Dolphins Waive LaMike James

The Dolphins will waive running back LaMike James (née LaMichael James), coach Joe Philbin told reporters, including Greg Likens of 940WINZ (via Twitter). In a related move, tight end Jake Stoneburner has been brought up from the taxi squad.

James, 26 in October, entered the league in 2012 as a second-round pick by the 49ers. Despite his draft pedigree, the Oregon product was never able to produce in San Francisco, and was virtually buried behind Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter on the team’s depth chart. James played in just 14 games during his first two seasons, contributing mostly on special teams — he racked up only 39 rush attempts and five receptions during that span. When he found himself behind Gore and rookie Carlos Hyde on the Niners’ depth chart last year, James requested and was granted his release. One has to wonder if James’ release could have been triggered in part by his reported scuffle with teammate Jarvis Landry last week.

The Dolphins signed James to their practice squad in September and eventually promoted him to their active roster, but he didn’t see much action in Miami either — the Oregon product had just three carries in 2014. James had been eligible for restricted free agency, but was non-tendered by Miami and re-signed at a lesser rate in March. Now, he’ll be looking for work elsewhere.

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16 comments on “Dolphins Waive LaMike James

  1. jjp

    Last time I looked, Jake Stoneburner was a tight end, not a rb. A 6’3″, 240# rb would be pretty big.

    • Chris

      Ummmmm Brandon Jacobs? 6’5 260

    • justbecause

      See: Alabama RB Derrick Henry

  2. Brian

    I’m sure the scuffle with Landrydidn’t help his cause. I believe he also botched a return on Sunday, as well.

  3. Angrydolphin

    The dolphins are stupid for this who the hell is stone burner I hope he makes them regret this

    • David

      Stone burner is a TE, they promoted Jonas Gray last week and he will be the third RB!

    • Andrew

      Our backup tight end got injured… But obviously making sure two tight ends are available is such a stupid call.

    • Tyler

      They need a TE after only having one active on roster. And James was the number 4 RB and a return specialist who fumbled and Landry is a better returner anyways. Are you James’ dad or something and that’s why this doesn’t make sense?

      • ignorantdolphin

        Agree, why do people jump on decisions of an organization like they somehow know more (or know a name). This one seems insanely obvious. Do you even watch football? Lol! Having only 2 TEs was questionable. Having one would be insane

  4. Sean

    The last big running back I know of was Brandon Jacobs and he was 6’4 265 so its not unheard of to have a big running back

  5. Brad

    What is a “taxi squad”?

    • UnforgivenRanger

      Practice squad

  6. Guest

    They are bring Stoneburner up bc they need another TE. Dion Sims has a concussion. No where in this article does it say Stoneburner is a RB.

  7. Don

    LaMike James is gone because he can’t hang on to the football! He fumbled the football on that kick return off his own knee! Before anyone touched him! I thought he might have some interesting potential but we all know if you put the ball on the turf you won’t last long in this league!

  8. RBS

    It was 100% due to fumbling on two kick returns, one in the last preseason game that ended up as a turnover and the fumble he caused himself on Sunday which luckily he recovered but could’ve lost the game! It didn’t help when he got benched for Jarvis Landry, and Landry ended up taking it to the house for the game winning TD! I think the fight between them was just added to the obvious decision! It’s too bad because I was looking forward to having James for kick returns, and occasional screens, plus I think Landry is too important on offense but if he keeps returning kicks for TD’s then he’s equally important on both! It’s crazy because I never liked the idea of Landry returning kicks because he only ran a 4.7 40yarddash and thought he was too slow but even last year he has by far exceeded any expectations! That goes to show just how insignificant 40yarddash times are in the NFL, it’s all about quickness and fast twitch reaction!

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