Forbes Releases NFL Franchise Valuations

Forbes has unveiled its annual franchise valuations for all 32 NFL teams, with the Dallas Cowboys once again sitting atop the list. According to Forbes, the Cowboys are worth a staggering $4 billion, unseating soccer’s Real Madrid ($3.26 billion) as the world’s most valuable sports franchise. Overall, the average NFL team is worth $1.97 billion, per Forbes — that’s a 38% increase over last year’s $1.43 billion average, which itself represented a 23% increase over 2013’s figures.

All 32 teams saw their values rise this year, and each team’s valuation is now well over $1 billion — a year ago, seven teams fell short of that mark, but this time around, the Bills’ $1.4 billion figure ranks last in the NFL. Of course, that was the exact amount Terry and Kim Pegula paid for the franchise when they bought it in 2014.

While Forbes’ figures shouldn’t be taken as gospel, they at least provide a general idea of the league’s most valuable and least valuable franchises, as well as a baseline for the sort of money owners would be seeking if they decided to sell their teams. Here’s the complete list of Forbes’ franchise values:

  1. Dallas Cowboys: $4 billion
  2. New England Patriots: $3.2 billion
  3. Washington: $2.85 billion
  4. New York Giants: $2.8 billion
  5. San Francisco 49ers: $2.7 billion
  6. New York Jets: $2.6 billion
  7. Houston Texans: $2.5 billion
  8. Chicago Bears: $2.45 billion
  9. Philadelphia Eagles: $2.4 billion
  10. Green Bay Packers: $1.95 billion
  11. Denver Broncos: $1.94 billion
  12. Baltimore Ravens: $1.93 billion
  13. Pittsburgh Steelers: $1.9 billion
  14. Indianapolis Colts: $1.88 billion
  15. Seattle Seahawks: $1.87 billion
  16. Miami Dolphins: $1.85 billion
  17. Atlanta Falcons: $1.67 billion
  18. Minnesota Vikings: $1.59 billion
  19. Carolina Panthers: $1.56 billion
  20. Arizona Cardinals: $1.54 billion
  21. Kansas City Chiefs: $1.53 billion
  22. San Diego Chargers: $1.525 billion
  23. New Orleans Saints: $1.52 billion
  24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $1.51 billion
  25. Cleveland Browns: $1.5 billion
  26. Tennessee Titans: $1.49 billion
  27. Jacksonville Jaguars: $1.48 billion
  28. St. Louis Rams: $1.45 billion
  29. Cincinnati Bengals: $1.445 billion
  30. Detroit Lions: $1.44 billion
  31. Oakland Raiders: $1.43 billion
  32. Buffalo Bills: $1.4 billion
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  1. Ian

    So why can’t these owners build their own stadium again?

  2. Gorp

    oh no. these times are not worth dirt

    • Gorp

      did yo mean teams?

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