since that game was close for two or three quarters, so it’s not like the Vikings needed to pass a lot to play catch-up and stop the clock.

  4. Clark K

    CTBrowns I’ll comment on what you said I’m still shocked that Murray left Dallas and on Monday it just proved why he should’ve stayed

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